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nnjoralist Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
Fascinating scenario. Well done, Carlo
Worship.Want Commented on: #160 The Gift: Boss Gives Matt Brad's Ass
Fuck, that was super hot! Watching two muscular bodies had me cumming in the first couple minutes. Had to stop and edge for brads load shooting out and then I came so much !
Worship.Want Commented on: #162 VIP Only
GregH Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
WOW Boss this young stud did an amazing job! hope you and Matt work him over good SOON. Congrats Ben Job Well Done
onmyknees Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
great concept Boss! how does one get you to mind fuck them from a distance? Ben is HAWT!!!
cumvampire Commented on: #119 Chicken and Brotein, Boss Feeds Anthony
Boss your body and dick are are something for any man to envy. This was one of those I had to see again also. I'm binge watching your films.
cumvampire Commented on: #20 Scene 3, A Muscle Matt Martini
I'll take one of those, and make it a double. Matt's body, dick and cum never disappoints. A stud among men!
cumvampire Commented on: #1 Matt Classic: Matt's Premiere, Home Alone With Matt
This is one of the first I saw of Matt, had to watch it again, so hot, incredible cum shooting.
cumvampire Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
Woof! What a load, so thick Ben is a stud. I would buy his loads by the jar. HOT!
mbmort44 Commented on: Edging Ben, A Long Distance Mind Fuck
Boss, I just watched Ben's trailer and OMG!! i got an instant hard on...he is amazing!!!!
jxper25 Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
WOW! Ben is gorgeous with a sexy voice! He did an excellent job and I really hope to see a lot more of him soon.
Carlo Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
My boy Ben did an excellent job at taking direction and running with some of his own creative ideas of edging himself out. He and I spoke every day, he was worked up, turned on and excited to do this. He could not wait for you guys to see it. I have plans for Ben, whata ya think?
xracer Commented on: Edging Ben, A Long Distance Mind Fuck
I have been waiting for this film to be released, I have been following the blog and the twitter posts and checking out Ben's photo album! Could not wait to see this one done and it definitely DID NOT disappoint this avid Muscle Mafia / Boss fan! Now a Ben Fan!
xracer Commented on: #176 Edging Ben, Long Distance Mind Fuck
Boss I Love this guy! Hot young full of cum and willing to show it only to you. You never cease to amaze me Boss Man! Ben did an awesome job at your direction. What a fucking cum shot I felt his pain holding out and his relief when he finally busted that massive nut. I almost came a couple times watching this but when he pulled out that straw and sucked up his own cum I LOST IT! Definitely want more of this from Ben!
drake69 Commented on: #175 VIP Only
Carlo Commented on: #175 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #175 VIP Only
insanelas Commented on: #175 VIP Only
jj700 Commented on: #175 VIP Only
xracer Commented on: #175 VIP Only
cumvampire Commented on: #175 VIP Only
cumvampire Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
Carlo's ass is RIDICULOUS! These 2 guys separately are hot to watch but together in any scene woof!! Carlo's dick is thick and meaty, Matt's big and slightly curved, the two of 'em together is a dream. Nice loads studs, send me some, yes please!
someone1 Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
Pretty surprised how arousing the image of Carlo's ass being played with was. That scene alone makes this film worth it, but as another commenter mentioned, the scene where Carlo uses Matt's cum as lube is also pretty hot.
xracer Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
You guys are beasts! Boss your dick can take some punishing! You using Matt's cum as lube and putting it in your piss slit finished me off! Awesome seeing you and Matt together! more!
GTsilver Commented on: #174 Matt and Carlo Banging Dicks! Live Last Minute
Just saw this as new Boss! Holy FUCK!! Get me on that list!
Stevehorr Commented on: #66 Scene 2 Greg's Wake-up Call, Greg's House
Super hot. I think that this site is going to give me a new luchador fetish.
insanelas Commented on: #172 VIP Only
eowjdfud Commented on: #151 VIP Only
Ramans Commented on: #123 Matt and Brad Tag Team Harris #2
The ginger took it like there is no tomorrow. I am certain as the sun that this is one of the best videos out there in this category.
Ramans Commented on: #88 Grandma's House Part 2, Brad Tears Greg Up - Angry Fuck
Nice picture. He shouldn't have taken offense in getting hit. I believe he would have been more comfortable with the mask on. Maybe at the end, he felt like it is not his cup of tea and was trying everything in his power to end it.
jj700 Commented on: #89 Locker Room Blow Job, Pete's Nose Bleed
Anthony is wonderful--great with boss and also great at dominating others. Ridiculously sexy man w/great voice, body and handsome too! (It shows right thru the masks that all of you are great looking men!)
