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You produce Engine Phase1: Your Body Bragging Selfies are Worth Something!

Posted on 10/11/18

Side Money for some, fun for others, more films and something social moderated by The Boss for everyone.

Creating Monsters Long Distance: You can now produce, have movies on and take full advantage of our code of silence.  All you have to do from anywhere in the world is video something that will fit into our muscle worship niche (R to X rated) and submit it to me. Once this was first announced on our twitter account,  guys have been submitting audition video and their own personal movies taken with their cell phones for my review (see sample auditions on the application page). If approved by me, these movies will become part of our new VIP movie category “You Produce” and 1 or more of our other categories.  I will deal with every submission on a 1-on-1 personal basis; like everything else this will evolve and take on a life of its own, exciting to see where it goes.

Hot Bodies with Bragging Rights Everywhere: We officially launched the category in August 2018 to a positive response. It’s a lot of fun to see who, from which part of the world, submits video.  Eventually I would like every country and every state represented at least once. Men of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes exist in gyms in every small town and big city all over the world.  Now any of them can be here and deal directly with me to maximize their earning potential and their experience. Some are doing nothing more then what they do anyway, workout, look good and take selfies.  Businessmen, college students, fans, followers, admirers, potential crew, jocks, bodybuilders, cocksuckers and exhibitionists (all on the DL) from everywhere are sending their exclusive cell phone photos and videos, some are even recording video just for this purpose and I’m reviewing every singe one of them!  Some have already been added as numbered movies in our catalog. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Direct Interaction with The Boss, it’s discrete: What’s fantastic about the way I this set up is guys who normally wouldn’t post their personal cell phone videos anywhere are all pumped up about “You Produce”.  Jocks with great cocks are whipping them out for muclematt members it’s safe, they trust me and they know discretion is guaranteed. Guys from California to Chicago, and as far away as Australia & the UK, even some of my current crew members are getting in on the game and sending in their own home videos.  Some are doing it for fun, others for extra cash and others for movie credits. The beauty of it is these guys have direct and exclusive contact with me so that we can negotiate and collaborate on compensation and films.  I wanted personal interaction with every submission and approved You Produce crew member I want to feel the vibe; that is how you create great trusting friendships and content that gets better and better.

It’s Boss Social: My goal is to expand this to a point where it evolves into a social network policed, monitored and valued by me personally.  The Muscle Worship community needs it! Locker room and gym video of themselves, pump and brag video, to pissing, solo cum shots and more. Cock suckers are sending in video of themselves sucking of dudes they worship, and muscle guys are sending in video of cock suckers they use and abuse and all say the same thing, “Boss if this wasn’t you I would never video this let alone post it anywhere”.  That’s awesome! All will eventually be entered in a drawing to receive a $1000.00 ego boost, and MM fans will be doing the voting, everyone gets involved.

**Restrictions apply, guys must meet certain criteria, You don’t have to look like me or Matt or anyone else, you just have to have something that I think will fit our niche and something I think our members would like to see.

Spread the word, maybe you know someone who should be here or maybe you have a buddy you can film with; Im open to anything hot and interesting!

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