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metrodorus Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
I personally, find the idea of porn populated by AI simulations uninteresting. Not that you shouldn't have explored the deal, but I, personally, believe the desire to view porn is a desire to make personal connections. (Working prostitutes will tell you that clients often seem more into communication than into the actual physical sex.) That element of porn's pleasures would be at risk in AI generated porn.
JackOffTrades69 Commented on: 218 UnMasked, A Revealing Post Gym Quick Fuck
Very hot, love the Boss' verbal. Really great to see the Boss back in action and to see you guys posting again.
insanelas Commented on: 218 UnMasked, A Revealing Post Gym Quick Fuck
great movie Boss! love the spontaneity of that moment. There are more than 200 movies on here but every one of them brings in something different, 218 is no exception! I’m just happy to see you back in action (i know u never really left lol)!
SixMatt Commented on: 218 UnMasked, A Revealing Post Gym Quick Fuck
Fucking hot
SixMatt Commented on: Matt's Cum Glazed Cheerios, Breakfast of Champions
I’m not even kidding: I’m a fan of a hot dude from OF and because of this vid, I asked if he could film himself cumming on a ziploc bag of cheerios. He had a hard time delivering it through mail, but man, it was worth it.
insanelas Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
There’s a lot of important information in this blog post I had to read it twice! it’s been a while and I’m definitely very excited to your and the crew’s return! Intrigued by 218 for sure and definitely looking forward to the VIP video log and all the 2023 releases!
Carlo Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
The unmasking you will have to see, it happened during a live cam show with only 1 private viewer, this is another I wasn't sure I was going to release.
Carlo Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
Hey sixmatt! I will be going into detail on the video for the video blog. BTW, the VIP Video blog will become a web series with some great stories, opinions and info. But what they did was take video of me, some text messages, emails, scanned the site for my writing and were able to develop a live digital version of me. The voice was almost perfect, but the looks and mannerisms very scary real. You guys don't want fake content.
SixMatt Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
Btw, what does he mean an AI version of you guys?
SixMatt Commented on: Crew Real or Robots? New Releases Delayed by a Boss Artificial Intelligence Replica
Who’s gonna be unmasked? Glad you’re back boss. Prolly have to be back for my subs too.
Robb Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
Boss have a real mentality about what is he doing, im glad that i could read ur blog it make me discover things about trust and sex.
Robb Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
Jeeez he so Luckyyyy
insanelas Commented on: #223 Storm Watch: Matt and Carlo Live
I actually enjoy the conversation before all the actions start. It makes the whole movie very lively and interactive. Matt and Carlo always have great chemistry and this movie is a solid proof. Look forward to seeing more of you and Matt in the future boss!
greatbrit628 Commented on: #188 Boss Fucks Ron Raw Twice, 1 Night 2 Loads
I've been resisting writing a comment because i do it for a living and I have a trained brain for knowing how to add or take away the smallest things that add or expand the best experience. The Boss Matt , your success has been mentioned many timesand the correct reason for it. Your voice #1, the sound of it itself is a tone/sound that is comforting/sexual. Its a rare combination indeed but the actual tones of the sound create both those thinsg whoch, combined, obviously excite to the maximum, comfort and sex. Everything you do in a kind but assertive way , golden. I could go on but this comment page is brief, whjat i will say is there is a lot ofthe same, gthe bed, the routine the strip, the evolution of muscle matt is to think of ways to keep his identity hidden but have him out in the world.
Maxdog Commented on: #187 Ron Used and Re-Used, Tag Fucked by Matt, Brad & Boss
Ron is a very very lucky guy. I would love to eat cum and get cum in my ass, and then go to work in my suit, with cum in me.
GTsilver Commented on: #217 Matt and Brad, Massaged, Milked and Frozen
Fuck that's hot!!!!
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
Awesome video as always Fellas. Would love to see Matt and Brandon going further; I know you can and will make it happen boss. All your bodies and sexual energy mixing together in one scene might just might melt the internet though, so I guess i gotta be careful what I wish for! Keep up the great work guys!
