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Release of 166, Brandon's Girl Lends a Hand

Posted on 10/06/18

Today I released to the VIP Only You Produce, home selfie cell phone video of Brandon; #166 Brandon’s Girlfriend Lends a Hand.  This is the essence of the You Produce category and why it can be so incredibly fun and erotic. But this film has particular significance because as I stated in his profile, his girlfriend Ashely encouraged Brandon to film here and explore this sexual side of himself.  What she didn’t realize, but something I very quickly realized is that Brandon was going down a slippery slope of something he could not control nor stop.   It’s a long story and one I will tell in a podcast and on video blog in the new Boss Social section for VIP ONLY. The back story and the revealing of many layers of Brandon has made not only interesting films (still to be released) but an even more interesting back story.  This is why VIP membership is strong and growing and seems to be the preferred option for a number of reasons.  Not to say that some You Produce films won’t make the public categories, but it seems to be the preferred options for the guys submitting the video too.  Also, the podcast / video blog has created some questions if it will ever be something anyone can subscribe to, to be honest its a thought, I want to hear your thoughts on that.  But, as with everything it would remain free to VIP if a subscription to that area is offered.

There are 5 V-blog posts of Brandon and I, it tells the beginning of the's a start.

But back to the point, Sometimes it’s not the lies you tell to others that get ya, it’s the lies you tell yourself.  Future releases of Brandon will tell this story better than I ever could.  But there is a year worth of stories, happenings and situations that were never captured on film that will be part of some new features and updates here to “Boss Social”, a call in show and podcast called “Living Behind The Mask” as an extension to the VIP Only Video Blog.

In the mean time, You Produce Submissions are on the rise and the launch of the new You Produce submission engine for upload and auditions is about 2 weeks away.  But this particular selfie cell phone footage, is not only hot, but sets us up for not only more to tell about Brandon, but about some guys in general and this entire concept of this underground.  While the characters may change, what seems to stay the same is that guys into what we do here is much larger than even I think.  It’s fascinating, but while you would think we would see more of it, there is a huge reason we see less and less and the very particular reason why some guys are submitting video here.

Behind every man there is a mask, and behind every mask there is man, little by little in these podcasts and V-blogs, I reveal not only more of myself but of others, not just because there is so much to be told, but because there is so much to be told that requires the trust and confidence only offered here with me. The VIP Only Category is blowing up with members! It is therapy, it is freeing, it is real and men need a secret place to express these things. Male sexuality runs deep, Ashely knew it with Brandon and encouraged it.  Keep watching for future releases and even better when I lift the mask a little on those things not captured on film.

So with #166 comes the start of new things here and turning the corner on some of the future here with The Muscle Mafia.  These are the kind of things I like here that compliment our films and the foundation of our organization, its just real life and truth unraveled over time, not scripted fantasy no one believes anyway.

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jj700 10/06/18
Thanks for sharing more of Brandon--he is beautiful, handsome, mesmerizing with a phenomenal body . Of course I'd love to see him with Matt, Brad or Billy (or whatever has happened you're planning to surprise us with!). Kudos to B's girlfriend for being adventurous and helping him to explore his psyche more here--
xracer 10/06/18
Hey Boss, as a VIP I say everything you are doing is great and I love knowing I have access to things most don't as a VIP. But I think the podcast and you video blog is awesome and I look forward to seeing your posts there, I think everyone should benefit from the information and the conversations you have there. But I would like to make sure that the content specific to VIP members remain VIP.