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growingmuscle Commented on: Movies For Years, New Releases Through 2022!
Looking forward to so much MORE with you guys going forward - you're the best - helping keep us all sane - thanks for simplification all around AND all that you do!
Alexp789 Commented on: The Interview, Boss Getting In Jimmy's Head
Is there a vid with the two of u? Great chemistry
BiiigStud2 Commented on: #199 VIP Only
BiiigStud2 Commented on: #148 Meat & Vegetables Anthony Tag Fucked By Boss & a Cucumber
Great being back and seeing the stallion Boss take on and own his muscle pussy boy Anthony! There is no doubt the Anthony has Boss deep inside his head and he can't live without that big Italian cock deep inside his jock cunt. This makes VIP worth it the way these guys go at it and how Boss makes it happen. And ya gotta check out this scene to see that big cucumber disappear inside Anthony's willing hole! So HOT!!!
Carlo Commented on: #147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad
Max! Thanks for the comment this was spontaneous like many others. There are endless stories with Brad, live events and situations off camera. This captures a little bit of all of that. Nothing we do is staged, its organized to the extent that we capture a good film yes, but staged no. Sometimes it's grab the camera and shoot and see what we get later. What you see in our films is what really happened, the good, the not so good, the real as things will always happen in life. We are all human, we (human beings) all have moments, we all like to explore and experience things to keep life interesting. Male sexuality is fascinating, it appears to some complex but in reality is very simple, what makes it complex is our minds, some over think it, some allow guilt and what others "Might Think" creep into their minds. It is not our bodies it is our minds that complicate sex. Always, be smart, careful, safe, spontaneous doesn't mean impulsive or foolish, it means a fantasy that is thought about that when presented you grab the opportunity.
MaxLucas Commented on: #147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad
This is my first comment ever—I think there will be more for I decided it was time for me to express how much I appreciate this site and all its acting participants. I've been a member for some time and thought I had seen every single video, but this one had passed my vigilance! I'm happy I found it because the 2 of you are hot as hell + the fact that it was not staged / spontaneous added a lot to its sexiness. Brad is gorgeous in all his masculinity—and so are you, Boss. Thanks for the show!
SailorMars123 Commented on: #7 Matt in Manhattan Part 2 - Window Undressing
Matt in a speedo is deadly
insanelas Commented on: #201 VIP Only
Carlo Commented on: The Game's Social Media Play
I had to say something INSANELAS, they screwed with us, or at least tried to. 6 weeks later they have returned no response, no remedy, nothing. Just suspend and ignore is their business practice. That is fine, as my note above says, aside from "light" social media presence everything for 2021 that happens here will be through private mailing list. Direct communications from me to you (members). That way we know nothing or no one can attempt to cut off communications. I think they did me a favor. Carlo
insanelas Commented on: The Game's Social Media Play
Thanks for posting this Boss! I was wondering why the old account was gone!
daltxgoodguy Commented on: #30.5 VIP Only
metrodorus Commented on: #199 VIP Only
Darkmuscle Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
Love the mutual hand jobs with Matt and Carlo. Show me more of this
insanelas Commented on: #200 Scenes From Quarantine, A Compilation of 9
What a genius way to summarise this Covid situation! Scenes from fans and an epic solo from boss at the end! Knowing that Boss doesn’t usually do that makes it even hotter! We have seen crew members pushing limits through this year’s releases and I’m sure fans want to see more limits to be pushed! Looking forward to seeing future releases! 201 is going to be a new start……
falsup Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Hot!! "I probably came a lot", "yeah you did"
metrodorus Commented on: #200 Scenes From Quarantine, A Compilation of 9
The first guy of the short clips is hot, hot, hot. I'd like to see more of him.
sboi2 Commented on: #163 Brad Rides Matt (Live Encore)
I wanna see Brad fuck Matt! I think Matt would shoot the minute he's penetrated!!! They're both into kissing.
sboi2 Commented on: #108 Matt and Brad Live! The Underground Episode 1
These guys are so into each other. I fantasize about eating Matt's ass as he plows Brad!!!