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #214 Boss & Brandon Unmistakeable Bond
Great video Boss, and great recovery! You and Brandon are such a good match, especially when he's receiving you ; ). Your bodies are amazaing and y charisma should be studied as the standard for sensual interaction. Keep up the great work guys and thank Ron for being such a Trooper!
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
Great video as always guys. looks like one key to brad is reaching under and rubbing that button for a total release! A proven great technique Boss, you are the best! Matt and Brandon next please : )
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan
Great video guys! Awesome pick Boss, Ryan is hot!
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #203 VIP Only
JeffCavaliere Commented on: #196 Skater Kid Seduced, Matt and Vic
Boss, this was a smokin' hot video! You could tell Vic wanted to touch and tease Matt's beautiful ass. Hope we get to see that one day. Great job Gents!
JackOffTrades69 Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
Would love to see the Boss, Matt, and Brandon in one mutual muscle worshipping and fucking session!!
drake69 Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
This was so HOT ... great job guys !!!
SixMatt Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
You know what would be hot? Brandon taking it in from both sides from the Boss and Matt. Make Brandon really lose it and breed him from both ends. I know he’ll do it especially for the Boss!! He will love those dicks inside of him. Ram his ass and make him beg for more until he cums hands free. Would love to see that day!!
cmhstudguy Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
Another great movie. Matt's stubble covered face. Brandon's bearded face. The close-ups of their kissing. Matt taking Brandon's cock in his mouth all the way to his balls. Two nice thick loads of muscle cum. Any chance of Matt, Big Brad and Brandon shooting a scene together?
Maxdog Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
It’s hot especially when they kiss. I wish they would eat the cum and then kiss.
insanelas Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
Brandon’s movie profile is really building up! From 214 and this movie i can really see that Brandon does not have attraction just to a regular guy, he is attracted to real muscular men like Boss and Matt. In 214 Brandon was having a little “performance issue” but as soon as Boss let his dick out Brandon’s horniness got reignited and gave us the masterpiece 214 is. All the passionate kissing and mutual worship with Matt in this one shows that Brandon’s sexuality might be fluid but it is men like Carlo and Matt he has desires for, not just anyone. I hope there is more Brandon content in the future. Boss (great filming) and Matt (great action) did it again!
xracer Commented on: #215 Matt and Brandon, A Mutual Milking
Great film boss. These 2 look amazing together, both shot nice loads. Love you and Brandon together, you and Matt, Matt and Brandon. Great combinations. This one is another one of your magic making moments with 2 studs.
dj8175 Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
Love it when Boss sucks dick. So damn hot!
GTsilver Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
This one is one of my favorite in Muscle Mafia history. Couldn't take my eyes off this movie for a second. The lighting, the verbal talk, the ecstasy on Brad's face (even through the mask) he loves Matt's dick in his ass.
GTsilver Commented on: Snow'd In, Boss and Anthony: Suck, Fist, Fuck
Anthony is obsessed with you boss his hole wants you. He is hot, you both have great chemistry.
GTsilver Commented on: 195 Boss and Brandon Bonding, Brandon Fingered Live!
Had to watch this again!
GTsilver Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
You know how to milk a dick boss, that's because you know how you want yours milked. Brad is def BIG!
GTsilver Commented on: #214 Boss & Brandon Unmistakeable Bond
Great flick, nothing exists like you on the Internet! More please!
GTsilver Commented on: #213 Tucker Wants More, A Special Release
Extremely hot watching you fuck. Maybe tucker could drink less next time and not slur his words, but if a big fat dick like yours was coming at me I might need to be have a few drinks to take it. woof!
xracer Commented on: #214 Boss & Brandon Unmistakeable Bond
You know what you are doing Boss! The connection between you and Brandon is enviable. Watching you take control of this situation, and steer things in such a calm, authoritative way is just as sexy if not more so then your beautiful body and dick. Brandon looks awesome as always and Ron worked over time on alpha dick. Now one of my many favorites, any film with you Boss brings things to different level. This is why other alpha studs look up to you and are seduced by you. You got it all bossman!
davidgill787 Commented on: #44-2 Matt Pounds Craig, His Return to The Beach House
Like to see more raw/condom-free with creampie too.
