(We are becoming more and more exclusive) Whether you are a classic member or a VIP, a membership with musclematt.com has its benefits beyond the obvious and beyond having the ability to view and enjoy our exclusive content; each membership both different in their benefits, is an exclusive one. Our films are raw, real and unscripted, we are not a mass production high volume company, we are exactly what we portray, a couple of gym buddies headed by myself, Carlo aka "The Boss" who has happen to take a concept worldwide in 2001 and turn it into a movement, an underground that has become a part of pop-culture. An empire, a community of guys around the world who have now found a safe place to explore and release the suppression of societies judgments. We are not porn stars and don't want to be, we are healthy sexual men who see sex, muscle worship, mutual muscle worship, domination, and erotic control as a satisfying masculine sport. "sport sex". Our guys are buddies from gyms, and friends of friends or in some cases movie buyers who have bodies worthy of worship and have always wanted to explore this but not show face. Our core group of guys are exclusive to us, and will never be seen on any other site.

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The relationship we have with our members and visitors is unsurpassed. Whether you have been with us from the start or here for the first time, you always get personal attention and a response from Carlo or Matt and sometimes both. Nowhere else can you watch the guys you see, and deal with them directly. We maintain a personal and private relationship with members, and take your experience with us very serious. The Muscle Mafia is a family, a community and as a member (Classic or VIP) you become part of that family and a member of The Muscle Mafia Community.

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Some members choose to be a silent member of The Muscle Mafia Community, and that's ok, but I encourage involvement, it is safe, private and discrete. I have always listened to ideas from members and much of what you see has been inspired by involved members. Comment on movies, comment on blog posts, get involved with us on twitter and tumblr. Involvement and interaction is what makes a community successful.

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Sign-up / Creating an Account

Easy, fast and friendly. Fill out the quick membership form, create the account, follow the instructions and verify your email and account information; and you are in!

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Why My Cell Number:

We have always used traditional email verification to send verification codes and verify your email is valid. Often times, members never got these emails, Yahoo and AOL are the worst. Many members who are anxious to start using the site don't get their verification. Sending a text verification code to your cell phone is almost 99% guaranteed you receive it.

NOTE: If you choose NOT to opt into text message updates and text message notes from me, Carlo, your cell phone number is automatically purged from the system after you enter the verification code. We have no need to contact you by SMS (text message), and won't if you rather we not.

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Fluid Membership:

New members will be given a choice while signing up to choose their preferred membership (Classic or VIP). Current members can upgrade to a VIP ALL ACCESS Subscription at any time. At the same time a VIP Member can downgrade back to a classic membership; you have options and they are fluid.

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Upgrading From Classic to VIP:

This is simple, we know you like to have a choice, you can start out as a classic member, buy a couple movies and then decide you want to upgrade to VIP; you can and you can fast. All you will need to do is follow any link or button on the site to "Go VIP" or "Upgrade" fill out the billing information and your username (you) have been upgraded to a VIP. You will not lose any funds currently in your mafia bank, once you upgrade they will be applied to your first months subscription.

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Your Username / Password:

Think about your username and password, Make it unique, this will not be able to be changed. Your Username is how you will be known here at The Muscle Mafia, it is your mask to protect your identity under which all your activity will occur. If you post a public review to a movie, or get involved in discussions or make comments on The Blog, this is how other members will know you. So think of something catchy, interesting or something that might be your fetish or an interest to create a little mystery that best reflects you personality. Your username will remain the same no matter what membership you choose to sign up for. It will also remain the same if you upgrade to VIP or down grade from a VIP back to a Classic pay-as-you-go member.

You may change your password and your account email from your member dashboard. NOTE: Your username and password is yours to use here, it is not yours to give out; if some wants your username and password tell them to get lost. If you think about giving it out…..well, DONT!

