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Shhh! I’ll Never Tell, You’re Always Safe Here!

Posted on 08/01/18


Safe With Us! How Safe Am I At, Better Than Facebook! Both before and after a new sign up members might ask “How safe is my information at”.  In a word “Very”, but with recent developments regarding Facebook and other social sites and adult sites selling everyone out, that question has come up more often.

Free Cheese only Comes in Mouse Traps: I can tell you this, the adult industry is an expensive one to run and maintain, so any site that you are getting free or cheap content from isn’t making their money on the content they are making their money on harvesting, collecting and farming your email and personal information to sell you out!  That I know for a fact, the same people I have said "No Thanks" to approached others who have not said No like I did.

Family, loyalty, Trust: Our code of silence, which is the foundation of what we stand for extends to and applies to our members as well as crew, auditions, potential crew, You Produce submission, Muscle Mafia contributors etc.  Basically any email sent to Matt or myself, with or with out personal information or photos/videos are all subject to our strict code of silence.  Under no circumstances, aside from extraordinarily unique circumstances (explained below) will anything regarding your personal information, real name, email, etc. ever be lent out, leased out, sold, borrowed or otherwise revealed or exposed. The only person that sees ANYTHING pertaining to your membership here is me, Carlo, The Boss. Having said that, your credit card information is not stored here, it is encrypted, that encryption is used only by the banks so that transactions can be processed and approved; I don’t even see your credit card information, it appears to me here as nothing other than X’s and only the last four in the event I need to identify an account or process a refund or adjustment.  In general We only know you here by your username and the email associated with your account unless you and I have private communications and you yourself tell me anything further.  In the case where we may need to verify some information, I ask, no one else.  In other cases, in most cases actually, we know what we know about you because you tell us.  I am proud to have a very close, trusting and open policy with all members who are comfortable enough, that when and if they write me, tell me things about themselves because they know it goes no further than me, I cherish that trust.

Offers I refused: The success of and it’s distinct niche has certainly made our mailing list of 16 years valuable and of course I been approached to sell our mailing list many times over the years and some offers were almost too good to refuse, but they were most definitely REFUSED and offers aggressively turned down, with a "thanks but no thanks".    

Community: The Muscle Mafia since it’s inception in 2001 is unique, we attract a very specific clientele who respect what we do and only trust us, as a result our membership contains some high profile businessmen and woman, couples, politicians, celebrities and everyday hard working people of all ages all over the world who want privacy as they explore their sexuality and enjoy our content.  Again, I know this because those that have felt comfortable enough to contact me have, and told me so directly. This is why I am making moves for and The Muscle Mafia brand to be more socially exclusive as well so that those that share this fetish and private sexual thoughts and needs can explore and enjoy with others like themselves and do so with complete peace of mind.

So, the only person you will ever hear from as a result of your involvement with will be me, and even with that I am careful not to over step or over use that privilege.

Extreme Cases: However, there are 2 extraordinary circumstances under which I might break that code of silence.  1: By a court ordered subpoena that would compel me to do so or in the event some weasel rips us off or tries to undermine, violate or breach our trust, trademarks or copyrights, then as I have said before there is NO MERCY for weasels.

So as long as a judge on a federal case doesn’t ask me for your info or you don’t turn out to be a weasel, you are safe here! As a matter of fact, a subpoena I would first try to fight and have quashed, rats on the other hand, I don’t tolerate rats!

I will be sharing more details in a future blog post I am preparing called: “Funding our Future, but Boss Won’t Sell out!” , This post will be about offers submitted and declined and how that preserves our niche but in some cases hindered growth, it’s a careful balance, a tight rope I walk everyday when it comes to talking to potential investors and muscle fund contributors.  It will be a very bold, honest candid post and I think you will all get a better appreciation of what I do here when I am not “on camera”.

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Carlo 08/14/18
It's a way of life here. Omertà, is just a trust here, obviously there is nothing criminal implied, but an unbreakable trust an loyalty is the foundation of this site and organization; I take it very serious everyone close to me takes it serious and we take any breach (stolen video included) very serious VERY serious. There is no mercy for any breaches of trust here, none. That is very good for anyone who is a member here, or has a movie here as long as they stick to that code of silence.
nnjoralist 08/14/18
Thanks for the commitment to privacy. Omertà is a way of life.
Carlo 08/01/18
Thanks for that Klohe, means alot! I have dealt with many potential investors and flat out offers to buy or buy into None so far have interested me enough to actually do it (that is what I will be talking about). To your question: "What can fans do?", lots of things it has been fans along through muscle fund donations and other means in addition to my own never ending investment here that have kicked off, helped see through new projects, and/or helped with the final financial stages of projects, goals and updates. That with great ideas, comments, and interaction with some brainstorming ALL help! However, it's not doubt the cash that is a critical element to reaching goals, building new features and enticing new crew!
klohe 08/01/18
Boss you are a man great integrity, talent and honesty. I admire your convictions, what is it that fans can do. I'm looking forward to the follow up to this post.