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cmhstudguy Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Another fucking hot Matt and Brad video. Once Keith got their cocks hard and Carlo gave the go-ahead, Brad had Matt's cock in his mouth in seconds. Video had all of the things we come to expect from a MM video with Matt and Brad muscle studs kissing our studs jacking their buddies dick hearing Brad tell Matt that he wanted Matt's load in his ass Brad sucking Matt's cock Matt fucking Brad's ass in multiple positions - especially loved it when Brad was riding Matt's dick while Matt was stroking Brad's dick while they were kissing seeing Brad shoot his load on Matt's abs, cock and balls Shooting the video with lower light levels made the film even hotter. Watched the movie twice and I've gotten off twice. Can't wait for the next video with two of my favorite muscle studs to be released.
HyperPex Commented on: #40 Traffic Jam Joey Mixes Cum with Merlot, at The Beach House
Even back when this was filmed, Carlo's instincts were on target. Spending a few minutes following around this beautiful specimen of jock-body, dressed in tight jeans & a wife-beater, makes us dream about seeing him nude. And then we get that. Fore and aft, great collegian physique--not a musclehead, but plenty muscly. If you admire a specially fine ass, this kid's loaded. It's his first time on camera, so a boner doesn't jump up right away, but handsome cock in the clinch, and Carlo's exactly right about cum splattering "like mayonnaise." Had to smile about one thing. Like many men, Joey's not a particularly expressive sexual presence. No easy sexy talking, no turned-on squirming as things heat up, even an unemphatic cum. So when the Boss says, "Ask 'em if they like it," he does that once and relapses into silence. Even when the Boss finally says, "Make some noise," it gets him one soft grunt, three long seconds of silence, then another. A good man, but filming Anthony's showmanship must make for an easier shoot. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.
currybeef Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Muscle bareback is very hot. Next time how about more dildo and even strapon scene, would be fucking hot.
CADCLT Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Instant MM Classic. Intimate and erotic only begin to describe this scene. You definitely know it's a MM video, but something super special about this. Amazing how these studs we've seen plenty of can make it newer and hotter than ever! Thanks guys!
HyperPex Commented on: #179 VIP Only
HyperPex Commented on: #147 Boss Feeds and Breeds Brad
Words to inscribe on a marble monument to sex: "Male sexuality is fascinating, it appears to some complex, but in reality is very simple, what makes it complex is our minds." That's from the Boss. That's WHY he's the Boss. This whole breakthrough, this whole MuscleMatt Experiment, this venture into a better world: It's like some SciFi advanced world, but it's real. Guys, I don't boast, and I don't throw money around. But if you are as moved by this brave sane venture as I am, for fuck's sake, throw a little money on the fire. Ps. No, Carlo and I don't know each other at all. This isn't a dumb-ass commercial much less a con. It's just one man seeing an amazing change in history being made, and hoping you see it too.
HyperPex Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Thx, Bro. (and, DAMN, if that little picture is where your workout has brought you, it's beyond your best ever. 110% congratulations)
Carlo Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Wow Hyper, what a review. I Just emailed both Matt and Brad and told them to read that. I'm glad you said all that, coming from me it might have sounded like hype, I happen to agree. Love the comment about Keith and pregame warm-up I might just use that (if you don't mind). I am also going to spotlight your review, much appreciated. Necessity, as I often say, is the mother of invention. When we lost power, the glow from candles created a mood I just ran with. When power cam back on, the A/C couldn't cool off the room fast enough so I used fans and only 1 small light to keep heat down. It was brutal, my guys did awesome, in fact I think they actually liked sweating on each other. (grin) Thank youf for that review my friend.
HyperPex Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
INTENSE is the word. Can two men who know each other so well get HOT for it? Incredibly, yes. As usual, Carlo describes it all perfectly. But there's more. Muscle mountain Brad has never been more defined. Matt has always been like a Greek statue, but here he looks as if he's packed on more muscle while keeping it all beyond ripped. Watching his cut muscle ass powering each deep thrust is amazing footage. His long meaty cock even looks longer and stronger, maybe from all the years getting hard around Brad + the Mafia. And both men can't stop being verbal all through it, because the cock and the ass are feeling so incredible. Even in the candlelight, Carlo's camera never misses a thing. Perfect SportSex! (and Keith's pregame warm-up made me hard right away, just watching his hands hungrily smooth back and forth on Matt's pecs and abs. Thought I knew every trick in your playbooks, but this blew me away. Thx all 4 of you.
xracer Commented on: #210 Matt and Brad, Blackout Breeding
Ridiculously HOT! This is not porn this is living art in motion.