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Membership Options:

There are essentially three, two of them are your choice, the last of them is my choice. You can choose classic or VIP:

  • Classic Membership: This is our pay as you go, a-la-carte system with NO RECURRING monthly charges.
  • VIP Subscription: This is a new option as of spring 2016, it is a monthly recurring VIP Subscription to our entire movie catalog, an all access pass, a 1 price gets all movies all the time as long as you are a VIP. No pay as you go, just pay your monthly subscription and we are all yours (other benefits apply, see VIP Subscription below.)
  • Super VIP: This is the membership level I choose. No one can become a super VIP unless I send them an invite to become one. (See VIP Subscription Below)

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Classic Membership Details:

In short pay as you go, All you do is add funds to your Muscle Mafia Bank, browse our catalog of over 100 movies and counting, and choose the options to either rent a movie for 24 hours or purchase it for life. You just pay for what you buy, this is what we have had all along, and it is what current members who have not yet upgraded to VIP currently enjoy. For those new to the site here is what you get with a classic membership:

  • Quick easy form sign up, email verification and account activation.
  • Membership is free, no recurring monthly charges
  • Access to restricted areas, and trailers (Note: only with money in your Muscle Mafia Bank)
  • 24 hour movie rental per single movie purchase
  • Double the viewing size of every movie
  • Full screen options, watch a movie full size on your monitor
  • Lifetime movie option, no limits, anywhere, anytime movie viewing option (lifetime option is on a per movie basis)
  • Boss's Choice Bundles and Box sets that save you money
  • 48 hour viewing time for rented movie bundles
  • Your own Muscle Mafia Bank Account, you fund, you monitor your spending budget
  • Earn Boss Bucks, money The Boss comps your account with at certain deposit levels
  • Member's account area and dashboard
  • Balance monitor alerts you if funds are low
  • Fast and easy quick deposit to your muscle mafia bank
  • Mobile, IPhone, IPad, IPod and android smart phone compatibility
  • We take your privacy as well as ours very seriously no information is shared or revealed
  • Brand new state of the art security
  • & More!
  • **Note: Once you create a membership at musclematt.com, your login credentials will also give you access to privatereddoor.com our live cam network.

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Boss Verified:

Upon Sign up, new members can immediately add funds to their bank, begin watching movies or upgrade to VIP. An account that is "Boss Verified" gets the Thumbs Up from Carlo and $5 added to their Mafia Bank. You become Boss Verified by verifying your email either at the time of your new sign up (now) or at another time (later).

Always check your spam folders for verification emails, they will be coming from "Boss Verify". If you don't get those emails, you can have Carlo verify you manually by sending him an email at carlo@musclematt.com with your username and a short note. He will verify you and your will still get the $5.00.

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3 Classic Membership Status

Pay-as-you-go classic members have 3 Levels of access to the new musclematt.com: Guest, Active and Inactive..

  1. Guest Members - This is essentially a limited guest pass. Everyone is a guest when you first appear at the site. Guests can see almost everything except certain areas restricted to "Active Members". Guests will be very limited in the amount of trailers and Crew Photos they can view before you will be asked to become a member. It is not until you sign up and create an account that you will no longer be considered a guest and then be considered either an active or inactive member.
  2. Inactive Member - This is someone who signs up, goes through the process and wants a little more time to bounce around, check things out and decide how much they want to add to their Muscle Mafia Bank. Inactive Members have a little more access than a guest, but there are still benefits and restricted areas that only "Active Members" will be allowed to view.
  3. Active Members - These are members who after the sign-up process and approval add funds to their Muscle Mafia Bank. Active members need a minimum of $20.00 in the Muscle Mafia Bank and need to maintain a Minimum of $20.00 in your bank to remain active. Don't worry you won't have to keep track, the new custom made banking system will keep track for you and let you know if you are at risk of losing Active status.

    • Active members will have full access to the entire site, watch all trailers, view all photos and all movies and have the ability to purchase movies from our growing catalog "A La Carte", 1 by 1 according to your interest.

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Viewing Movies Options (Classic Membership):

There are several options for viewing "The Movies" Some of these have been enhanced.

