Film With Us

Become One Of Us! I am looking for a couple of masculine jocks, athletes, and muscle guys who understand what The Muscle Mafia is all about. Like us, you should lead an otherwise normal life and be inspired by what you see here on

Are you The Rare Breed? If you spend hours in the gym several days a week, are spot on with your diet and supplements and can’t seem to pass up a chance to take a selfie phone shot in the gym, mens room or shirtless in your own bathroom, you might be one of us and not know it yet! Are you browsing our photos, live cams and films and thinking, "I can be one of these guys."

Join Us! Guys for our new cam network no matter where you live and guys to film with us whether you like to service or get serviced and respect and understand our code of silence.  Also looking for that 1 or maybe 2 guys to be a headliner and featured guy to work closely with me, Carlo.

Become E-Crew!  Which is our extended crew, if you want to be part of the hand chosen men that appear on but don't live in the New York area that is not a problem.  You can now become part of the crew remotely with your own Crew Cam.  Full details of that can be discussed. But I am taking requests for E-Crew now!

Basically...muscle, athlete, college jock, cock sucker, or into mutual muscle worship let me know.  You don't have to be built like anyone else here.  Like all crew you have your own look, personality, and bring your own alter ego and unqiue circumstances to us.  All under the guidelines of our Code Of Silence, your face is never shown.

If you have something to offer and add here, I want to know!  Send audition photos, contact info, phone number, and description and drop me a note.

If you have other ideas, or want more more info to feel this out more, email me directly