xracer Commented on: #213 Tucker Wants More, A Special Release
Thanks for releasing this my Boss! Damn you can fuck! Tucker was just your total bitch in this you used him like he was born to be used. He loves your dick, very hot to see. Btw your back is huge, strong stud!
insanelas Commented on: #199 VIP Only
Maxdog Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
It’s basic and it’s hot. I love seeing a dominant executive type guy kissing and sucking cock. It’s a super hot form of control.
cmhstudguy Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
Very hot watching Boss working Brad's big dick and balls. Loved watching them kiss for a few seconds and Boss sucking Brad's dick. The close-ups of Brad's dick are great.
xracer Commented on: #212 Sunburned and Milked, Boss & Brad
Always amazing to see these 2 together. Boss knows how to use his hands to milk a buddy out. He knows how because Boss loves to get edged and milked out, his dick is a miracle so he knows what he likes and knows how to do it to others. VERY hot to watch, woof Brad has 1 big dick and his loads look so healthy.
LongFire Commented on: #5 Matt Classic, Workout, Shower, Cum on the Mirror
This is classic muscle Matt, from before he started wearing a mask. Throughout the video, the camera teasingly shows parts of Matt's head, but never gives a clear view of his face. First we get to see Matt doing some curls and push-ups, and so we get to see Matt's very impressive physique. His muscles are nice and swollen from the workout, so you can really see his definition. After this, we spend some time with Matt in the shower to watch him clean off after his workout, and during the shower, he also shaves his balls. Then, after the shower, we get to the main event and watch Matt jerk off in front of a mirror. As he jerks, he continuously moans and talks about how close he's getting and how sensitive he is, and even invites you to imagine how it would be to take his load right in your mouth and feel it hitting the back of your throat. As if his muscular, toned body isn't enough, his sexy accent and masculine voice are enough to get anyone's blood flowing. Finally after a lot of jerking, we see Matt shoot a massive load on his own reflection in the mirror, and if there was any doubt for why Matt has attracted the following he has up to this point, that doubt is washed away by Matt's cum. This video is definitely a hot one. The editing is a bit distracting at times, as it seems like the editor tried to use every cut effect available to switch between scenes, but this is an early video I guess, when things were just getting off the ground. Plus, Matt is quick to grab your attention right back even if the editing distracts you.
LongFire Commented on: Matt's Cum Glazed Cheerios, Breakfast of Champions
Excluding the various screens of text at the beginning, this video comes out to about 7 minutes and 40 seconds, so definitely one of the shorter videos on this site. Even so, it's a tantalizing idea for a video. A fan of Matt's wanted a taste of Matt's cum, so Matt prepares some Honey Nut Cheerios, with some extra nut of his own making. Watching this video, you can't help but be a little envious of the fan who presumably chowed down on this protein-enhanced breakfast. Of course, the studies showing the benefits of consuming semen are very preliminary (it's possible, but unproven, that semen could help improve mood) and in order to see a noticeable nutritional benefit, you'd have to consume a pretty large amount. Still, every little bit counts I guess, and watching this video definitely makes it tempting to ask your gym buddies for a brotein shake after the workout. Frankly, if they're down for a brojob, it's a win-win situation. Watching this video, it's pretty easy to see why the trend of requesting loads from Matt and the other guys on this site started up. Just take a look at Matt's physique, and it's pretty easy to think that chugging down his brotein shakes post-workout would help you sculpt your own muscles to match.
LongFire Commented on: #1 Matt Classic: Matt's Premiere, Home Alone With Matt
I just joined this site, and after looking around for a bit, I decided it might be interesting to watch the videos on here in order, so of course that means starting with this video. This is not the first video from this site I have watched, and it's kind of cool to see where things started (the cum shot heard 'round the world, so to speak). What I like about this video, and this site in general, is the amateur feel. It doesn't have the cheesy plotlines, the forced dialogue, and the bad acting typical of major porn companies. Sure, some companies may do a better job than others at recreating a fantasy, but what makes this site different is how it cuts right to the chase. There's no dialogue between a "plumber" and their "customer" talking about laying pipe as inuendo for what they're actually about to get up to, instead you just get some unscripted guys in a room who just get right into it. It's clear right away that this is an early video. For one thing, Matt isn't wearing one of the luchador masks that later become iconic for this site, though his face is still (mostly) kept out of camera view. And though this site may have gone through changes over time, keeping the guys anonymous is something that was continued, and to good effect. Though it may be a very simple mechanic, the anonymity is actually one of the biggest draws this site has for me. These guys keep their faces covered, so for all you know, they could be the delivery guy you'd like to invite in for an extra tip, the muscular guy at the gym you have trouble looking away from, or the guy you pass on the street who sends your mind places. As the official description says, this is the first time Matt and Carlo tried filming anything, so it's a pretty simple video (which is not a bad thing). Solo jerk-off videos are not really my go-to, though I do enjoy them when I'm in the right mood, and if you're in the mood, you can't go wrong with Matt and his large muscles, his huge loads, and his sexy voice.