  1. Movie Rentals: you purchase a movie and you have a certain time to watch that movie as many times as you like during this time. Movie rentals can be found in your account area within your playlists under the tab "Rentals";
    • The movie viewing screen is twice as large
    • You can now enlarge the movie full screen
    • You now have 24 hours to watch single movie rentals
    • You have a scene advance feature to scroll thru frames and find your favorite part of every movie. Watch it start to finish or jump around.
    • Watch and Browse, your movie will appear in a pop-up player, you can still browse around the site while watching your movie.
  2. Lifetime viewing (Classic Membership): You Pay one price per movie as you go; the movie is yours. You can watch it every day, all day forever with NO LIMITS, NO EXPIRING TIME. This lifetime option now ALSO APPLIES TO MOVIE BUNDLES! There is a separate tab in your member dashboard that will organize your lifetime movie playlist; it organizes all your playlists in fact.

    *Lifetime Defined, as it pertains to a Classic Membership: Lifetime is defined as the life of The Muscle Mafia and / or as long as your member account remains in good standing, basically that none of our terms of service rules, copyright, etc. are not violated.
  3. Bundles / Multiple Move Purchases: For Classic Members, All the great new movie viewing features apply to bundles the same way they do for rentals and lifetime but creating a bundle will give Classic Members a full 48 hours to watch.

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Pay As You Go:

With the new Muscle Mafia Bank and the shopping cart system now in place Classic Members can bounce all through the site, all the movie categories add as many movies as you want, either as a rental or lifetime option load it all up and it comes right out of your Mafia Bank….

Your Choice and its Classic! Yes choose movies you want to rent, movies you want for lifetime, throw a few bundles in there, and you just created your own mega bundle. Pretty fucking sweet!

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Canceling a Classic Membership:

Once a member always a member, the Classic Membership is designed with no monthly recurring, pay as you go so that if you no longer pay, you no longer go. If you don't make deposits to your Muscle Mafia Bank, or don't purchase movies or interact with the site you essentially cancel yourself by lack of activity. All that means is that your account will lay dormant until you want to come back, add funds and enjoy the site again. We don't shut anyone out, you are always welcome as long as you adhere to our code of silence and our terms of use and respect the exclusivity of our movies you will always be welcome to sign back in and pick up where you left off.

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VIP Membership Details: POP- Pay One Price:

As of Spring 2016, a VIP member, who agrees to a monthly recurring charge now has a subscription to musclematt.com and all our movies. That means for one low monthly price you can have all access, anytime, 365 days a year to every movie in our entire collection; all new releases, HOT releases, special presentations and all restricted Red Velvet Rope areas and VIP only content. In addition to everything a Classic Member Enjoys, a VIP Member will be entitle to these (more being added as we update):

  • Monthly ALL ACCESS pass to our entire movie catalog. Watch any movie, anytime, all categories, special presentations, Hot and New releases 24-7 for as long as you keep your VIP status.
  • Access to all restricted content
  • Access to all movie trailers, clips, photos etc.
  • Access to blog
  • Access to The Boss Video Blog - FREE
  • Access to behind the scene footage, never released clips, promotional videos, and never seen movies and film footage
  • More interaction with The Boss, crew members and our muscle worship community
  • A Muscle Mafia Bank to add funds for muscle fund donations, or for other purchases throughout the site (optional)
  • Free minutes for blessed events at privatereddoor.com our live cam network
  • Full VIP dashboard to maintain and edit your membership & billing information
  • Ability to cancel anytime, lose nothing and revert back to your Classic Membership
  • More free and discounted features for VIPs as we release scheduled updates & new features.
  • **Note: Once your create a membership at musclematt.com, your login credentials will also give you access to privatereddoor.com our live cam network.

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VIP Pricing, Do The Math it's EPIC:

We have gone through all sales and all deposits since our inception in 2001. Back then DVDs (no longer available) were selling for $59.95 each + Shipping. Remember those days? We have come a long way and so has technology, now we sell movies streamed in our theaters at an average of $18.50 to $24.00 per rental and $49.95 to $74.00 for online lifetime viewing. We have found that the majority of our movie buyers have deposited on average about $100-$125 monthly (conservative figures) anyway to buy and watch our movies. Many have deposited even more.

I have decided to price our VIP Subscription at $99.00 a month, that is AWESOME. Right now at launch of the new VIP option, we have 108 movies, do the math, at $99.00 per month that is less than $1.00 a movie or another way to look at it is you are paying for 2 lifetime movie options and getting the balance (ALL) of the remaining movie catalog for free. This is a huge turning point in Muscle Mafia history and it is something we know our members will love.

