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Edging Ben, A Long Distance Mind Fuck

Posted on 10/23/18

Cum Control From a Distance (Boss Style): You have seen his profile and read that he is submitting video for the new You Produce but in a phone conversation with Chicago Ben he mentioned that me cum controlling him would be hot.  He said if fans can donate enough to The Muscle Fund on his profile page, he will fly out to New York and wants me to edge him on camera!  Deal!  But we can have him flown out here for a number of other things, he doesn’t have to be here for me to edge and cum control him.

Building a Load While Building A Bank: So as part of his Content Bank, Ben and I have started what is at least a 5 day hold out where he, through my direction, will edge himself each day and not cum until I tell him he can.  This will be a series that will appear in The You Produce Category as part of his movie resume.  When he is told he can come he will film that as well and shoot off a build-up of cum he held for me to show you.  I can tell you by other films Ben has sent in, this boy cums in volume and as thick as a vanilla milk shake, so this should be pretty intense.

Creating Aggressive Monsters: These are just some of the things I am working on, directing, inspiring and instigating with several of the guys I have approved so far from recent You Produce submissions.  I will post photos here and update this blog post on Ben, this is the first in a few entries as he and I speak and he fills me (and you) in by way of video and conversations how his load is building and how he is holding up. (see his updated Profile)

A Whole New Level of Sexual Pleasure: We began this 2 days ago, he is already in day 2, doing ok, feeling a little anxious but I suspect that will start to ramp up soon.  Remember this means NO JERKING off, no cumming no matter what.  So morning, daytime and nighttime boners have to be ignored, if he jerks he can’t cum he must suffer through for his reward of an intense release.  This takes physical and mental control, which adds to the intensity fucking with his mind while fucking with his body.  His word today on my “check in” call, “Boss didn’t know how much of a turn on this would be, this is a whole new level of sexual pleasure.”   That is what it should be folks!

Anyone else up for that?

UPDATE: 10/25/2018 Ben is documenting every day of cum control and edging before the cum shot! You can see some in twitter posts and in the You Produce Example videos. The full versions of these clips will be in the final movie.

(Twitter) Ben Day1

(Twitter) Ben Day2

(Twitter) Ben Day3

(Twitter) Ben is having fun, thanks The Boss

UPDATE: 10/29/2018 Ben has surpassed the 5 day bench mark I set for him. He has gone 7 days in total and is feeling caged, raged and a bit aggressive. He told me his balls feel heavy, and if he get's even semi-hard his dick leaks. So looks like he is backing up. My man is a champ! He has taken this serious and it's a hot concept, hot challenge for a stud to do. Im looking for others like him willing to take it serious; Ben has definitely set the bar.

(Twitter) Ben Day6

Ben's teaser clips of his days being edged by me are also below.

UPDATE: 1/3/2019 Edging Ben, The Movie is Released #176 Edging Ben, A Long Distance Mind Fuck

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nnjoralist 02/17/19
That bottom boy needs a live session with 3 or more of you. He's hungry to be plowed hard.
nnjoralist 02/17/19
Fascinating example of mind control. This is another type of erotica.
mbmort44 02/04/19
Boss, I just watched Ben's trailer and OMG!! i got an instant hard on...he is amazing!!!!
xracer 02/03/19
I have been waiting for this film to be released, I have been following the blog and the twitter posts and checking out Ben's photo album! Could not wait to see this one done and it definitely DID NOT disappoint this avid Muscle Mafia / Boss fan! Now a Ben Fan!