HyperPex Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
WOOF. Brad gets a huge nod: he's always been a hot powerful hunk, but his body type--unlike Carlo or Matt or Anthony--is the type that doesn't easily achieve that definition we think of as "muscleman." But, by God, here he is now, (maybe working through Covid along with the Boss, and he's achieved it! Now, not only the fat 9-incher and proud manbuns, but chest, delts, bis....this fucker is a goddam defined muscleman. As always, he knows what turns him on, and watching him alternate hot pleasure fore and aft with no shame at all is hot. Ron as hungry and slurpy as wecall would be: by minute 10, he's deep-throating the whole damn thing, with lips bouncing down on Brad's ballsac again and again. .....and, yes. The Boss coming in near the end to shoot a load down that throat open hungry throat! Covid's hell, but the gym results on the Muscle Mafia are HOT HOT compensation. These hung musclemen are INCREDIBLE!
HyperPex Commented on: #207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan
DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! We've all known rhe Boss is a phenomenal mansex presence, but it's fuckin beyond doubt. Carlo is the sexiest fuckin man in America. 1. Whatever he's been doing at the gym during Covid, his killer pecs are now so unbelievably deep you'll cum just looking, and his guns are def bigger. 2. His write-up as usual tells the exact truth, but WOOF! Ryan is hot, hung, and these two men are SO triggered by each other from minute one: they're so hard the cocks don't even quiver, and in much less than 10 minutes, the Boss is lubing his fingers and cock. To hear him whispering while he fingers and then gratifies his big cock inside Ryan, you'll think the Boss is too much for Ryan to handle. But suddenly Ryab's white arms climb up to embrace his man, and you realize he's in heaven. Both men are too damn turned on to hold vack for long--as videos go, this white hot storm breaks relatively quickly. But FUCK, bros! This is what mansport is at it's fiercest! DON'T MISS THIS SCORCHING ENCOUNTER.
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #207 Finger Stretch and Fuck, Boss and Ryan
Had to come check out the new video once I found out it came out and of course it did not disappoint. Ryan is so lucky to have connected with Carlo in such a personal and sexual way and I precame just from hearing Carlo call him his boy! As a bottom, I can tell you sometimes so good old fashioned fingering action feels better than immediately getting pounded so it was great to see Carlo treat his boy in such a great way before giving him that great muscle dick! Ryan is one lucky guy and should be so greatful haha Can't wait to see what's in store for this year!
HyperPex Commented on: #150 Brad Fucks Adam, & Pete Licks The Load Out
I haven't seen every single Muscle Mafia video here , but here's something I hadn't seen much until now--except in the magic inner circle where the guys have EVERY ideal bodybuilder attribute. Most often the fellas you bring as cocksuckers and butt-fuck-ees are more ordinary body types. But here, Adam is no mere recipient. Adam's a prime Class A Stud with a hot body and a spectacular ass who knows he wants it fucked. A pleasure to see more bodybuilder bottoms (no disrespect meant to Brad & Anthony, both Gods we'd watch forever). Ps., Brad's cock never looked longer or fatter!
HyperPex Commented on: #101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony
If I had to say what was the difference between these two incredible Alpha sexgods at this moment in their lives, I'd say that Anthony was in the process of BECOMING a Man while Carlo IS a Man. We're seeing so many things at the same time: hot mansex of course, but an almost sacred mentoring that lifts Anthony into a different understanding of himself, just like the Boss knew it would. That's gotta be why, early in the fuck when Ant was in pain, Carlo persisted, insisted. Because he knew where Anthony needed to go. I'm more impressed with every viewing.
HyperPex Commented on: #131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body
Yes. Just rewatched. The Boss knows EXACTLY how to fuck. The fisting SO damn hot. And Carlo going back in to beat out a cum: "Does it hurt? GOOD!" Anthony 110% IN IT all the way. Two amazing musclestuds.
HyperPex Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
STRAY THOUGHT: Your guys don't b.s. or try at all to be artful in speaking: you ask'em "How do you feel, tell me about it," and they breathe out "Great!" but say no more. That plainness, that "not trying to put on a show" is hot. Yet it's also true that if you could add to your on-call boys one who can't stop himself from crying out, "God, your pecs!" or "Your fuckin dick is so fuckin THICK!" or whatever, a guy who can verbalize a little what we're all thinking while we watch, it'd be one more great thing on a great site. Anthony came closest. Sometimes. It'd put me over even more than usual.