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Why VIP:

At that price, for all that why not? The truth is I would like more interaction and more involvement from our followers. By having a 1 price, all access you can run like a bat outta hell watching our films and commenting on them all. I do ask for comments, feedback and reviews. I am also creating a Video Blog so that I can speak to VIP Members and give you all a more up close and personal look into me, The Boss, The Crew and The Muscle Mafia organization. At the same time, it gives a very long time loyal following a new fresh option, which I have already said is EPIC.

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VIPs & Their Mafia Bank

All VIP Members will still have a Mafia bank, it is now optional! That means that you can keep funds in it, or add funds to it that can be used toward muscle fund donations to the organization or select crew members as always.

VIPs can also use their mafia bank to add funds for many new features that will be rolling out in future updates, one is a classifieds, another art auctions, another live shows in another live theater. You can keep the mafia bank so that should you decided to revert back to a classic membership you can seamlessly.

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The process of becoming a Super VIP is not formal, however it is by invite only. Super VIPs' will get a special subscription price; they are chosen. I am always looking out for members who are loyal movie buyers or loyal live cam watchers. I reserve this status for a very select few no matter how long they have been a member. New members can eventually be considered for Super VIP status.

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Canceling VIP:

We hope you wouldn't want to do that, and if you do, you can bet I will do what I can to keep you as a VIP, but if you prefer to revert back to a Classic Membership, you may do so. Cancellation will take place immediately. There is no 30 day grace, due to the nature of the content and the exclusivity, once cancellation is confirmed, your VIP membership will be cancelled immediately and you will revert back to classic (pay-as-you-go) membership. You may resume the rental and/or lifetime purchase of any films by using remaining funds in your Muscle Mafia Bank or funding your Muscle Mafia Bank with deposits.

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VIP Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your VIP Membership at any time by using the cancelation option in your member dashboard. Cancelation CAN NOT be made through email. Cancelation is automated through the system, Carlo will receive notification of your request which will take effect immediately upon confirming cancelation in your member dashboard.

Once canceled and confirmed you will revert your membership back to a classic pay as you go. This means any VIP privileges will no longer apply to your username

NOTE: Your cancelation will also terminate any special status pricing; it will be lost!. See (special status Pricing / Charter VIPS (below.) You are always welcome to return and upgrade to VIP again at a future date, however you must do so at the current stated monthly subscription price. Otherwise canceling VIP subscription does not remove you from the site or cancel your username, you will still be a classic member.

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Special Status Pricing / Charter VIPs:

There are special status circumstances and pricing for select VIP members. A charter VIP is one who signed up for, or upgraded to a musclematt.com VIP Subscription within the first 60 days or 2 months from our official VIP announcement date of March 15, 2016. That means, that anyone who has become a VIP during this introductory period will be considered a "Charter Member" and will be locked into $99.00 a month or any special pricing awarded to them and agreed to at the time of our official VIP launch date above. That means unless you cancel and rejoin at a later date, you will be locked into your Charter VIP Member pricing for life, Your all access and VIP privileges will remain at your current pricing regardless of any VIP Subscription increases. Other Special status pricing is also available. (See Super VIP).

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My Account Area / Dashboard:

This is where everything that is confidential to you can be viewed, updated and change. This is where your Muscle Mafia Bank account is, it is where you can add funds or check your balance. It is also where your member details are held and your personal playlist of movies (lifetime or for rental). It will also tell you how much time you have left to watch any movies you have rented. This is also where you will go to access any movies you purchased for lifetime so you can watch at free will when ever you want. VIP members can update their information and credit card on file and fully manage their VIP status.

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Adding Funds to The Muscle Mafia Bank

This is another simple thing, and it is the BEST feature no more multiple transactions, no more multiple line items on your credit card or debit statement. No more delay in viewing a movie.

