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Preparing For Christmas Wish 2014!

Posted on 12/07/14

The Craziness Begins.. It’s Saturday December 13, 2014 and all week we have been getting ready to shoot Christmas Wish 2014.  Preparations or at least talks about Christmas Wish began as far back as June when we first moved into The Crew Condo, and then again in August.  

Anthony’s Wish...The crew knows I never decide who or what will be in a Christmas Wish until almost shoot date but It was an 85 degree summer day when Anthony said even if he wasn’t going to be in a scene his wish was to be in charge of decorating the condo and decorating the first Muscle Mafia Christmas tree; I agreed.  If you remember last years Christmas Wish, had it not been for Anthony I don’t know how I would have made it through the blizzard we encountered on that day let alone lugging all those lights, poinsettia plants, and the camera equipment, I know when Anthony puts his mind to something, and wants something he will do it.  But I still remember that August day sitting by the pool and thinking I don’t even want to think about Christmas just yet; but here it is! 

The Muscle Mafia Christmas Tree...The preparations and daily running around for the 2014 Wish has been underway since the day after Thanksgiving; buying ornaments making calls, checking everyone’s schedules and figuring out what I wanted to do this year.  About a week ago Anthony and I went on the hunt for the right tree and after a few disappointing stops at roadside tree venders we found it; just under 10 feet tall that with the tree stand should just about reach the ceiling and it did by a half inch!  Anthony and I got it back to the condo, I helped him prop it in its stand, wiped my hands clean and said it’s all yours, go for it!  For 2 and half days that’s what he did, he wrapped it with lights, at times running out of lights and making trips back to stores for more lights; some strands didn’t work so back again he went. All said and done, over 4000 lights a couple hundred feet of ribbon, 400 Christmas balls and a tree topper that Anthony search the internet to watched a You-Tube video on how to make!  The patience and creativity it took to turn out this tree in what he knew had to be in muscle mafia style was challenging but with a little sweat, a couple of swear words, lots of running around and patience I could never have; it was done.  I applaud him!

Naked Goomba.. I won’t reveal which crew is in Christmas Wish this year, but I can tell you about one guy I met in a toy store but at first passed him up. For days after that I thought about him and thought he would be perfect for Christmas Wish; I decided I had to go back for him.  I named him “Goomba” a 4 foot plus stuffed Teddy bear, I couldn’t get this little guy off my mind and brought him home.  But he was naked, so I then we to find him pajamas and did, elf pajamas and a santa hat.  Anthony took time from doing the tree to dress Goomba. 

Booze, Turkey and an Intimate set-up… Because this years Christmas Wish will be shot at the Crew Condo, a location we need to keep private I wanted to carefully choose who was going to be invited; that choice has been made and we are getting ready.  Yesterday I did a booze run to stock the bar, put finishing touches on the condo and called a professional chef who will be making a very healthy 18 pound rotisserie turkey for the invited guests.  We are now just days away from shooting Christmas Wish 2014 and as you all know that release is usually on Christmas Eve or very near Christmas Eve.  In the meantime, enjoy #100 Piss and Vodka and #101 Anthony’s Baptism, 2 huge releases that are a must see!

But check out the photos I took of Anthony with his tree, meet Goomba and sit tight for the final video, Christmas 2014.


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