HyperPex Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
Maybe the most complete display of HES you've done yet. The whispering, the slow proving out that your control is safe for him to let go in. And all the cgange-uos ti take him gently deeper into the experience. Sean's so likeable and honest, and hus big hard cock is into it. This woulda been yet more exciting if he could have taken your thick cock until he got used to it, but every match is different. More Sean, opening more. Carlo's torso looking fabulous--even for Carlo!
bbigbbrother Commented on: #96 Stud Muffins, Bran and Muscle Batter
I would lije to see more movies like this cooking and playing with food, cum, sweaty, spit and piss yummy
del150430 Commented on: #119 Chicken and Brotein, Boss Feeds Anthony
Seeing someone like Anthony become all submissive for Boss’s cock is so hot. I hope one day Boss rewards him by sucking his cock for being so good.
del150430 Commented on: #89 Locker Room Blow Job, Pete's Nose Bleed
This video is so fucking hot. Seeing Anthony be worshipped and licked after a hard workout made me feel some type of way. Would love to see him get muscle worshipped and a massage more. He’s so hot the way he just commands over and over again.
del150430 Commented on: #101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony
Wow Anthony really laid out himself for this one. He’s so hot becoming all submissive for the boss as he gets mindfucked. Love the way his usual Alpha self crumbles when he’s with Boss. Have him back again please.
del150430 Commented on: #104 VIP Only
del150430 Commented on: #131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body
Damn Anthony really took Boss’s whole fist inside of him, what a Champ. Hoping to see what else Anthony can take
del150430 Commented on: #148 Meat & Vegetables Anthony Tag Fucked By Boss & a Cucumber
Loved this scene so much. Love the way Anthony wriggled in pleasure and pain. Hoping to see Anthony again.
HyperPex Commented on: #163 Brad Rides Matt (Live Encore)
I wish every Alpha male in America would just spend one week checking out MuscleMatt. This site proves a simple truth, and proves it undeniably. In SportSex, men lose not one particle of their manliness, masculinity or manhood. They just don't. All they do is gain: gain an expanded repertoire of hot ways to get off, with the huge side benefit of being able to bond deep with a brother just as manly as you. SportSex doesn't put Manhood in doubt. It honors and celebrates it. One more great way for bros to deal with the Testosterone overload men all deal with. One more way to feel great. Why the hell not?
HyperPex Commented on: #193 VIP Only
bigbaddiesel Commented on: #73.3 VIP Only
cm890 Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
Xracer, you're right that Brad gets rock solid and turned on by Boss's directions and commands. But I would have to disagree that he struggles with Ron. In other films with Ron, he's hard as a rock and you can tell he loves dominating and destroying the asses of submissive cocksuckers. He loves making them eat his ass and stroke their cocks as he's pounding their tight holes. As they're lubing up, he's stroking himself in anticipation of destroying their ass. He brings that same energy to this film. I'd encourage you to watch more of his journey. He's the real deal, not g4p. I even suspect he fucks cocksuckers off film as well. He has an incredible versatility whenever he's with Matt and Boss or with a sub cocksucker. Anyways, this was a hot film.
Carlo Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
I understand, the muscle is the crew. I have found older guys know how to service better with less drama. But there are mixed opinions, some like yourself, are here to see guys in better shape then themselves. You at 71 don't want to see yourself on camera, I get that. But some, like to see that a guy who is "less in shape" can also have a chance to suck a perfect body off. I am definitely not talking totally out of shape, but for me it boils down to a few factors, when it comes to total cock service aside from body, looks, mannerisms, and of course health status, can they truly give total cock service and admiration. I prefer a little less in shape, a little bit older who can edge me out, service a while and want more, respect and appreciate my body than some obnoxious young asshole who will bitch I am taking too long to cum, or is some fragile snowflake who will become attached to me and start acting like a scorned girlfriend been there with many of these guys who start to develop feelings and not know their role or why my dick is in their mouth in the first place.
