Now more exclusive! We have earned a solid International cult following of dedicated movie buyers and have evolved into the authority on muscle worship and something more than just a couple of gym buddies making movies. We have become a social movement and a private underground community. We continue that evoloution as we embark on the next decade and launch our largest redesign and technological upgrade in Muscle Mafia history!  Here it is!...

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October 12, 2014:  #99 New Release! A new film starring The Boss!! was just released, #99 Full Command, Jason Carlo's Cock Sucker On Call!  My wish is his command and there was no commande left out. 

See Jason's first interview on Page 2 of the Tour Section of this Theaters Home Page, he explains how and why  I can get him to do almost anything.


October 5, 2014:  An Offer You Can't Refuse!!  Brand new section called "Boss Offers" here is where you get to benefit from my mood swings and brainy ideas.  Along with other Killer Deals like Bundles, Box sets, and  the buy 3 get 15% off, you now have Boss Offers that are limited special pricing on selected movie titles for Rental, Lifetime or Both! A Boss offer can be on 1 movie or 20, and can change without warning so grab 'em when they appear. 

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New and Just Added.. Brand new, never seen fresh movies or scenes that just dropped to The Theaters.  Just Added movies are different than “new” in that they may have been a limited release and pulled from production or offered only on DVD in the past and are now just being added to The Theaters. Some include Matt Classics, Vault Productions, Ultra-DL and Special Presentations.

What’s Hot?...Who’s Hot?...These are the movies or scenes from movies that are trending or “Hot” right now with fans.  A movie can trend for many reasons; it can be because of the content, the crew member or The Buzz around the movie.  Many times a buyer watches a movie or a scene and tells friends, or posts a review to a blog, website or tweets about it.  We see a spike in sales.  Others are just that fucking good that they are always being watched and are always fan favorites. 

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