Nicononew Commented on: Boss type 8sx, A Personality/Sexuality Profile
looks like someone found my dear old friend know 8s are usually 8s because of intense parents and childhoods, which I'm extremely curious as to how yours shaped you to being who you are today.
xracer Commented on: #200 Scenes From Quarantine, A Compilation of 9
Very nice Boss. I love what you did here and how you turned the shut-in into something erotic. Only you can do with such realness. Great scenes, the neighbors fucking in the hallway was one of my favorite scenes. You scene as always was HAWT!! You dick is huge and hard as a baseball bat. I know you are not into stroking, who should you be you deserve total cock service but, it's just as hot to watch you stroke. Thanks for doing this.
insanelas Commented on: #199 VIP Only
GTsilver Commented on: Scenes During Quarantine: My Deal with Jake, a Safe Place to Cum and Go
Carlo, our Boss, you are a careful, sexy man, smart, which makes me like you that much more. I think you having a go to guy to service you and take care of your needs during covid lock down was wicked hot, wish i had someone coming by here like that, hey I wish it were you. Looking forward to more of Jake and watching how he pleases you and your beautiful body.
GTsilver Commented on: Covid and The Crew, Going Forward
Hey Boss, so good of you to let us know about all this. I am one of those that used you and your boys to help get me through lock down (shot many loads). I often wondered what you and the crew were doing and how you were doing and wondered if this monster called covid would change things here. I respect your approach and your fans here appreciate you doing everything to be safe yet still deliver great film. This is why I follow you and your wonderful site.
GTsilver Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
I enjoyed this movie, the cock worship in it was inspiring, your body looks awesome so does that hard big dick. Perfection wish I swallowed your milk.
GTsilver Commented on: Boss type 8sx, A Personality/Sexuality Profile
I found this very interesting. Your confidence sexually is apparent in your films, even in your photos Boss, you know exactly how to seduce even the camera. I do agree that is something that someone is born with but needs to develop. I didn't quite get though when he said your desire to a conquest trumps your preference. If I may ask, do you have a preference. Man or woman? I hope I am not being too forward, I thought since you posted this you might be open to more discussion about it. Let me end by saying you are hot as hell and I am just glad you have a preference to share yourself with us here. Thank you
nnjoralist Commented on: #199 VIP Only
Carlo Commented on: #199 VIP Only
insanelas Commented on: #199 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #77 A Beer and A Blow Job With Matt!
If a drink buys that, what would a case of great wine get?
megaseth Commented on: 116 Telling The Story Behind The Scenes!
I need some "acqua-fana". He was on something for sure. Reminds me of Gary Busey.
Siul01 Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Great scene! Boss your body looks amazing. I definitely enjoy the Boss Cams!
Carlo Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Hey NNJ Thanks! But, why 20 years younger. I personally prefer an older guy who knows how to suck, please can be trusted. Any very young guy (girl for that matter) I have encountered have annoyed me in 2 minutes with stupidity and lack of passion. In particular younger guys as you will see in future films with me, are good to just abuse, slap around they garner no respect from me. NOT ALL... just saying, as a rule in my experience younger guys have nothing else to offer other than a mouth and an ass (on rare occasions). In fact 1 or 2 you will see(future releases) I told not to even speak or I loose my boner.
nnjoralist Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Great dominance scene. Man, I wish I were 20 years younger.
nnjoralist Commented on: #161 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #119 Chicken and Brotein, Boss Feeds Anthony
He's a lucky cocksucker.
nnjoralist Commented on: #197 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Nicely done.
cm890 Commented on: #153 Fucked Speechless, Harris's Pain
It's been awhile since I've seen this film, but what I won't forget is when Brad demanded Harris to "bring him that ass." The evolution of Brad is a personal favorite of mine. The moment he discovered the joys of fucking boy pussy/manhole and never looked back! You can see this clearly as he pounds Harris.
