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Scenes During Quarantine: My Deal with Jake, a Safe Place to Cum and Go

Posted on 09/17/20

Our History: Your first intro to Jake is #198, Breaking in Jake, Protein Infused Vodka from the vault shot a couple years ago at his New York City apartment; like other films, this was archived for no reason in particular.  After this was filmed, I filmed Jake with some of the other crew.  We both got busy but Jake and I kept in touch through email and text with friendly conversation and good intentions to film again; our schedules didn’t mesh.  Then the Covid-19 lock downs happened and no one had a schedule any more even worse, no one even attempted meeting for quite a while.  There were only so much Netflix I could watch and closets I could clean.  6 weeks passed.  

Fate Happened: 6 weeks passed, still keeping in touch during lockdown Jake’s industry was shut down indefinitely, for that reason and others in the news he also left NYC.  Ironically, as it turned out, he was quarantining less than an hour from where I was.  Since we were in close proximity and knowing we both were beyond clean, safe and covid free both in absolute Isolation we hung out.  It was almost May and to his credit he threw it out there, “How bout you come by and feed me a load Boss” It became a regular thing. We made the best of a bad situation and I brought the cameras along.  

Jake on Speed Dial: Most of you already know I don’t jerk off, not into it.  So, Jake was my safe go to for extreme milking, blow jobs and anything else we could get on film.  There was only so many days I could ignore painful morning boners, and all day hard-ons by pacing the floors and climbing the walls. Even having access to a private gym and taking my pent-up aggression out on the weights wasn’t enough to take the edge off, that only lasted so long and sometimes made it worse. Going to his place having a few drinks and kicking back became a regular thing.  He just about took every load my nuts could pump out, sometimes 2 in a night. He kept my sanity by keeping my balls extremely drained and I kept his by giving it to him.

Our Deal During Covid: My job and my deal with Jake was that for the foreseeable future I had to keep my balls full and heavy and deliver him loads.  Many of those visits were filmed, those that weren’t I will probably be writing about.  It was and still is a perfect arrangement.  If I wanted anyone to join, there are some strict guidelines in place.  Only select crew members and other cock suckers who could prove covid free can join.  If they want to continue meeting for these stress releasing milking they have to keep covid.  Some who I thought might pose a risk for what ever reason, did not and will not get invitations.  Those were mostly cock suckers I don’t know well, don’t know what they are about and can’t account for where they might have been.  Let’s say Jake knows my body inside and out, where and how to make me squirm and better than that is the trust which ads to the turn on of the meetings.  Peace of mind, eliminates the distraction and boner kill of worrying during and after.

So watch #198, Breaking in Jake how Jake and I met, then look for Scenes from Quarantine, The Series, sprinkled in among other new releases, both recently filmed and pulled from the vault. 

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GTsilver 10/03/20
Carlo, our Boss, you are a careful, sexy man, smart, which makes me like you that much more. I think you having a go to guy to service you and take care of your needs during covid lock down was wicked hot, wish i had someone coming by here like that, hey I wish it were you. Looking forward to more of Jake and watching how he pleases you and your beautiful body.