Ramans Commented on: #79 VIP Only
Ramans Commented on: #10 VIP Only
Ramans Commented on: #83 A Brotein Shake, Matt and Adam's Special Blend
I am from India and I love India Pale Ale aka IPAs and I might try brotein.
Ramans Commented on: #157 Ron's Birthday Fuck
Ramans Commented on: #73.3 VIP Only
Ramans Commented on: #100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem
The guy clearly needs help. I hope that guy got the help he deserves. Nice video.
nnjoralist Commented on: #167 Rodman Milking 10 (Live Encore)
Another perfect altar of manhood at which to worship.
nnjoralist Commented on: #135 Spy Cam: California Chris Easts His Own
Reminds me of a buddy of mine in college who liked to stroke like that while I licked his balls. He would shoot on my tongue. Damn, this guy is hot.
nnjoralist Commented on: #169 California Chris Private Taste Test (You Produce)
Damn, just amazing. Another muscle guy I would get on my knees waste of that protein
nnjoralist Commented on: #171 Boss Milking Matt Live!
Just amazing. I wanted to drop to my knees and worship the two of you.
xracer Commented on: #173 Matt Slams and Feeds Ron
Matt's body is PERFECTION! Head to toe, dick and cum shot perfection! Great body worship in this one, total service and submission.
nnjoralist Commented on: #173 Matt Slams and Feeds Ron
That is one lucky cocksucker.
NohoDude Commented on: #37 Adam Worshiped and Seduced, Billy Eats Adam Alive!
This one is a home run. Hot muscular asses being eaten out does it for me every time. Both guys loved their roles and you can feel the heat in Adam's crotch swelling as Billy's talented tongue reaches every crevice. Hot as fuck.
jj700 Commented on: #172 VIP Only
NohoDude Commented on: 60, Matt and Antonio Tag Team Cum Feed Jonas
Who the fuck do I have to blow to come into the studio and teach these cocksuckers how to eat a man's ass? That kid had two of the most premium asses god created and he just twiddled it away! When Antonio lowered his magnificent latin melons over Jonas' face, natural instinct should have kicked in and his mouth should've been wide open and ready to massage that hot hole. Jonas, put your tongue up there and swirl it like it's the last popsicle before the apocalypse. You gotta make freakin monkey jungle love to these asses or get out of the way. Ain't nobody got time for a weasly rim job son! Overall, however, this was one hot flick and I'd love to see a lot more of Antonio. I guess I'm just jealous of Jonas so I criticize. Who can blame me?
NohoDude Commented on: #94 Boss Anthology, The Evolution of The Boss Cam, Then to Now
I'd love to get inside Boss's head to know how his sexual aesthetic developed and how old he was when he knew he had it. I'm guessing it was very early. These scenes were so fucking hot not only because of his killer bod but also because of his cocky confidence & sense of humor that runs through them. And being confident & funny are very sexy. I shot a big one during the sauna scene - those muscles glistening and pumping just did it for me tonight. They broke the mold when they made this one.
Carlo Commented on: #100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem
well damn NohoDude! (laughing) you were brutal on the guy. But yes it was a train wreck and named complete mayhem for a reason. In his defense, there is an entire "after story" where I encouraged John to get some help for what I felt was an alcohol problem, he did and thanked me a while after this film was shot. John is actually a gentleman, a good guy that I think was so over whelmed by the entire experience and so excited. But it made for another one of our most favorite films, a block buster best seller and another great story to tell among so many other films. But this is the beauty of what we do, we film reality, real, raw, unscripted which means we get situations on film that you just can't make up! Keep the reviews coming!
NohoDude Commented on: #100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem
I'm sure a lot of guys thought this was hot but it didn't do it for me. The guys were fucking awesome as usual but that pasty-assed whiney milktoast piece of shit was NOT worthy of being invited to sub out for the guys. His marshmallow body and freaky personality skeeved me out. I'm glad the guys treated him like shit but he did not deserve the honor of their abuse.
