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DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek, Released! Creating a BUZZ!

Posted on 11/11/11

Broke some rules, ventured new territory, the reviews are in! I purposely held off on the traditional blog post here because I let a few rules to be broken; #70 challanged me and changed a few things just a little; but it might open up some new ideas going forward.  #71 appropriately titled “Game Changer” does the same; Derek Atlas appears in a scene in that movie as well. 

 #70 Matt Pounds Derek

When Derek and I first spoke we kept in touch for nearly a month before I actually committed to film with him.  Normally I (Carlo) stay away from guys who shoot for other sites and who have already been exposed.  My films and my guys are exclusive to me mainly because of the great lengths I go through to protect their identity and because of that, I work with interesting guys that otherwise would never do this on film; it’s common sense actually.   We are not about porn stars or mass production; the lives, the stories and the circumstances that bring guys here are authentic and their exploration into this underworld I created play out on film.  Many are guys from various gyms I work out at but they all come to me in their own way and for their own reasons.  I don’t have a revolving door here and never set out to, I take it as it comes, but most after filming with me and seeing the ongoing money (good money) that they make with me they stick around.  I am not trashing other companies that do mass production and high volume guy turn over.  The trend is moving fast away from “porn stars” and some who know the business well agree with me that “porn stars” are played out like the go-go dancer in short shorts and work boots and the pay phone. Many in the industry would love to be a part of The Muscle Mafia and I weigh every offer and every opportunity carefully.

Derek posed a challenge for me. I really wasn’t sure if by working with a now “known porn star” would dilute our exclusive status and change the view of our loyal watchers. For this one some thinking had to be done on my part.  I am the guy that makes the rules so I can break them as well; as long as breaking them still produces a film that will thrill our current fans and create a buzz to earn us new fans and loyal followers.  I think this one has, and as you will read further down it sparked emotions in some that were more than passionate.

 #70 Matt Pounds Derek

7 days ago I officially released DVD #70 Matt Pounds Derek and within 4 hours after hitting the home page of it went viral on blogs, and groups that follow us and follow others as well.   Some never heard of Derek, but were fans of ours and others found us for the first time.  Apparently other members or readers of those blogs, boards and groups saw the screen shots and trailers for #70 and immediately recognized that the Derek in Matt Pounds Derek was Derek Atlas. I warned him that would probably happen and he was ok with that; we knew it would create a buzz but from my stand point what would be the over-all tone of that buzz.  Would The Muscle Mafia now be grouped in with other less exclusive sites?  Would those that prefer the way I do things here be disappointed. My final decision was that if you truly have something different and we do, we can standout and shine in any crowd.   Through my camera I expose the reality that exists in modern culture; that the lines between gay and straight are blurred.  I have been successful at proving that normal guys who have healthy relationships with girls and who otherwise would be considered societies “tough guys” can get into muscle worship, can be worshipped and can worship another great body and still maintain complete masculinity and “tough guy” status.  It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and when you have a style all of your own you can’t help being respected by most.

Derek was very impressed with my movies, my photography and the websites and to use his words was “amazed” at the niche I had and the build of The Muscle Mafia; I saw that as an extreme compliment. Speaking to Derek was motivating; motivating because in addition to his awesome looks, he has intelligence to back it up and a pretty keen business sense.  I may not agree with some of his choices, however, we have mutual respect and we both wished he had contacted me first before ever shooting his first adult film.

So the question remained and I proposed it to Derek, “What would you do for me and my followers that you have not done on film already and might not ever do again”.  I told him, “Let’s take the risk and have fun with it” This is more explained on the actual DVD description page and the theater description page.

However, was #70 really a risk for me or more so for Derek? He was doing something he never did before but wanted to and wanted to minimize that risk because, like many others he trusted the way things are handled here. So we decided there really isn’t a risk when you let the authenticity of The Muscle Mafia do its thing and just let things happen as they happen; or as I often say let “Shit Happen!”    Let nature, chemistry and the fascinating Abyss that is human sexuality just play out! This is why guys come to us to film; that includes guys that for lack of another term would be considered “Porn Stars”.  Derek is not the only one; he is however, the only one so far I have agreed to film with.

 #70 Matt Pounds Derek
#70 went viral because everyone wanted to see Derek Atlas get fucked and everyone loves to watch Matt do the fucking; I will take credit for that idea but Matt and Derek have to take credit for the chemistry that was apparent during filming.  I went with my gut and my instincts and just let “shit happen”.  So I am watching as the swirl around #70 spins on and on.  While I knew we have been talked about for years on various blogs and message boards this just enforced the magnitude of our audience and their love for my concept and my style films.

During Derek's 3 day shoot here with us many great photos were taken. This was one of the shots taken of Matt and Derek the day they met hours before #70 was filmed.

If you are a fan of Matt or Dereks give the guys their props on both the filming and the photo shoot. It goes without saying that working with Matt for me is awsome, but when you have a guy like Derek and both guys hit if off so well, the energy in the room was perfect!

See Derek's photos at On the next site update all the guys will have their own page of photos and a list of movies they appear as well.


