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Skater Eric, The Hunter became the The Hunted, Another Boss Discovery

Posted on 04/19/21


What happens when you meet someone that gives you a strong vibe?  For most it’s a missed opportunity. For others like me, it's permission. I can smell it like a shark smells blood in the water.  I follow the scent and all I need is one drop, one small hint and if Im interested it’s game on.

Who Was Watching Whom? On my walk to the gym I pass a skate park where guys and girls do amazing acrobatic stunts on wheels, either skateboards or rollerblades.  I am always amazed, its a live outdoor circus of characters, stunts and showmanship.  People, including myself would stop and watch in amazement.  What I didn't know at the time was it was me who was being watched.

Boss Slow Seduction: It was throughout the summer of 2019 that I met Eric a professional rollerblader in his late 20’s.  We would talk diet and workout, specifically routines to build leg strength. He was always free with compliments about my physical condition and I was always complimentary of his mid air spins.  As he got more comfortable with me we exchanged numbers and he became a little more relaxed and obvious about his intentions.  It wasn’t until September 2019, a couple months later that I let him suck my dick; he wanted more.  The summer ended, the park closed and Eric would text often asking for more cum and telling me I was "the type" he would want to fuck him. Frankly, that is not something I go around doing and being watched by you while doing it, enhances the expreience.  I was not all that interested unless he agreed to my terms, one of which was he let me video it; he did not agree at first, but Eric and I kept in touch.  It took me over a year, but according to him, he decided it was time to live a little and I was his complete fantasy so he would agree.  The covid lock downs, etc. changed his perspective on a few things.  If the only way he was going to get another load out of me was on cam, he was all in.  He would do anything to be my boy and wanted me to take control of his mind and body; that request would be so easy! The hunter, the skater kid at the park who persuded me now became the hunted, he mentally and physically submitted.  It was game on and time to now bring the Boss Mind Fuck that had already begun to the next level.

Are Skaters Bottoms? Of course you can never put an entire group in one category, but is there something about the sport or the personality of the participants that in my experience makes "skater dudes" submit to muscle.  It seems as if skaters have a thing for muscle, don’t forget Vic (still movies to be released) #196 Skater Kid Seduced and #197 VIP ONLY film. Also read the true back story on Vic...(Read that blog post: Skater Vic, Still Waters Run Deep) Who knows, I just follow the scent, follow their lead, when I know they are into it, then I work my magic.  I never pursue anyone unless they want to be pursued, Eric, after getting to know him wanted, (badly) to be pursued, so I did.

Use Me Boss! Eric, at least for now is my go to bottom fuck toy to be used by me and Matt.  He is a cool dude, very careful, doesn’t mess around or hook-up especially with covid, STDs etc. He is on prep.  A responsible guy who just wants to workout, perfect his skills and have regular hot sexual situations with me.  I can breed him and so can anyone I ask him to get bred by. He has done over a dozen live cam shows with us, either one on one or as a tag team of me, with Matt.  Matt and I have bred him separately and together while ticket buyers with in limited group or private show, watch.  The reviews are fantastic, Eric is earning praise from watchers.

#204 Holy Fuck, Matt and Carlo Breeding Eric is just one of those live shows that have made it to the movie catalog, others before and after may or may not but 1-2 of every 10 or 12 live events make it to catalog, some in fact MOST will be VIP ONLY.  This one is available to all. Read about it, get it here

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Jared2222 05/05/21
Eric sounds like a great down to earth dude. I really enjoyed the latest video and look forward to more. Glad those early days of him watching you turned into you breeding him ;)