The Crew

The Men of The Muscle Mafia, aka “The Crew” are a rare breed of bodybuilder, jocks, and athletes each hand chosen and carfully vetted by carlo.
These are men around the world, also hand chosen by Carlo, who have submitted and agreed to sell us their own personal selfie video exclusively for members. These men can be seen in our new “You Produce” movie category (See The Movies) and are earning money while still guaranteed privacy and discretion.

Building Budgets: The Muscle Fund is another way to be part of The Muscle Mafia, not in front of the camera but behind the camera. Since day 1 launch of , The Muscle Fund has always be instrumental in helping finance everything and everyone you see here; upgrades, new features, expansions but especially movies. The Muscle Fund has also helped in the seduction and grooming of new guys to appear on film. Your contributions become more important as we continue to add new features, theaters and build the You Produce category of men around the world sending in and selling us their personal selfie video.

Self Funding: Since we have declined investors who wanted to put substantial funds into only wanted to changed it and impose strings on the money and because banks won’t give business loans to “adult gay porn” contributions are our lifeline for reaching all the goals we have planned for the next 16-plus years.

For specific projects and more details you can email


Purchases and payments will appear discretely on your credit card statement as: "MC Productions".

Muscle Fund contributions are separate than your Mafia Bank Deposits and use a different shopping cart.

There is more than 1 way to join The Crew: Appear on our cameras with us in the New York area, or appear on your cameras from anywhere in the world, maybe even both.

Boss Wants to Check You Out! I am looking for jocks, bodybuilders and athletes of all fitness levels and sizes who are into muscle worship, mutual muscle worship or who are into participating in some form of muscle worship, including just showing yourself off and getting off on the audience and “no face” privacy we are famous for. Either the cocky alpha male, submissive serving cock sucker or a hybrid of both. Even the dude in the locker room who likes to take shirtless and nude photos and videos of himself all pumped up after a workout.

Real men, real situations interesting films worthy of being added to our movie catalog.

Rare Breed: So as you browse the site, read the blog, watch any movies, video blog posts or trailers and think, “Im into this, I could add something to this site, then I want to know you. It’s Easy: I have made it easy for you to introduce yourself and your body to me, after that you and me can figure out the best way to make you part of and this community that loves, supports and admires the male form.

Do 1 or all of these things, but I need to check you out: