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The Army: Setting Traps to Catch Rats is a Success!

Posted on 03/23/11
Improving Security Delayed our 2011 Releases and Updates.. Isn't always the assholes that ruin it for everyone else, drive up costs and just plan piss everyone off to the point you just want to say fuck it!  Yeah, well I won't let the poor behavior of a few weasly rats get to me, and either should you!  Let's exterminate them together, I need your help!

Since late January we were side-tracked dealing with a problem that if not handled immediately could get out of hand...RATS! By the time you read this we will have gotten it under control and resumed business as usual at .  This will be followed immediately by other blog posts, site updates and movie releases so read it and help us focus on the movie making!!

Rats, weasels, losers etc. people who get cheap thrills out of cheating me and the crew and making you pay for it. So what do you do when you find a Rat, you exterminate it or in Muscle Mafia terms, you "Whack it!" And our soldiers undercover help carry out the hits!

What happen why the delay on update and new releaes?

Copyright Violations, the War and Our Army: After releasing Christmas Wish 2010 with great success, we were gearing up for 2011 releases, new crew members and shoots.   DVD #64 Boss and Brad Men on a Mission was set for a January 29, 2011, a film that would definitely get some attention. But our plans to release that DVD and others were delayed until now. A problem called copyright violation had to be dealt with before anything further was released. Violating a producers copyright (mine in this case), in plain english, means assholes "rats" who attempt to copy, rip off, and/or post or distribute our movies in part or in full without my permission. These are people who steel and share parts or ALL of some movies not with the intent to promote us and help increase our business but to cheat us out of what keeps us in business; which is much needed money for future productions and crew members. It also cheats us of our exclusivity and the discretion that makes current and future crew members want to film with us. The key word is FUTURE, if that was not dealt with and brought under control the future of our films, and the entire industry wouldn't look too good.

I was made aware of certain thieves by loyal watchful eyes and given a short list of places our copyright was being violated by theives. These loyal watchful eyes are what we call “soldiers” in “The Muscle Mafia Army;” our own secret service that looks out for us and protects our interests.  “The Army” is something I never spoke about before but has developed over the years by itself; buyers of our movies who are everywhere.  They are in places we can’t always be and give us the heads up when some weasel copies a DVD and unlawfully posts without my permission.

The Beast: Yeah I get it, it’s the nature of the beast in this business and it is not unique to us but it seems that because our stuff is in such demand and so exclusive it takes on a different thrill for some lonely soles.  It also speaks about the success and the demand for our movies; who ripps of garbage.  In the past “The Army” told us about it, it was rubbed out, removed and we moved on.  But, attempting to rip off our movies, something that truly hurts our organization is just not funny anymore.  The bigger we get, the more movies we make, the more people want to see our movies…the more rats who try to get over.  If you are watching these stolen movies or clips you are just as bad as those who ripped it off.

Time and resources wasted to catch rats: So, I made an immediate decision to put all production, all updates and all scheduled releases on hold until I was able to work with our techs to set some mouse traps and catch these rats!
So catch them we did, after great ingenuity and great expense we have many new security features in place to curtail movie thieves and set off “alarms”. Testing and rolling out these new features took almost 2 months to accomplish if I wanted to keep the websites up and still be able to deliver movies to you. Most of the major changes we made were seamless and unnoticed by you because of our planning.  Other than a few who had intermittent issues with download and streams during these upgrades, it went smooth and it’s in place; and will be ongoing.

New servers and new applications collect information on any breach or security. This information is only necessary if someone is doing something dishonest and is used to confront the thieves directly or to provide the information to the web masters and owners of sites where rats hang out and attempt to post stolen content.  These sites, by law MUST comply and MUST obey international copyright laws and remove the unauthorized use and posting of our films; most respectful legitimate sites are serious about copyright violations; site owners are giving up names, email addresses and IP numbers of those who do this. Some movie makers choose to ignore it, but as you know we are not like other movie makers and that is why you are here.