HyperPex Commented on: #198 Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka
I hear ya about how young partners can be annoying/disappointing. Still, for this site, not sure I'd want you guys to go too far up into the "older." Myself I love DILFs, but here, it's about the magnificence of virile studs--the full flower of manhood. Saggy asses and flappy upper arms, no. I'm 71, wouldn't want to watch MY body, no matter how well meant. Bring on the Olympians. If one day you run across some WAY BUILT guy in his 50s, still radiating the power, that'd be hot "lucky bastard" material. We'd ALL be into it. But we all come here for toned muscles: give us that.
HyperPex Commented on: #142 Boss Fucks Brad, Epic Edging Part2
cumvampire has it right. Awesome video.
HyperPex Commented on: #130 Boss & Brad Banging Cocks, Keith Joins
Beyond hot to see the Boss worked over to the point where he's 100% with Brad as the two megacocks rub rub rub together. Tge trust these two gave as they give in to musclefuck ecstasy is mindblowing. This is ny bew fuckin' favorite
HyperPex Commented on: #116 Wake Up Call, Brad's Creepy Late Night Cock Sucker
First: Brad, what a man! When you insist on pleasure for your major muscle ass, your manhood is stunning. Second: Harris is creepy?? NO WAY. That guy needs it, loves it, takes it--even in max pain! And when he reaches up for a handful of muscleman pecs, you know he's in the grip of a dream musclefuck cone true. HOT!
HyperPex Commented on: #114 Tag Teaming Harris-Live!
Harris a happy trooper, good addition to the on-call list while in the US. When Matt bones him, he squawks but then leans his shoulders back onto those perfect Matt pecs like a man in ecstasy. Between Matt, Brad and the Boss, it's like which flavor of muscle-fuck do I want next? So good.
HyperPex Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
Didn't read this HES blog until now, weeks after loving the vids on this unique site. It puts it all together in detail, and valudates Carlo completely. I started with this site thinking, "Oh, these guys are just gay and scared to call it that." But the vids kept disproving that idea. Something else was going on, something real and powerful. (And yes, there's a way it ruins viewers for ordinary gay porn--ya damn hot fucks ya!) Anyhow, this essay is the at the very core of the power and the reality. Essential. And Ps., Boss, if you write this clesr when you've had a few drinks, what 're you, a PhD by day? Just right.
HyperPex Commented on: #104 VIP Only
HyperPex Commented on: #101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony
Of them all, this is the hottest video! The Boss just keeps hypnotizing, then starts dishing it out and necer lets up. Anthony driven crazy (making him a superstid in my book), and the endless sweaty displays of two mega-hot torsos--abs, pecs, bi's--straining together for more and more and more just nails me. Fo sexier men exist?
beachbud Commented on: 54 Scene 1: Brad Cock Teases a Fan Named Tj
Fuck that's hot!!!
Carlo Commented on: #104 VIP Only
HyperPex Commented on: #104 VIP Only
HyperPex Commented on: #125 The Contract: Boss Fucks Brad
Agreed: Brad pounding a bottom is hottest of all. Peter getting torn up in #68 is unrestrained slamming to the max.
HyperPex Commented on: #148 Meat & Vegetables Anthony Tag Fucked By Boss & a Cucumber
The perfect Man-Fucker. Attitude (fatherly, brotherly, challenging, demanding), great array of techniques, rhythms, power to spare, and a fat stiff cock. The perfect Plow-taker. 100% musclestud, willing, brave, able to surrender to the pain to reach the pleasure, then glory in all of it right on into the cum. Never seen two better men.
HyperPex Commented on: Snow'd In, Boss and Anthony: Suck, Fist, Fuck
Mindblowing. I thought #131 was unbeatable, but this is at least as good. Hot men who know what they need and how to go after it. Anthony looks BLISS/TRASHED by the time the Boss fucks it out of him. Whew!
HyperPex Commented on: #131 Boss Collects a Debt, Anthony Pays with His Body
HOT DAMN! Incredibly hot scene. I haven't seen the entire catalog, but how can you top this? Carlo's description 100% the truth.
JackOffTrades69 Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
So happy MuscleMatt is back in action! This one was amazing Brad and Ron are a hot pair to film together and watch!! Of course, gotta love the little bit with the Boss at the end too!
cm890 Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
The quality and production of your work are top-notch and the complete antithesis to the overabundance of '"fast-food McDonald's style" porn that saturates the Internet. Your experience and expertise in terms of the many facets of male sexuality are invaluable to countless men out there. It's been a great pleasure to watch how this has played out in your Crew over the years. Brad is a great example of this and it's been fascinating to watch him truly open up to you and perfect his own way of mind fucking others. I can't deny that he's been able to do that to me...
insanelas Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
This is amazing! Sorry for my late reviews Boss! The energy you emit when you seduce another guy is so erotic. I get hard listening to you talking. This reminds of 99, which I watch on a very regular basis. Sean drinking ur power cum at the end is just so….I can’t describe. I came to it a few times already!