Those that have bought #70 are posting  outstanding reviews and we just got started.  Reviews and comments are being expressed more privately through email to however personally I still have not yet made a full opinion on #70.  For me, sales tell the real story and as I just said to Matt last night, people lie numbers don’t so let’s watch the numbers and watch the demand and then based on all the comments lets watch and see who really created the buzz, the fact that Derek Atlas was getting fucked or the fact that it was Muscle Matt fucking him.  So far I’m beginning to get a good idea of where this “poll” is going and the numbers are telling the real story. 

Here are some emails sent directly to me; you be the judge and decide which of these DVD #70 buyers you agree with. One thing is for sure some take their "porn" very seriously. and NONE trashed our sites or our movies. Whether they were long time fans or not

#1 Carlo: It seems I'm not the only one who noticed Derek Atlas in the vid. It looks like the info about Derek is hitting the gay porn news blogs. I noticed a website has a mention of DVD # 70 with Derek Atlas (his name on Randy Blue) and Matt. The forum is about versatile performers and a poster commented that Derek bottomed for Matt. Nice plug and they refer readers to your website. On the other link they post someone mentions that they saw #70 and how hot it was. Not surprised since your videos are always so sizzling anyway.

#2 Hi Carlo: I am a big fan of the site but I was disappointed in DVD 70. The model Derek has performed on other sites such RandyBlue under name Derek Atlas. This has ruined the whole concept of DL that is portrayed on your site.  The thought of not knowing who the models are is what makes that site so unique and loyalty of the models working with you exclusively. Still will follow and purchase new dvds online, but not this one. When I can see the same model doing the same acts on other sites.  I feel little betrayed by finding this out but I know you will fix this problem.  Hopefully one day I can be able to work with you.

#3 Hey Boss: God knows I love to see Matt fuck, and I can see why Derek chose him and to work with you.  If I were him I would wish I met you first cause this guy is as used and played out as 15 year old city public transportation bus.  However, once again you put out an outstanding film done like no one else on the net; I love your film style which is why I watched it.  It was hot no doubt.  You are a very smart business guy I am guessing you made this decision to use him more for the hype and controversy it would cause and it did.  Derek Atlas at first glance is a hot guy with a great face but it is destroyed by what those companies have done, what you do keeps a mystery, and allows hot men keep their dignity.  I think for now he wishes he met you first, but soon he will regret not meeting you first I know I would.  I am a die-hard fan and always will be no matter who you put in the films, its your style and your concept that has made me such a fan.

#4 Carlo!   Wow, 56 years old huge Derek Atlas fan and huge muscle mafia/matt fan.  Watching Derek get fucked is a major fantasy of mine but watching Matt fuck him was something even I could not dream of.  I’m so glad Derek had the good taste to save that for you and your crew!  Now anyone else that fucks him would be a step down for him. I hope he keeps it with you, any chance you will fuck him?

#5 Boss: DVD #70 Outstanding, read it on a blog found you for the first time and so glad I did.  I wish I knew about you sooner as well, now I know and the other companies are just manufacture porn.

#6 Carlo: I have been buying from you since 2004 and happy ever since.   Great to see that things are expanding to the point that porn stars are even seeing the benefits and values of working with you.  Great marketing to use Derek and not mention his name until others “outted” him, but smarter on his part because to me it gave him creditability.
#7 Major Derek Atlas fan, did me good to see that not just some other porn star fucked him.  Love the sites and the movies Boss!!
#8 Carlo, your movies are like gourmet meals served up Top Chef Style exclusive and with great care and attention.  All those other sites are fast food junk food, mass produced with garbage. Unfortunately too many people don’t have a enough good taste to see the difference I think they might be seeing this now as I hear more and more about you and your movies EVERYWHERE!  Keep up the good work!
#9 No one gives a shit Carlo, anyone can fuck Derek for a few hundred bucks but Im glad it was the muscle mafia that nailed his ass on film first. Hope you are making boat loads on it.

#10 Love Derek Atlas love the movie he is in with one of your guys and now love your sites I am reading every word you have published and you hit the nail on the head of what a muscle worshipper like me is all about. The mutual muscle worship and mutual admiration you guys talk about in this movie is so very true. I love the honest unscripted talking you guys do makes a viewer feel like they are thought about not just thrown a movie for profit.


What do I take away from this, still figuring it all out, but if I had to some it all up NONE trashed our sites or our movies. Yes we have been trashed about no face, or not showing more free dick in photos or clips, or even our pricing but so few have complained over the years its just a grain of sand on a beach. But regarding DVD #70 whether they were long time fans or just found us now they like what they see and have bought other movies and DVDs. That is good for business; it also told me I need to get the word out more; many have not yet heard of us so there is more business to be down. Another thing it reinforced was that no matter how hard you try you just can't please everyone all of the time.

Although the larger companies may be well known, what are they well known for? Everyone has heard of Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan, etc. but because a name is well known does it mean it is well liked or respected? I prefer to remain smaller, low key, let things happen organically and slowly year after year grow and grow with a solid unbreakable base; which I have. I see it all, although some harsh as a positive thing.

So now we push forward with the businss of The Muscle Mafia, making films, rattling a few cages and stirring up emotion!

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