  • Determine what your budget is or what you think you might need, load the bank up with one transaction and that is your "Play Money". Want to buy more, see more, no problem just "Add Funds" from several convenient bank locations throughout the site.
  • Don't worry about keeping track, you are here to have fun, the system will do it for you. If you are about to make a purchase, the website will ask you to add funds. So you can turn you brain off and turn yourself on here!

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Boss Bucks:

Cool stuff! Bank with us, bank on us and you will receive a much larger return than you will anywhere else you put your money. When you go to add funds you will see that at certain levels and certain deposits you make The Boss, me will throw some extra bucks into your account; earn between 12 and 20%! Where can you get that anywhere else? Use these funds to buy movies, save em up, whatever you like.

Also earn Boss Bucks by adding comments to each movie page review the movies for others to see. Participate in Blog discussions, add comments let yourself be heard and tell me and other members what you think. This is becoming a community so get involved. I will be watching so members who seem to be posting lots of great or interesting comments or reviews will eventually go to their bank and see that I have comp'd them some Boss Bucks! I appreciate you helping to make this an interesting and fun place to be.

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Regarding Comments and Reviews:

Your participation does not always have to be praise, it can be constructive suggestions or criticisms too we are not perfect and don't assume to please everyone but the truth is that much of all you see here is a combination of my wish list and yours from comments and emails over the years with great suggestions and constructive remarks. Comments and reviews are not open for spammers, or haters. keep in mind that what you say, how you say it (or write it) in the end is more of a reflection on you.

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Savings, Rewards and Loyal Member Discounts:

Boss Bucks and Bundle are great features. It's a great way to inspire purchases and a great way for me to say thanks to you for supporting us over the years, helping to get us to this point and most of all for choosing us. We know you have a choice where to spend you hard earned money and we appreciate that you chose us!

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The Ultimate Savings:

As a VIP Member (see above) you save big time, actually you get more for a lot less.

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There are many security features in place, all that were in the previous theaters and more. The membership login functions adds a great deal of more exclusivity to the site and security as well. We have improved on some for a better member experience. No more lockouts or blank players, or rental times running out early because your IP changed or you choose to watch a movie on another computer. Everything you do will be associated with your username and password.

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Digital Finger Printing:

This is a newer security feature that protects our exclusive content. It is exactly what it sounds like. When you watch a movie or even a live cam show at privatereddoor.com, a unique serious of digits is water marked is embedded in the video and across the viewing screen. This number is essentially your digital finger print. Should an attempt be made to rip off a video or live stream in any form, this watermark will lead me and my techs directly to the thief. So, in short, if a member thinks he might be able to rip off a movie or live event while watching it.. DON'T!

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Mailing List / Text:

Your email and/or your cell number is collected at the time of signup. This is used for verification purposes only. Emails will always remain with your account, however once verified your cell number is not stored or seen by anyone here. This is for your privacy. However, if you opt'd in to our text message updates and special offers, I will text message you through our system with a short informative non-intrusive SMS message. I am very well aware of the importance of discretion, its the foundation of what we stand for.

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Play Nice Policy:

Please keep in mind our "Play Nice Policy" (PNP). We have many security measures in place to protect our exclusive content and the integrity of our films . Your IP, personal information and other bits of important information to identify thieves are monitoring every movie purchased and played. I take attempted breaches to this security very seriously I have and I will deal with anyone who even attempts to violate our copyright and the exclusivity of our films! As long as everyone plays nice in this community we will all enjoy a great experience making and watching our films! I ask that you also report (The Army) any other members who may be violating this policy and report any websites where unauthorized clips of our films are being shared.

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An additional benefit of membership at all levels! A member of musclematt.com is also a member of privatereddoor.com our live cam network. All members who have signed up as either a Classic member or VIP are automatically part of Private Red Door. All you need to do is convert or activate your membership; your musclematt.com username and password is valid at PRD, just go to privatereddoor.com login with your musclematt.com username and password and set up your PRD profile. No additional sign-up, it is seamless. You can also create new memberships or separate identifies at both sites by going through the quick and easy sign-up process!

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We have decided that this is the phase at which we would like to finally launch the new membership options and verification process, but by no means are we finished we will be doing small enhancements everyday, every week and we have many other enhancements planned as we build The Muscle Mafia and musclematt.com online community!

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