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New Players, No More Adobe Flash at Muscle Matt

Posted on 12/16/20

December 15, 2020 released our new player systems.  We will no longer be using Adobe Flash Player to deliver / stream our movies.  As of January 2021 Adobe will no longer be supporting Flash Player and will be blocking flash content.  This change won’t affect us since has not been updated and is using new technology to stream even better quality movies.  

Uninstall Flash Player: Adobe recommends that you uninstall adobe flash player from your computers for what they say is to “protect your systems”.  Both Windows and MAC users should uninstall Adobe Flash.

The upside to the new players is that we have added a Picture-in-Picture (pip) feature that will allow you to watch our movies, still browse the site, read the blog or do other work.  The new players also provide a better picture, more stability and makes your watching our movies on all devices, handheld, cell phone and desk top much better.  

If you experience any issues with the new players while watching our movies please email me directly and let me know.  It was just rolled out, but fully tested for a week before and it's perfect.   

Thank you and here’s to ongoing updates, new technology and a better movie experience.


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