LA Jack

This is Jack, 26 years old from Los Angeles California (West Hollywood to be exact) who earned the Boss nick-name of "LA-Jack". He is also earning a name asThe Muscle Mafia’s West Coast Bottom.

Jack himself is a unique guy, but his story is not rare or unique, it’s pretty typical of most young jocks that follow us. He has been a movie follower for the last 7 years. Another one of those normal, masculine guys, into fitness and his own body yet a huge admirer of other guys worked out bodies. That admiration for us and for others out there built like us eventually turned into a sexual fantasy. It was our films and our philosophy regarding muscle worship and masculine guy on guy sport sex that Jack became obsessed with. There is something to be said about discretion and exclusivity, here is where you get both and both are everything!

Jack, explored sexually for a while. After having a couple of experiences learned that all thought he can be a good top, he preferred to bottom for in shape jocks and muscle guys, of all ages. He loved to fuck, but loved to get fucked and preferrs it. In fact he will tell you it was our site and our films that inspired him to try pleasing muscle jocks and slowly get his body used to taking bigger and bigger dicks rougher and rougher. He is tested regularly, is healthy, currently on Prep and has been. He explores sex responsibly, something we promote along with our code of silence and exclusivity.

Now he is ready to take on his next goal and fantasy and that is making film for us, being part of the organization he has watched and admired since he was 19! The minute he read about the launch of You Produce, and the blog post about Chicago Ben, he emailed me, submitted photos and videos. He and I spoke and I am now working with him from NY so “he can produce” some great films for our movie categories, “You Produce” specifically.

Planned are films, blog posts, pod-casts and VIP ONLY content with Jack and fuck buddies he knows. He is also open to any Muscle Mafia followers in the LA / West Hollywood area to either top him or get topped by him for his You Produce Film Making.

Any jocks interested in pounding out Jack for me on film, email me photos, contact info, stats and location

Read his introduction blog post and look below for his movies.

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