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Covid and The Crew, Going Forward

Posted on 09/17/20

Life As We Knew it, Has Changed:  The events of 2020, Covid in particular has affected us all and the aftermath will continue to affect us for a very long time, that includes The Muscle Mafia.  It has changed life as we know it; our relationships, our businesses, our way of doing business and how we socialize. There is a balance to reach somewhere between reckless and paranoia.  By now most of us know what we can and can’t do and the consequences of not protecting yourself; no different from wearing a seat belt in a car or a helmet on a motorcycle we know the risks and we know how to mitigated the risks.  It’s inevitable some will ignore risk and continue to make stupid decisions, others will border on absolute crippling paranoia, and others will find that balance of continuing to live life cautiously knowing when to live reasonably and when and where to draw the line.  I prefer the latter, hysteria is actually worse than the virus itself. So I am presented with a choice, panic or problem solve.  I prefer to problem solve.   

Thanks For The Awesome Emails: I for one took a very level headed wait and see approach. I also have worked closely with members realizing some have also been hit hard with covid, and have offered discounts and special rates throughout all of this. I will work with anyone willing to work with me.  I read emails daily of how our site and our movies have made being locked down at home bearable and a welcome distraction and a regular stress reliever;  especially VIP members who have gone through movie after movie and binged watched; that is awesome!   

The First 3 Months: At the beginning of all this in March, I had seen the writing on the wall and took certain precautions.  The uncertainty for the first 3 months through May changed everything for everyone.  Our shoot scheduled ceased, techs were working on a rotated schedule and some days not at all.  No one knew what to do or how long things would last.  

Maintaining Worship Worthy Bodies:  Gyms shut but luckily I have friends that have private gyms, or very well equipped home or personal gyms who were more than happy to open up only for some members of The Muscle Mafia provided certain precautions were taken and all were able to prove covid free.  Also being summer, outside workouts, biking jogging etc kept our minds sane and bodies healthy. That lead to some interesting behind the scene situations between crew and some others that I may write about in a new members only blog. So, myself, Matt and 1 or 2 others have been able to maintain bodies worthy of worship. With so many unable to do that, it makes our bodies that much more valuable.  

The Last 6 Months: Covid is everywhere, so there is no where to run, however there are other reasons people are bailing out of NYC as fast as they can run. There seems to be things worse than a virus in some cities that left many with no other choice but to flee.  So that displacement and now an unexpected distance added to the need for other adjustments and adaptations here.  The way in which covid is transmitted has also lead to adjustments here.  I can’t speak for any other production company in the adult genre, but we here at The Muscle Mafia are all friends, I have kept tabs on all of us.  Those who I feel have been less than smart, (particularly cock suckers) will not be here.  

Movies Delayed, Postponed & Re-thought: So, I have problem solved and made adjustments, I have suffered delays and obstacles in business here that I would have rather not had to, but I have adapted,  we will continue to adapt and we will continue to make movies, and releases.  Admittedly those releases were delayed far longer than I would have liked them to.  Some movies are backed up on drives and kept in safe places that I was unable or not allowed to get to while things were in full shut down mode.  Other planned films have been postponed or re-thought, for instance #200 was a planned special event, obviously that was re-thought.  Things at least for the near future are loosening up hoping this does not come back around again.

Where From Here, We Live We Learn: Had I known then, what I know now I would have done a few things differently.  No one could have known or to this magnitude.  We live, we learn, but let’s hope a resurgence of this virus doesn’t happen this fall / winter. I hope for the best, plan for the worst should that happen.  Regardless, things going forward will be different.  I will, we will continue to tell great stories and make great films, real, raw and unscripted, we will remain authentic and we will do it with new criteria and new rules in place.  

Our Rarity Has Worked For Us: The good thing about our unique setup is we are all friends, and anyone new that joins, becomes friends, there is a trust and loyalty and appreciation for the way I do business that makes The Muscle Mafia unique even during a pandemic. The level of trust those that work here with me have for me is amazing; that I will never betray under any circumstances.  My guys trust me to protect their identity and I have never let them down, now they trust me with their lives; that is a daunting responsibility. I have become more selective. So if that means I will be turning new guys away, if that means releases are delayed, if shoots have been postponed, cancelled or rescheduled, so be it.  If that means I have to field emails from whackos threatening me and using 4 letter words over a movie release or a $35 deposit, so be it.  Those who will stick with us always will, those who won’t won’t and any new members will fall in either of those 2 categories; loyal or not loyal.  We have plenty of films not released that will be and we have been shooting very controlled scenes from quarantine.

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GTsilver 10/03/20
Hey Boss, so good of you to let us know about all this. I am one of those that used you and your boys to help get me through lock down (shot many loads). I often wondered what you and the crew were doing and how you were doing and wondered if this monster called covid would change things here. I respect your approach and your fans here appreciate you doing everything to be safe yet still deliver great film. This is why I follow you and your wonderful site.