cmhstudguy Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Another fucking hot Matt and Brad video. Once Keith got their cocks hard and Carlo gave the go-ahead, Brad had Matt's cock in his mouth in seconds. Video had all of the things we come to expect from a MM video with Matt and Brad muscle studs kissing our studs jacking their buddies dick hearing Brad tell Matt that he wanted Matt's load in his ass Brad sucking Matt's cock Matt fucking Brad's ass in multiple positions - especially loved it when Brad was riding Matt's dick while Matt was stroking Brad's dick while they were kissing seeing Brad shoot his load on Matt's abs, cock and balls Shooting the video with lower light levels made the film even hotter. Watched the movie twice and I've gotten off twice. Can't wait for the next video with two of my favorite muscle studs to be released.
HyperPex Commented on: #40 Traffic Jam Joey Mixes Cum with Merlot, at The Beach House
Even back when this was filmed, Carlo's instincts were on target. Spending a few minutes following around this beautiful specimen of jock-body, dressed in tight jeans & a wife-beater, makes us dream about seeing him nude. And then we get that. Fore and aft, great collegian physique--not a musclehead, but plenty muscly. If you admire a specially fine ass, this kid's loaded. It's his first time on camera, so a boner doesn't jump up right away, but handsome cock in the clinch, and Carlo's exactly right about cum splattering "like mayonnaise." Had to smile about one thing. Like many men, Joey's not a particularly expressive sexual presence. No easy sexy talking, no turned-on squirming as things heat up, even an unemphatic cum. So when the Boss says, "Ask 'em if they like it," he does that once and relapses into silence. Even when the Boss finally says, "Make some noise," it gets him one soft grunt, three long seconds of silence, then another. A good man, but filming Anthony's showmanship must make for an easier shoot. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.
currybeef Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Muscle bareback is very hot. Next time how about more dildo and even strapon scene, would be fucking hot.
CADCLT Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Instant MM Classic. Intimate and erotic only begin to describe this scene. You definitely know it's a MM video, but something super special about this. Amazing how these studs we've seen plenty of can make it newer and hotter than ever! Thanks guys!
HyperPex Commented on: #179 VIP Only
HyperPex Commented on: #147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad
Words to inscribe on a marble monument to sex: "Male sexuality is fascinating, it appears to some complex, but in reality is very simple, what makes it complex is our minds." That's from the Boss. That's WHY he's the Boss. This whole breakthrough, this whole MuscleMatt Experiment, this venture into a better world: It's like some SciFi advanced world, but it's real. Guys, I don't boast, and I don't throw money around. But if you are as moved by this brave sane venture as I am, for fuck's sake, throw a little money on the fire. Ps. No, Carlo and I don't know each other at all. This isn't a dumb-ass commercial much less a con. It's just one man seeing an amazing change in history being made, and hoping you see it too.
HyperPex Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Thx, Bro. (and, DAMN, if that little picture is where your workout has brought you, it's beyond your best ever. 110% congratulations)
Carlo Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Wow Hyper, what a review. I Just emailed both Matt and Brad and told them to read that. I'm glad you said all that, coming from me it might have sounded like hype, I happen to agree. Love the comment about Keith and pregame warm-up I might just use that (if you don't mind). I am also going to spotlight your review, much appreciated. Necessity, as I often say, is the mother of invention. When we lost power, the glow from candles created a mood I just ran with. When power cam back on, the A/C couldn't cool off the room fast enough so I used fans and only 1 small light to keep heat down. It was brutal, my guys did awesome, in fact I think they actually liked sweating on each other. (grin) Thank youf for that review my friend.