Ramans Commented on: Vic, Skater Kid True Story: Still Waters Run Deep
You're right! It is always the quiet ones you gotta watch! I believe the chemistry between both of them was superb!
oossec Commented on: #15.5 Escalade Escapade Matt Cums on the Steering Wheel
Everyone has their fave video. This is my fave. Still. And probably forever. HE'S SO HOT!!
xochipilli Commented on: #163 Brad Rides Matt (Live Encore)
Like wine, Matt and Brad (and the Boss) keep getting better and better (and juicier). They defy time. Your fans appreciate this. The connection in undeniable. Wished Carlo got into it...Teaser for a sequel reunion.
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #162 VIP Only
MuscleCumLover Commented on: Movies For Years, New Releases Through 2022!
Thank you sir for keeping this going! I was finally able to join and during this Covid / lock down situation your movies have made everything much more bearable. Perfect work break material. I have only started to see a few videos but love every minute of it and am looking forward to everything coming out. Happy I can use my phone too. Thank you BOSS for the update.
nitanjel Commented on: #155 VIP Only
jag2power Commented on: #57 Brad Face Fucks Billy, Twice! (Swallows 2 loads)
So sweet! Dinner on Brad, I would've titled this Muscle God masterpiece. Just to live under that ass, it would feel like I walked into the Kingdom and claimed glory! Yes sir!!
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #153 Fucked Speechless, Harris's Pain
Can't get enough of the muscle domination and size difference. I get really turned on by seeing a huge guy like Brad just use someone smaller than him and this was the perfect scene to describe it. Jealous of Harris haha
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #175 VIP Only
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #182 Painful to Watch, Big Brad Tears up Lil Jay
Amazing! Just joined today and I am overwhelmed how amazing all these videos are. LOVE the size difference on this!!! Besides Carlo, Brad is the biggest and hottest guy on here.
arrokule Commented on: #189 VIP Only
arrokule Commented on: #187 Ron Used and Re-Used, Tag Fucked by Matt, Brad & Boss
I just signed up as a VIP and this is the first movie I watched. THIS WAS HOT AS FUCK!!! I loved watching you 3 hot muscle studs nail sexy Latin Ron. As a Latin guy myself, I creamed when you made him speak Spanish! Please post more of Ron's ass and mouth getting stuffed with your big dicks. I'd love to be him one day haha. I'm so glad I upgraded Carlo! :D
Martian Commented on: #175 VIP Only
tjhawaii808 Commented on: # 55 Forgive Me Father Scene 3: Zac, A Police Captain's Son Cums For Mario!
While all the guys on here are incredible, Zac has always been my favorite; he has a great body type and a cute voice. I wish there were more videos of him.
someone1 Commented on: #182 Painful to Watch, Big Brad Tears up Lil Jay
A very good film, loved the interaction between all three of them, esp. when Carlo had Lil Jay suck him off.
jag2power Commented on: #108 Matt and Brad Live! The Underground Episode 1
Everything about this is superb! The ass-eating (one of my favs) is a nice addition, along with the kissing. Great stuff here! Definitely, worth a lifetime showing! I'll always be coming back for more.
vamwm10 Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
#196 is spectacular. Passion.. affection, sex as it can be with a very hot attraction between men, and Matt at his hottest. I like the hair on his pecs and his body is particularly attractive..a body for ages. Best part, even with the technical difficulties, I liked them playing with each other while they waited for resolution. The sex was as it should be, i.e. mutual, erotic and authentic. (Note to Matt, acting or not you appear to have found the right one and ideal sexual partner. They are the best... hang on to him for future rolls in the hay.) Excellent film and as you can see stimulates the imagination.
tjhawaii808 Commented on: Meet Alex! Nude Behind The Scenes
Whatever happened with Alex? Did he back out? :(
jj700 Commented on: #190 Boss Breeds Ryan
Great chemistry again, Boss! The end with both of you walking around hard is amazing too...hope you'll meet again with more for us soon!
mader7518 Commented on: #131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body
i love this site. The best!
halfashamed Commented on: #42 Scene 1: David Cranks 1 Out at The Beach House
more of him please
himetime Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Matt, nice job, big dick bud! Im a vip and just watched the vip 197 with boss and vic, very hot Boss mind fucked him any chance we see you 2 studs tag vic?
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