Not So Bad..Most People are Honest and Good..I believe 99% of the people who visit our sites and buy our movies are good people who enjoy what we do and keep coming back to watch us keep doing it.  Their intentions are good and they are all for the ongoing success and growth of The Muscle Mafia. It is for those people that we put up with some bullshit and stick around.  It is for those people that we take the time and effort to be sure things are fair to everyone. It is for those people that we protect the exclusivity you pay for and the specialty niche market we created in 2001. There is not doubt that because we stand out and stand alone that our sites and our movies sometimes become a target for thieves and frankly for other sites who have tried and failed to do what we do.

But its not so bad, in fact, it could be worse which is why when I saw a potentional problem I acted quickly, that is what a good "Boss" does! My crew and our movies buyers count on me and that I take seriously.

You’re paying for the freeloaders! So because of the actions of a small few, good people like you suffer; this should piss you off!  We had to divert resources to fight thieves; in the end you are paying for the free loaders. Some planned films have been cancelled and guys who thought about filming are thinking again. Think of that next time you casually pass a stolen clip or movie.

How do you stop this, you make it difficult if not near impossible for these content thieves to post or distribute stolen content.  Bascially we do what we can to set traps and fill in cracks where rats get in. DVDs are the biggest culprit which makes me consider eliminating DVDs all together because of it.  That means DVD Collectors will suffer. Others have tried, and have been caught trying to “rip” movies from our online theaters. Even some good buyers occasionally trip security features and get blocked from viewing movies, so I have to turn off the alarm and give them their access manually; that's fucking annoying to good buyers. 

Success is the best revenge! So we are left with choices, 1- quit and allow the rats and weasels to win or 2- change gears, set new rat traps, and keep making fucking hot films; you guessed it , I choose #2. I pick and choose my battles and let success be our best revenge.  However on principle alone I will fight thieves who compromise our privacy, our profit and our code of silence. 

So the thieves beware!  I have no problem pursuing certain violations legally I have successfully already. It costs the thief far more than it would had they just bought the movie.  I also have no problem taking a more street approach and posting to our sites and our blogs, the names, numbers, email addresses, home addresses, and any other information I feel like of any asshole who deserves it. I think if my rights are violated, so should theirs, correct; don't get mad, get even. Is that what they say? If you can't buy our movies, move on go somewhere else but let honest buyers get their Muscle Mafia fix of great bodies, great cocks and nut busting fun!

Rats Trapped: Karma slapped a few people across the face when The Army, paired up with my techs and me to take immediate and aggressive action. We caught a few who posted a movie and a few who attempted to; I spoke to the site owner who clearly knew who I was and he gave up names and information as well as removed the unauthotized clips.

If you have no intentions of ripping us off then none of this should worry you, it should just piss you off and be seen as a nuisance that has interrupted your ability to enjoy our movies.

Tell Me: If know of anyone posting anything related to The Muscle Mafia without our permission email me directly then I can follow the trail check our log records, get an IP address, name, etc. and take care of it. Just knowing you are out there to help us gives us peace of mind and makes me and the crew more comfortable about making more films.

Also Tell Me: Exposure is good, even with our long time following there is always some who would like to hear about us and get off to movies you have already seen. If there are blogs, groups, fetish sites or groups where you think our crew should have clips or photos email me that too I will check it. "The Army" is not just for sniffing out the rats, they also sniff out great places to promote us, often make their own posts and ask for photos or clips they can use.

There is an Upside: The servers are faster, larger, and can run more applications. That means that other features can be set up to make things better and more interesting for you the buyer. So, in the end in somem twisted way, they did us all a favor and yet again The Muscle Mafia and our followers WIN!

Business as Usual, back on track! Now that the urgent action and my ranting is over, we are now and still will be installing and looking at security and more copyright protection features but while that is happening we have new crew members to film and introduce to you, and a lot of new releases that were held up and back logged.

Apologies on delays, or slow return of some emails, and private custom DVDs but our plans and releases were side-tracked by circumstances that had to be dealt with before we move onto the next 9 or 10 years of hot movie making.

That my friends, along with a shit list of other things is what I have been spending the last 6 weeks or so doing making some moves to ensure we stick around awhile. It's all good!

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