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Siul01 Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Great scene! Boss your body looks amazing. I definitely enjoy the Boss Cams!
Carlo Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Hey NNJ Thanks! But, why 20 years younger. I personally prefer an older guy who knows how to suck, please can be trusted. Any very young guy (girl for that matter) I have encountered have annoyed me in 2 minutes with stupidity and lack of passion. In particular younger guys as you will see in future films with me, are good to just abuse, slap around they garner no respect from me. NOT ALL... just saying, as a rule in my experience younger guys have nothing else to offer other than a mouth and an ass (on rare occasions). In fact 1 or 2 you will see(future releases) I told not to even speak or I loose my boner.
nnjoralist Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
Great dominance scene. Man, I wish I were 20 years younger.
nnjoralist Commented on: #161 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #119 Chicken and Brotein, Boss Feeds Anthony
He's a lucky cocksucker.
nnjoralist Commented on: #197 VIP Only
nnjoralist Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Nicely done.
cm890 Commented on: #153 Fucked Speechless, Harris's Pain
It's been awhile since I've seen this film, but what I won't forget is when Brad demanded Harris to "bring him that ass." The evolution of Brad is a personal favorite of mine. The moment he discovered the joys of fucking boy pussy/manhole and never looked back! You can see this clearly as he pounds Harris.
Ramans Commented on: Vic, Skater Kid True Story: Still Waters Run Deep
You're right! It is always the quiet ones you gotta watch! I believe the chemistry between both of them was superb!
oossec Commented on: #15.5 Escalade Escapade Matt Cums on the Steering Wheel
Everyone has their fave video. This is my fave. Still. And probably forever. HE'S SO HOT!!
xochipilli Commented on: #163 Brad Rides Matt (Live Encore)
Like wine, Matt and Brad (and the Boss) keep getting better and better (and juicier). They defy time. Your fans appreciate this. The connection in undeniable. Wished Carlo got into it...Teaser for a sequel reunion.
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #162 VIP Only
MuscleCumLover Commented on: Movies For Years, New Releases Through 2022!
Thank you sir for keeping this going! I was finally able to join and during this Covid / lock down situation your movies have made everything much more bearable. Perfect work break material. I have only started to see a few videos but love every minute of it and am looking forward to everything coming out. Happy I can use my phone too. Thank you BOSS for the update.
nitanjel Commented on: #155 VIP Only
jag2power Commented on: #57 Brad Face Fucks Billy, Twice! (Swallows 2 loads)
So sweet! Dinner on Brad, I would've titled this Muscle God masterpiece. Just to live under that ass, it would feel like I walked into the Kingdom and claimed glory! Yes sir!!
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #153 Fucked Speechless, Harris's Pain
Can't get enough of the muscle domination and size difference. I get really turned on by seeing a huge guy like Brad just use someone smaller than him and this was the perfect scene to describe it. Jealous of Harris haha
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #175 VIP Only
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #182 Painful to Watch, Big Brad Tears up Lil Jay
Amazing! Just joined today and I am overwhelmed how amazing all these videos are. LOVE the size difference on this!!! Besides Carlo, Brad is the biggest and hottest guy on here.
arrokule Commented on: #189 VIP Only
arrokule Commented on: #187 Ron Used and Re-Used, Tag Fucked by Matt, Brad & Boss
I just signed up as a VIP and this is the first movie I watched. THIS WAS HOT AS FUCK!!! I loved watching you 3 hot muscle studs nail sexy Latin Ron. As a Latin guy myself, I creamed when you made him speak Spanish! Please post more of Ron's ass and mouth getting stuffed with your big dicks. I'd love to be him one day haha. I'm so glad I upgraded Carlo! :D
Martian Commented on: #175 VIP Only
tjhawaii808 Commented on: # 55 Forgive Me Father Scene 3: Zac, A Police Captain's Son Cums For Mario!
While all the guys on here are incredible, Zac has always been my favorite; he has a great body type and a cute voice. I wish there were more videos of him.
someone1 Commented on: #182 Painful to Watch, Big Brad Tears up Lil Jay
A very good film, loved the interaction between all three of them, esp. when Carlo had Lil Jay suck him off.
jag2power Commented on: #108 Matt and Brad Live! The Underground Episode 1
Everything about this is superb! The ass-eating (one of my favs) is a nice addition, along with the kissing. Great stuff here! Definitely, worth a lifetime showing! I'll always be coming back for more.
vamwm10 Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
#196 is spectacular. Passion.. affection, sex as it can be with a very hot attraction between men, and Matt at his hottest. I like the hair on his pecs and his body is particularly attractive..a body for ages. Best part, even with the technical difficulties, I liked them playing with each other while they waited for resolution. The sex was as it should be, i.e. mutual, erotic and authentic. (Note to Matt, acting or not you appear to have found the right one and ideal sexual partner. They are the best... hang on to him for future rolls in the hay.) Excellent film and as you can see stimulates the imagination.