HyperPex Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
INTENSE is the word. Can two men who know each other so well get HOT for it? Incredibly, yes. As usual, Carlo describes it all perfectly. But there's more. Muscle mountain Brad has never been more defined. Matt has always been like a Greek statue, but here he looks as if he's packed on more muscle while keeping it all beyond ripped. Watching his cut muscle ass powering each deep thrust is amazing footage. His long meaty cock even looks longer and stronger, maybe from all the years getting hard around Brad + the Mafia. And both men can't stop being verbal all through it, because the cock and the ass are feeling so incredible. Even in the candlelight, Carlo's camera never misses a thing. Perfect SportSex! (and Keith's pregame warm-up made me hard right away, just watching his hands hungrily smooth back and forth on Matt's pecs and abs. Thought I knew every trick in your playbooks, but this blew me away. Thx all 4 of you.
xracer Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Ridiculously HOT! This is not porn this is living art in motion.
HyperPex Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
WOOF. Brad gets a huge nod: he's always been a hot powerful hunk, but his body type--unlike Carlo or Matt or Anthony--is the type that doesn't easily achieve that definition we think of as "muscleman." But, by God, here he is now, (maybe working through Covid along with the Boss, and he's achieved it! Now, not only the fat 9-incher and proud manbuns, but chest, delts, bis....this fucker is a goddam defined muscleman. As always, he knows what turns him on, and watching him alternate hot pleasure fore and aft with no shame at all is hot. Ron as hungry and slurpy as wecall would be: by minute 10, he's deep-throating the whole damn thing, with lips bouncing down on Brad's ballsac again and again. .....and, yes. The Boss coming in near the end to shoot a load down that throat open hungry throat! Covid's hell, but the gym results on the Muscle Mafia are HOT HOT compensation. These hung musclemen are INCREDIBLE!
HyperPex Commented on: #207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan
DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! We've all known rhe Boss is a phenomenal mansex presence, but it's fuckin beyond doubt. Carlo is the sexiest fuckin man in America. 1. Whatever he's been doing at the gym during Covid, his killer pecs are now so unbelievably deep you'll cum just looking, and his guns are def bigger. 2. His write-up as usual tells the exact truth, but WOOF! Ryan is hot, hung, and these two men are SO triggered by each other from minute one: they're so hard the cocks don't even quiver, and in much less than 10 minutes, the Boss is lubing his fingers and cock. To hear him whispering while he fingers and then gratifies his big cock inside Ryan, you'll think the Boss is too much for Ryan to handle. But suddenly Ryab's white arms climb up to embrace his man, and you realize he's in heaven. Both men are too damn turned on to hold vack for long--as videos go, this white hot storm breaks relatively quickly. But FUCK, bros! This is what mansport is at it's fiercest! DON'T MISS THIS SCORCHING ENCOUNTER.
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan
Had to come check out the new video once I found out it came out and of course it did not disappoint. Ryan is so lucky to have connected with Carlo in such a personal and sexual way and I precame just from hearing Carlo call him his boy! As a bottom, I can tell you sometimes so good old fashioned fingering action feels better than immediately getting pounded so it was great to see Carlo treat his boy in such a great way before giving him that great muscle dick! Ryan is one lucky guy and should be so greatful haha Can't wait to see what's in store for this year!
HyperPex Commented on: #150 Brad Fucks Adam, & Pete Licks The Load Out
I haven't seen every single Muscle Mafia video here , but here's something I hadn't seen much until now--except in the magic inner circle where the guys have EVERY ideal bodybuilder attribute. Most often the fellas you bring as cocksuckers and butt-fuck-ees are more ordinary body types. But here, Adam is no mere recipient. Adam's a prime Class A Stud with a hot body and a spectacular ass who knows he wants it fucked. A pleasure to see more bodybuilder bottoms (no disrespect meant to Brad & Anthony, both Gods we'd watch forever). Ps., Brad's cock never looked longer or fatter!
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