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News Article:  The In's and Outs of The VIP Program a personal video message from The Boss

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  You Produce, Selfie Dick Flicks:  Fans, followers, admirers, potential crew, jocks, bodybuilders, cocksuckers and exhibitionist show offs all over the world have been making submissions to our new VIP Category "You Produce".  They have been sending in their personal exclusive cell phone and selfie photos and videos so they can be "crew too". We are building a bank of submissions and The Boss is going through them.  August 2018 we have officially launched the category and will be dropping the selected guys as numbered movies in our catalog.

Cash For Cocks: Jocks with great cocks who want a safe place to show off are sending in video from California to Chicago, to as far away as Australia & the UK.  Selected submissions are getting paid and the best rated dudes will win their "YP" letters, the highest rated will receive their own channel and the dude with the most likes will be voted #1 by you to receive first prize of $1,000.00 (USD).  We are building the You Produce Engine now in development but just the mention on our twitter has inspired submssions so we aren't wasting any time building that catalog. For now just Click here to submit your questions and videos!

**Restrictions apply, guys must meet certain criteria, face is not require (you decide) just ask and checkout our twitter for quick updates and read our upcoming blog posts for more detailed information and a sneak peak at the guys who wouldn't submit video anywhere else!  Spread the word, maybe you know someone who should be here!

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