Carlo Commented on: #125 The Contract: Boss Fucks Brad
GuyDC40, I can't hold my nut fucking Brad, so that makes 2 of us. Fucking Brad is one of my life's pleasures, having you all watch doubles the pleasure. Just as good is watching Matt and Brad together and my all time favorite is watch Brad's 9inch dick slam pound a bottom. All good stuff, endless fun
Carlo Commented on: #170 Floor Fuck, Boss Slams Ron
Slul01: He loves how I fuck him, I am very selective who I fuck, but need someone who can take it..he can. As far as being in love with me, well he def has an obsession with my dick (his own words) says it's the best cock and attached to the hottest guy he has ever met. I will take his word for it based on how he drops what ever he is doing just to get a look at it. Lots of Ron movies with me to be seen (smile)
NohoDude Commented on: Boss Advice To Ron, Behind The Scenes #157
Boss. You crack me up! Don't know the background of all this but you've really got your hands full w these babies. Your intro making the drink was least to me. What would they do without daddy setting them straight? I've got a couple of mousy weasels that hound me and i can relate. Just wish I had the patience you did. This was so hot considering the context of the whole MM world...having to have a sit-down with a sub so they behave was just like when my dad sat me down when I fucked up. Love these Boss Vblog cam posts. The really build out everyone's characters which adds so much to the films in the theater.
NohoDude Commented on: #89 Locker Room Blow Job, Pete's Nose Bleed
Carlo has molded Anthony into a fucking god & I wouldn't expect any less. If more straight men could grasp their heads around what this site is all about the world wouldn't be so fucked would just be fucking & sucking! This is about the 50th film I've watched since joining a couple nights ago and they just keep getting better and revealing more of the mafia's character' & personality. This one definitely showed the two sides of Anthony. I'm so glad I joined as VIP member. I highly recommend it.
NohoDude Commented on: #107 Miracle Worker Boss Massages Anthony Inside and Out
When I first moved to NYC many years ago as a horny southern boy, I was immediately attracted to the Italian boys and men. I loved how loud, brash, confidant, built & sexy they were. I loved how they roamed in packs like animals raising hell but there was also an affection among them that was clear. The Italian in them made them brothers and you knew they looked out for one another. I'd fantasize about them when I'd see them in the park, gym, clubs & on the street. Goddamn, I wanted to be an Italian guy from Bay Ridge or at least have sex with them which seemed unattainable. They were and still are the hottest men in the city. These films have fulfilled a fantasy I never thought I'd see. This one is especially load blowing for me. Carlo has created a world where these god-like animals just want to have incredible sex that they can't get from a female so they help each other out under his direction. The concept of gay or straight disappears in these movies and they're nothing like the gay porn I used to watch but don't anymore because this is the real thing. In this film, Carlo truly shows what his role is in controlling his boys. When he says, "atta boy" or "buddy" in that deep masculine voice, it's enough to make me cum just hearing that. Who wouldn't do what he says when somebody like him is giving the orders? And Anthony's innocent eagerness to please is so fucking adorable sexyy. I also love his corny jokes and attempts at humor. You know he loves his momma and doesn't give anybody any trouble. When he screams in ecstasy, my cock doubles in size. It's all just so fucking hot. This is a masterpiece. Thanks guys for doing what you do. And God Bless Italia!
NohoDude Commented on: Q&A-2 Answering The questions
I'd wondered about this myself & glad you guys explained that it's not all just fun & games. Can't imagine the bullshit & flakes you all have to deal with who would be attracted to your world. And the nitty gritty of site maintenance, accounting, legal shit, recruitment, social media (what a pain but necessary) is enough to drive anybody nuts. Anyway, the end product is phenomenal and just keeps getting better!
NohoDude Commented on: #45 Soldier Salutes Adam, Soaks His Balls In Listerine I finally found my go-to wanker video. This has everything I love. Face-sitting, ass eating, smother me to death with beautiful buns.If I were ever to be asked to be in a MM film, I'd request to be this soldier hungrily feasting on Adam's ass. Fucking great, I'll watch this over and over. Thanks Carlo.
NohoDude Commented on: 84 Matt and Adam Summer Fuck
The deep tongue kissing is as hot as anything in these videos. Really makes me hard.
NohoDude Commented on: Snow'd In, Boss and Anthony: Suck, Fist, Fuck
I cant watch any other porn after this. Nothing comes close. The Boss is it. The end.
NohoDude Commented on: #75 Boss Pounds Chez A Night to Remember
Great cam work. These lucky bastards getting Boss's cock really need to show a little more respect. Why aren't they eating his beautiful ass more? Hope to see more ass-a-llingus in the fuure. Great hot video. I came 3 times.
NohoDude Commented on: #90 Kyle Edged and Milked by The Boss
This was fucking beautiful. Kyle's huge cock is a work of art and he goes along with the scene like a pro. Carlo is a master of his craft and knows his boys' bodies inside out..literally. So hot that he stays clothed during this milking of the beast. So obvious these are two men just having a good time. Really hot video.
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