GymBodyProg Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
This was incredible Boss!!!!! Seriously, top content. Learned a lot that I can apply to my regular life. Even reading this was erotic
cumvampire Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
hot as hell boss! fuck yeah
cumvampire Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
Forgot wanted to add, swallowing your man milk would be a pleasure anyone who gets to taste you and ingest you is a lucky guy. Maybe digesting your DNA makes some of these guys better men, I bet it changes them a special potion magical liquid.
cumvampire Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
Fuck yeah Bosss! This is why I spend my time and money here. You are the real deal dude! I have watched many of these and many over and over, never felt like I was being put on, or it was fake or acted out especially the ones with you. Explaining here makes sense there is something very real that goes into your film and your interactions with all the guys. You are a king among men.
thankfulbottom Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
As a member of this site for 15 years or so and being involved in watching the production of many of these films and others yet to be released, I have to say what the Boss has written is so true and what I have personally witnessed. Incredibly well written and could not be improved upon. Who would not be attracted to the Boss, his confidence, his voice, his body, his approach, who he is as a person (I can attest to this one personally), what he says to the seduced and how he mind fucks is so erotic. For me, it is all about giving yourself to someone who has these qualities but mostly can be trusted to move the erotic needle of another guy way beyond what can be comprehended. The Boss has and continues to the move the erotic needle.
FenceJumper Commented on: The Anatomy of a Mind Fuck, Hypno Erotic Seduction, Sexual Sky Diving
I'm speechless Boss! Actually hypnotized by your words, actually aroused horny by this blog post. I am not a VIP but becoming one today so I can see more of these. I am a major fan and have been, I think what you provide here is a great service to the gay / bi-sexual and even straight community. I am one of those guys who dates women but has this fetish that until you and your crew had no where to go and no where to relate. This post explains a lot and I am living breathing proof that your mind fuck works by remote. I think it is so true that trust is a key factor. I have not found that in real life wish I could so I turn to you. Thank you for writing this and look forward to more films and more writings and words from you either in your video, podcasts or blog. I feel better knowing men like me do exist and I am not alone. Hello to Matt and Crew. Thank you for what you do.
HyperPex Commented on: #187 Ron Used and Re-Used, Tag Fucked by Matt, Brad & Boss
Hot bottom for 3 hot tops. The masks rob me of cum facials, but I'll trade that for three (3) primo Grade-A asses on the tops. I could watch those buns punching forever.
xracer Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
Brad is amazing! What a big powerful dick and correct me if I am wrong wonder if anyone else noticed, he can't get hard unless 1: Boss talks to him or touches him and 2: His ass is being licked Brad is interesting sexually. Loved the bonus footage, I am with musclecumlover on this one the Boss was so turned on by the scene he himself created he had to get off, but also claim the mouth and throat he owns by blasting a boss cum shot down Ron's throat just because he could! Still after 20 years the best films on the Internet.
xracer Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
Wow Boss I really am anxious to read about your concept on the hypno erotic. I have watched for years how your alpha nature is able to seduce men both gay and straight and all in between. It's a talent. Love this film, you are dominant yet gentle, aggressive yet caring and considerate that in itself is a turn-on. Sean looks awesome and is really into pleasing you, he wants to make you happy, so much that he allows you to choke him and control his breathing ultimate trust and bonding. You handle it so well. Great movie!!
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #205 Boss Mind Fucks Sean
So hot! I can only image how erotic it must be to be in the same room and fall under the Boss' HES method. Loving the pec worship in the scene too. Need more of that lol.
MuscleCumLover Commented on: #206 Big Brad Rails Ron (with Boss Bonus Footage)
Honored to be a first to comment! Ron is so lucky to be a cocksucker and so envious of him haha. So hot to know you got so turned on you had to jump in Boss! Love these scenes coming out with the bonus content!
cmhstudguy Commented on: #6 Matt in Manhattan Part 1 Good For Your Wood
Matt can use his massive cum loads on me like fingerpaint any time he wants. Damn that was a huge load
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