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New Sleek Mobile Muscle Matt!

Posted on 05/23/19


Since November 2018 we have been working on the revamp of the site.  This is a result of your emails with constructive suggestions, you spoke up and I heard you.  

Two things were most requested:

1: That our site be more friendly on mobile devices, completely usable and able to be viewed on all mobile devices …it’s done.  

Life, phones and our use of mobile devices has changed since we first started in 2001.  Every single last page, image, text etc had to be migrated and adapted for the latest version of the site.  There is a lot here!

2: That we offer different bank deposit amounts and offer a smaller deposit amount with Boss Bucks (Bonus Cash)….Done.  $35 is still the minimum deposit but now there is a $45 options that adds $15 to your bank each time you add those funds.  Other Boss Buck amounts for other deposit amounts.

Exclusivity Is Everything: The other thing that seemed to be a majority request, if not a majority comment is that members (Active Members, those with money in their bank) love that they are part of something exclusive and love that certain content is only seen by members “with bank”. We plan on being more exclusive in the very near future.

Freedom! VIP Members, they are in a class by themselves, they see everything have all access, all movies all the time plus their VIP ONLY content that is why it is our most popular and most preferred membership option, so much so, that The Players Club has been eliminated and will not be renewed next year.

Saving Money!  Who doesn’t like to do that? Again nothing has more value than VIP Membership, but Classic Members have benefits too. (see Blog Post Save Me Boss!)

Some other things:

  • More stream lined top navigation..Done
  • Shopping cart at the top…Done
  • Your Bank Balance always visible at top..Done
  • Your own watchlist or “wish list”…Done
  • Trending Movies, what are other members buying right now?…Done
  • Your Movies playlist (rentals & lifetime) right up front…Done
  • More options of where to login…Done
  • Ability to add funds at the top of each page…Done
  • A VIP Only drop down menu…Done
  • More exclusive blog content for Active Members…Done
  • Discounts, Savings, Special Deals, more Interaction…Done and Done!
  • Of course lots of new movie releases...Done! and On it!

And a list of other things I can’t even remember, and another list of more things to come.

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