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Ryan Films, Meet Him!

Posted on 05/23/19


This is Ryan, I am building his crew profile as I organize all his movies.  I just wanted active members to know, he is cumin! Check out his photos!

A dude I met (how I met him I will get into in another private post) we became friends, good guy, of course since I don’t bother with anyone who isn’t.  But in a job that requires extreme discretion, like the rest of us here, but he let it be known he wanted me to use him but refused, at first to go on camera.

When he realized he wasn’t getting anything from me unless he did, guess what?…He went on camera.  But, he was only comfortable with live events because some may not see the light of day, others may be for VIP ONLY but there will be releases with Ryan coming soon.

This kid is a champ, hardcore masculine bottom, ass can take a pounding, on prep and ready to receive loads and he did.  Countless loads from me, some from Matt, some from Brad and some from all 3 at once.  My boy is made for this, I knew it, he didn’t until his first 2 cams, then he wanted more.  The camera and being watched added an erotic level he never had and never thought he could reach.

Let me say that Ryan can Stretch!  The more pain I dish out, the better he feels.  An absolutely clean cut, good looking healthy bro who just has an affliction for a certain type of alpha male or he isn’t interested.  I’m that guy!

So, just a quick heads up!  Ryan is on deck and some of the hundreds of films to be released.

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Carlo 05/30/19
Yes Insanelas! You are correct, and so glad you remember we saying that. I wish you call could just see what one day is like here, so much going on. The new site is getting great feedback especially from mobile users. Now I have already began work on the next phases, some smaller quick and easy and others more involved! Thank you for noticing and commenting. I want more member interaction. Carlo
insanelas 05/29/19
While I was wondering where boss was cuz it’d been a month without new movie updates, boss was actually working so hard on some seriously good site updates and movies. Like what boss said to me once, they are like ducks on a pond, appear to be moving slow on the surface but underneath they are pedalling like mad! There are reasons why this site can’t be surpassed and this certainly is one of them! Looking forward to the new movies!