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Covid-19 Affects on Crew / Members & The UpSide

Posted on 03/23/20

It is always great to hear from members, the compliments on the site, films and questions about special deals.  It is fun negotiating and having interaction which makes this a unique community as well as exclusive.

What I found especially touching was your emails asking how Matt and I are, and how the crew are doing during this crazy time in American History; Covid-19 has changed life as we all know it.  We here have thought the same about each and every one of you.  So in addition to a series of emails you will see from me I am posting this so everyone can read, comment or get involved.

With family in Italy, I saw this coming but not to this degree.  A total business shut down is a tough one to wrap my head around. I have left the city and I am writing to you from a remote location.

Effects On The Muscle Mafia:  Obviously we are being careful about contact between my close guys, Matt and Brad and 1 or 2 others you have not yet met but will.  I know them well so the risk is low and they are guys I speak to on a daily basis, see on a daily basis and have not been in any high risk situations.  But still, caution is number 1.

Im Still Paying our of my pocket: Regarding anyone else we have cancelled or postponed shoots and/or cams.  However, for those guys who had films or cams I have still paid them to lessen the financial impact on them, and to keep them motivated.  However,  that in turn puts an extra burden on me.  That with some viewers, members and contributors who have asked for money back on private cams or money back on films they have helped finance, to be honest has put a huge burden on this organization financially.

The Upside:

I always try to find the silver lining, problem solve. I prefer to be a surviver rather than a victim  So….here is the upside.

1: The Gym:  Yes gyms everywhere are closed, but The Boss always has “his boys” somewhere.  I know gym owners who have given me a key so I have full run of an entire major gym chain location with all the equipment and amenities to myself and a select few Muscle Mafia crew.  So we are staying ripped, pumped and on point as always, ready for films and cams when ever we can do them.  
2: New releases and unseen films: Now that I have more time on my hands that gives me more time to go through all the live events, films etc as described in this blog post “Movies For Years”.  It will give me time to release new films, and to work new guys.

3: Desperate Times = Opportunity:  So with so many not working or unsure about working or college jocks out of school and bored I have been contacted by gym buddies and others who have suddenly changed their mind about filming.  Funny how that happens, but it’s a vicious circle because given the financial hit we are taking funds need to be there to fund theses guys who have now suddenly changed their minds or who are willing to explore and experiment.  So any contributions are welcome.

4: Deals and Offers:  Also keeping in mind that all of you, the members who might be stuck home, bored, horny and need your Muscle Mafia / Boss Fix are also feeling a financial crunch.  So, I am open to negotiations on movies and ways to offer you all something and still raise funds to keep this horse race running.  Email me

In the end, we are here, intend to stay here and I am making adjustments so that my focus is nothing less than continuing forward.  Sometimes you have to slow your business to grow your business, but my eye is always on the end result, the ultimate goal.

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