tjhawaii808 Commented on: Meet Alex! Nude Behind The Scenes
Whatever happened with Alex? Did he back out? :(
jj700 Commented on: #190 Boss Breeds Ryan
Great chemistry again, Boss! The end with both of you walking around hard is amazing too...hope you'll meet again with more for us soon!
mader7518 Commented on: #131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body
i love this site. The best!
halfashamed Commented on: #42 Scene 1: David Cranks 1 Out at The Beach House
more of him please
himetime Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Matt, nice job, big dick bud! Im a vip and just watched the vip 197 with boss and vic, very hot Boss mind fucked him any chance we see you 2 studs tag vic?
himetime Commented on: #197 VIP Only
halfashamed Commented on: #118 Matt Pounds Spencer, Raw & Live!
so hot
halfashamed Commented on: #173 Matt Slams and Feeds Ron
halfashamed Commented on: #59 VIP Only
Machocop Commented on: #191 VIP Only
jj700 Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Really nice one, Carlo! The kissing and words back & forth were great inspiration--very real & emotion packed. Love the closer in shots, but the wider angles are great as well. More please!
Jake1486 Commented on: #191 VIP Only
insanelas Commented on: #158 Matt and Carlo Breeding Jimmy
Hi Cockworshiper, don’t know if you can see this but I’m saying it anyway, become a vip member so you can watch whatever whenever you want! Rentals expire quickly, not to mention that you have no access to all the steaming hot VIP movies! Just become a VIP! It’s absolutely amazing!
footboy86 Commented on: #188 Boss Fucks Ron Raw Twice, 1 Night 2 Loads
would've liked to see more of your hot bare feet sucked and worshipped ... but hot !
Cockworshiper Commented on: #158 Matt and Carlo Breeding Jimmy
Second time I've rented #158 so hot! Luv the way Matt pounds ass!
insanelas Commented on: 195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live!
Another amazing movie! Brandon is hot, boss is hot af too! The kissing was just beautiful, no wonder Brandon was seduced! Really wanted to see Brandon get bred by boss!
GTsilver Commented on: 195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live!
Very HOT! Watching you seduce these guys Boss Man is pretty hot. No doubt you are a beautiful man I can see even through your mask the sculpted shape of your face but it has to be more than looks. There is something about you that is captivating, interesting seductive. You should give lessons on seduction but somehow I don't think what you have can be taught, you have it or you don't which makes watching you so enjoyable. Great film, big fan here keep it up
lollerskates Commented on: 195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live!
Another exceptional video. I've really been enjoying all of the kissing in these videos lately. Super hot. Nobody does it like Boss.
comedy Commented on: 195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live!
I apparently haven't watched some of the vids in the right sequence, but they are all amazing, nonetheless...this one, God, you guys are beautiful!
comedy Commented on: #155 VIP Only
comedy Commented on: #177 Brandon Feeds Ron, Total Body Service (Live Encore)
Perfection...The Boss's verbal direction is what makes it so damn hot...
comedy Commented on: #155 VIP Only
djdbag Commented on: Q&A-4 Question If I had an Endless Budget
It kind of sounds like the Sho time show Gigolos. I think you have a good idea there
Flinn_H Commented on: Boss Conquest: Evan, #193 Construction Quid-Pro-Quo
Really fascinating background story , just imagining the *hinted* foreplay of sending signals to each other was hot especially since this is on that gray area of trying not to shit where you sleep. But man, going with that vibe definitely seemed worth it. Video was hot as always Boss and definitely good to see some lower mask come off with a reveal of that nice shape up.
slave2cowboys Commented on: #10 VIP Only
slave2cowboys Commented on: #74 Blessings From Brad Part 2, Scene 2: Drinking Brad (Using and Abusing Piss Boy Mike)
So fucking hot! Every urinal is blessed by Brad's superior penis and golden nectar!
insanelas Commented on: #193 VIP Only
xracer Commented on: Boss Conquest: Evan, #193 Construction Quid-Pro-Quo
I love these stories Boss, really sets up the film and makes it so much more enjoyable. 193 is on fire, you are a fucking stud and would love to read more of these.
xracer Commented on: #193 VIP Only
coltstud Commented on: #193 VIP Only
paul9999 Commented on: #170 Floor Fuck, Boss Slams Ron
Ron is a fortunate guy to get some much Boss dick. I wish you would own me like that... a guy can dream ;-)
mylosh Commented on: Boss Advice To Ron, Behind The Scenes #157
I love to be dominated like that. Jealous of Ron, which boss you could set me straight.
mylosh Commented on: #152 Mind Fucking Ron, Boss Takes Ownership
I'm sooooo fucking jealous of Ron!!!
mylosh Commented on: #180 Boss and Ron, Shadow Fuck Gasping For Air (Live Encore)
this is so hot! wish I could be Ron one day!
paul9999 Commented on: #129 Live Encore Rodman Cock & Cum Show Bedtime Load
Besides that sexy masculine body and big dick, his cum loads are epic. The second load is as big as the first.
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