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Returning From Summer Break 2021, The Legacy Continues

Posted on 09/21/21

Like with everyone else covid shut downs disrupted everything and I mean everything.  With everyone locked in, and locked down at home our filming and our live show events (both group shows and private 1-1) ramped up, big time we had a captive audience.  We were non-stop, several times a week, sometimes shows back-to-back, selling tickets and setting dates for months.  As a result, the scenes are awesome, some great times and films were collected; it was off the hook. Some of these but not all, will be released to the general movie catalog, most as VIP ONLY.  We managed to do all this while being very careful who we came in contact with, a difficult and stressful task, but we kept a very controlled tight circle.  For that reason, then and now, we remain healthy, vaccinated and covid free. (Also see Blog Post: Scenes From Quarantine)

However, while we were all locked down cranking out Muscle Mafia business, our personal lives and other business obligations were neglected.  Everyone in the world experienced the phenomenon, the ecosystem of our lives, the balance and harmony we all had “pre-covid” was  thrown all out of whack.  When things began to open up again in May 2021, it was time that we (Matt, myself and other crew) now restore some balance and circle back to those people, places and things that were, through no fault of our own, abandoned and neglected while in lock down.   For instance none of us saw our parents in 6 months.  So when all were vaccinated I spent some time at my parents; couldn’t do cams from mom and dads that would be awkward.  That and I am involved in other family business so we needed to do some damage control there as well.

For the first time in 20 years, we took a break, a summer hiatus.  That doesn’t mean we did nothing here at, that just means we had to divert some attention to other aspects of life and regain the delicate harmony between life within The Muscle Mafia and life outside of The Muscle Mafia.  It is, in deed like living 2 separate lives; the 2 should never collide. However no matter where we were we checked in everyday and multiple times a day through email etc.

So thanks to all that wrote to us, we have kept in touch with most of you on a one to one basis.  The world is a different place post covid.  Adjustments needed to be made in order to proceed with business as usual in this new normal especially since we are all still dealing with covid and it’s variants.

Taking a break doesn’t mean we were broken, and it definitely didn’t mean we were doing nothing.  It meant we were recuperating to avoid burn-out and getting ready for what’s next. For me taking a break meant thinking about and organizing all the new releases.  It meant discussing and planning future projects and establishing a new normal.

One of the projects was new Muscle Mafia offices, and another was with 20 years behind us, and what could easily be another 200 films, where do we go from here? The Muscle Mafia can go in many directions and take on other forms as a brand.

The Legacy continues!  

While restoring balance and juggling lives, these were some other things we were working on.
These corresponding Blog Posts below as parts 2 and 3 of summer 2021,

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