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LIVE ANYWHERE! Testing New Technology

Posted on 07/07/18


One of the many things I have been working on is a very interesting new technology that will allow me to broadcast LIVE from anywhere without a computer, web camera, or internet connection.  This brings our select live performances, private shows, and group events to an entirely new level with crystal clear HD quality video and sound!  Without getting too technical, I can broadcast live to you and stream to you in a special ‘members area,’ whatever and where ever I can record through my iPhone X!  That means if I wanted to I can take you with me anywhere I go; open an app we are developing, click “stream” and you will see it broadcast on live as it is happening.  An entirely new level to “selfie” video.

This has been something we have been testing over the last year and I have not mentioned until we were very close to getting it absolutely right, and I think we are very close if not right there.  So, I decided that today would be the day for the official test and full dry run of the new Live Boss Cam.  I grabbed Matt on this beautiful perfect summer day, headed on a little road trip to the beach and also recruited a VIP member to give him exclusive access to the test player for his honest feedback.  This VIP member is one who asked me what current projects I might need some financial help getting started, and this was one of those projects.  As a return for his generous donations he and I kept in touch through the process and I promised him first look at the technology before anyone even knew we were working on it.  He was able to watch Matt and I walking along the beach LIVE here in the New York area while he sat home in California clear across the country.

The entire test stream was about 20 minutes long.  This clip is part of exactly what he saw live as it was being broadcast from my iPhone over my cellular connection; no Internet, no webcam, no computer.  We walked around, stopped for lunch and even caught a volleyball game.

More testing is needed but we have gotten over and past our biggest hurdles.  With more donations and some fund raising we will be building a complete platform where we can use this technology for some special live events.

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MattTeeBone 10/06/18
What a neat idea. Innovation is certainly up your alley Boss. Love your sleek build. So sexy and tight.
klohe 07/18/18
Excellent quality Boss, I could think of a million ways you can use this technology but I am sure you are already. Btw yours guys bodies are FLAWLESS!