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Raw Seduction: #85 Mind Fuck is Released

Posted on 07/24/13

A methodical mind massage... that put a straight bi-curious college into a trance of submission. This is first of the summer 2013 films released, and it happened shortly after I received an email from someone named Danny. In that email were these photos he took with his cell phone not knowing what if anywhere it would have got him.  I liked his look and I liked the way he expressed himself, the over-all vibe of that email got my attention.



I Make No Promises...I responded, then some emails later he and I spoke on the phone, and some phone and text conversations later we met face to face.  Around 11:00 PM that night, Some hours, 8 to be exact, into that first meeting #85 Mind Fuck, Carlo Claims Danny was filmed.  I never make a promise I can’t keep so and definitely don’t make a promise when it comes to filming, especially when it comes to filming with me.  I have to really carefully feel the guy out and see if he would make an interesting addition to The Crew; let alone be even slightly considered as one of “The Boss’s Boys”.  Most who asked to be The Boss’s Boy don’t even make it past the email or the first phone call.  It so happens this guy is 21, but the word “Boy” is like the word “Dude” it is not really age specific, what makes someone “The Boss’s Boy” is fodder for another more detailed blog post.

Danny wasn’t looking for a promise, all he wanted was an opportunity, not just to meet me but to talk about his most personal thoughts and fantasies.  Thoughts that kept repeating themselves in the safe and trusted place inside his own mind.  

Over-Whelmed Yet Nervously Calm and Willing...In those hours before shooting we talked, had dinner and a few drinks; then after dark we went out to the Marina where I did my usual warm up interview and began to get into his head a little.  It is that conversation that became the opening scene of this film.  I did the traditional Boss hand shake and welcome to the crew, he knew then that I had officially accepted him and that I was about to take him to the next level and somewhere in there he could possibly have a shot at being The Boss’s Boy.  He went nervously with me back to the room, his voice got shaky and he began that nervous sweat and anxious energy.  I could see the thought process happening on his face, and almost imagine what was racing through his head. It all happened very fast yet all almost in slow motion.

He was clearly over-whelmed there for a while,  he was suddenly dealing with emotions he never thought he would have to deal with and found himself in a situation with a guy, the perfect “alpha-male” (his words not mine) that he thought could not exist anywhere else but in his mind. It wasn’t until I sat down to edit it that I was able to see the affect I had on him.



I Turned Myself On...Rarely does watching myself on film ever turn me on, I am most critical of myself as are most people.  I am more interested in putting it together for you; I don’t want to disappoint. I am usually distracted by the tedious task of editing and preparing them for release; my mind frankly is elsewhere.  It is on all that goes into the before, during and after of filming. 

Out Of Body Experience...However, this is one of those few films where I actually had to stop myself from watching and focus on editing, it was different then #75 Carlo Pounds Chez.  I actually lost myself in the entire thing, forgetting that the body I was watching was actually mine, and the guy manipulating this situation was actually me. Yeah I kind of impressed myself and found myself turned on sporting a BIG BOSS boner while watching.  I didn’t see me, I saw this guy who was able to pull all the right levers and push all the right buttons like gracefully landing a massive 747 jet.  I brought him from getting on board, slowly taxiing the runway, through take off and landing without him ever knowing he left the ground.  He reached his destination and wondered “What the fuck just happened, how did I get here.” Truly and out of body experience for him and that is what got me off during the shoot and watching it later.. HOT STUFF!

Carlo and Danny, an interesting film and I think the start of something that could play out to be very interesting as time goes on!   

It Gets 5 Stars!...So far the reviews from those that have bought #85 Mind Fuck in the first 24 hours of its release seem to agree and I take your words for it!  So get it, rent it or buy it for lifetime but leave your own reviews here on this post or on the movie page if not both.  We all want to read what you think! 


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produde91 11/12/14
Wow this is so hot. A young boy submitting to a mature hunk is sooooo hot. Its like following the laws of nature; weak submits to the alpha
sfmansman 05/26/14
So this is the first clip I've viewed as a member of MM, and it didn't disappoint. So many aspects of the film are worth mentioning, but the moment that stands out for me is when Danny says he wants to "surrender". For him, that's the core experience of being "Boss's Boy". But as he says during their chat at the marina, he can't give it up to just any guy on the street. Though Danny is only 21, in his world, he is an alpha male. The challenge for an alpha male who wants to "taste" his own alpha-ness is that he has to find another alpha worthy of surrendering to: The Boss is that man. This film opens up a whole new vista on the meaning of "surrender" and the central role it plays in what goes on here. Let the good times roll!
luvstr8guys 08/31/13
I second James request for a break through video focused on beta male worship of the perfect alpha ass. It would be new territory and ground breaking for the site and i have every confidence no one could bring more artistry and passion to the project than the boss. It would be a lifetime purchase.
retsyn99 08/12/13
Danny's in nice shape; excellent choice Carlo!
jag2power 08/10/13
Love the muscle worship. Carlo, I have a request that I hope sometime you will oblige. Can you do an almost strictly ass worship vid? I mean, e.g. just like in Switch line those asses up to be devoured by an ass/muscle/cock worshipper and damn I wish it could be me. Make him taste it, smell it, tongue fuck it, all of the above. Thank you! --James
serv10023 07/26/13
god, Boss, I have been waiting for a boy like this to have the pleasure of servicing you and being takin by you, I can't wait to see this!!
onmyknees 07/25/13
Carlo, "Boss" is the perfect name for you! You are a master in so many ways so many areas, as a photographer, film maker, writer, editor, businessman and man in general. I am certainly a long time follower and devout fan of everything you do here! Danny is adorable, and I think he knows it by the cell shots he sent you, he was trying to get your attention from day one and watching this process play out is very hot for your viewers. I think your body is absolute perfection, big but not too big, perfectly proportioned, and breath taking to look naked; your cock is beautiful you definitely were blessed with it ALL!! (not fair) Danny is that lean tight jock with great potential and he should stick with you and I think he will go places. I think you will be a great influence on him and guys like him. Your body type and his body type together is almost too much for one guy to see. You know how to pick 'em Boss, and Danny has my vote as the Boss's Boy that is just my 2 cents!! What do others think?
Robbyrob 07/25/13
Carlo! Dear lord, i popped an erection just reading the email below.  I all about exploded with pre-cum from actually reading the description!  Those screenshots!  That tight blue shirt your wearing to you holding Danny down on the bed....whew!  Can’t wait to buy it! You write about the power you wield but until you see it on the screen like you describe on the blog....its like a religious experience.  Im excited that you were able to truly experience what all of your customers/gay guys take away from watching or luckily to physically meet you and the crew.  I think fantasy is too weak of a just totally exist just to please Carlo or the crew member....heavy stuff indeed.  Proof of your power is that I'm hard just typing this.  Im sure you knew your power over gay boys (and girls) once you first looked in the mirror.  It takes a true alpha male to take that influence and run with it....NOT away. You are true to your word on many levels and I appreciate how you love the feedback you receive. You also just know what would get us boys (I say that as Im 42!) into a complete and utter erotic seduction.  Like I mentioned above, seeing your hand on his chin was enough to get me hard.  Carlo, you have IT and I couldn't be happier you help us get off on it....not to mention yourself.  Sorry for the long comment but you bring out the writer in me.  Not to mention emotions that most of us might try to bottle up.  By the way, your a very good writer.  You completely never miss a beat from your blog or description about a movie.  Basically, you nailed more ways than you realize! I look forward to buying #85 and the other newbies you mentioned.  Thank you for your time once again and for everything you do.