Buddy System

The Buddy System
The Buddy System
2 ways to tell a friend and put money in your Muscle Mafia Bank

1: Send a Personal Note: The Buddy System is our own specially designed “Tell and Friend” network. It’s simple: if you click on a buddy system banner or link you will be able to add 1 email or multiple emails of friends or people you know who you think would be interested in anything on musclematt.com. Just enter the valid emails in the provided text field, chose a subject from the drop down, write a personal note, then send.

2: Posting Links: Simply sending a email is just one way of telling a few friends, but what if you have lots of friends or want to make lots of new friends and belong to message boards, groups, blogs or you have a tumblr account or twitter...whatever! You can post your own link which will follow any click throughs generated from your postings or mailings. You can earn Referral Rewards (see below).

You All Have One: Every active member to musclematt.com who has a username and password and at least $20.00 in their bank automatically has been given your own unique code, your buddy system link; it’s yours and only yours. Keep in mind you have to be logged in to use it. If you click the “My Account” button at the far right of the top site navigation you will be brought to the area where you can manage your entire account. At the bottom you see your tabs, your rental and lifetime movie play lists. There is another tab there called “Buddy System” There is where you can copy and past that HTML code (your buddy link) anywhere and all traffic from your efforts will be tracked. Once done you now have the ability to earn referral rewards (see below).

Referral Rewards (Boss Bucks): Easy… for every friend you refer, who actually signs up and builds a Muscle Mafia Bank of their own, your get $2.00 in Boss Bucks added to your personal Muscle Mafia Bank. These can be used toward your next movie purchase or anything in the future that will be available from The Muscle Mafia. This is done AUTOMATICALLY so it’s guaranteed; you will see any and all buddy system rewards right in the same buddy system tab on your “My Account” page. So talk shit about us, brag, have discussions, tell your friends but link back to us and earn rewards.

More: For any single member who is using the buddy system and referring friends who shows me they are ambitious in telling others I can and will increase Boss Bucks and Rewards.

For large websites, blogs or other organizations with a relevant web presence check out our New Affiliate Program.