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Brojobs what are Friends For? More Straight dudes are Doing it!

Posted on 06/25/19

Lines are Blurred: Straight buds Sucking Each Other Off. What used to be so underground and shocking to some ain’t so shocking anymore.  I can say this from first hand experience and my unique position as “The Boss” dealing with a worldwide scope of male sexuality. I make it my business to know and what I know is the lines between gay & straight are becoming very blurred.  

I’ve Been Saying it: It was my own experiences and that of my gym and college buddies that inspired the inception of The Muscle Mafia in 2001 and our films of even today. I have been credited by followers as being an authority on muscle worship (connecting submissive and dominant male roles) and more recently within the last 5 years as an authority on “mutual” muscle worship, “bromances”, “Brotein”, friends with benefits, and another term I have used here that has now also gone mainstream, a “brojob”. Just take a look at my movie catalog and categories, read my writings and movie descriptions, I have been talking about this for years.  

It’s Got a Name: A bromance, a widely used and acceptable term is essentially a kind of crush (man crush) on another man or between “Bros”.  But when that Bromance or special friendship manifests into a more trusting bond, it could very well lead to a “BroJob”.  That and the recent attention “brojobs” are getting is what inspired the title for #184, but it’s something that has been happening here and everywhere for a long time, but now it has a name and when something actually gets a name, ends up in wikipedia, the urban dictionary, and a talked about topic in writings, it becomes part of modern society.  

Cum and First Bump: Don’t take my word for it, google it yourself, look at the dates on some of these writings and new findings and you will see I was onto this concept of male sexuality a long time ago.   I am not taking credit for it but I am taking credit for bringing some attention to it and saying it is not “gay”, gay is an entirely different concept that involves long term relationships, emotions, commitment.  This is so not that, this is “yo dude, let’s get off Im boned!” (Im simplifying of course) but you get the point.  Then you see each other at the gym the next day and fist bumped, hit the weights and resume life like nothing happened.  While what is considered masculine has not changed, nor should it, the guidelines of what is acceptable or normal for male sexual exploration has definitely changed and continues to change.


Guys are Getting It: With sites and content like mine, the Internet in general, social media, dating apps, netflix, HBO, etc  and confident outspoken men honest and open about their sexual explorations there are more options for their sexual satisfaction. The concept of guys looking to other guys for release is more mainstream than most would think; BUT only if there is trust!  Look around, gym selfies, shirtless selfies, and nude semi-nude selfies are an epidemic.  When selfies aren’t enough, guys taking photos of their buddies for profiles, IG accounts, bodybuilding shows etc is another epidemic.  Getting intimately involved in your own body and the body of other guys you admire inspires sexual thoughts; it’s normal, natural and instinctual.  Body bragging and body admiration has allowed men to be more open and more comfortable with it which has made it more of a norm and less looked down upon, less shocking and more acceptable; guys are getting it.

I Have Stories To Tell: I know it first hand, spent years here on talking to and picking the brains of members, crew members and potential crew members.  So what I am saying is not only backed up by my own experiences, but by talking to and listening to other guys all over the world.  Better yet, I have gained extensive knowledge by listening to guys talk in gyms, bars, parties and anywhere and everywhere else. Again it’s my business to know, I only deal with authenticity and unscripted situations in my films.  I have become some what of an expert doing this for years and getting in the heads of all kinds of “dudes”.  I will be getting into this in more detail in future writings; I have stories to tell.

The Secret is What’s So Erotic: So the answer to the question “why” is, men are more open about sexuality, times are changing ideas and opinions are evolving and the definition of masculinity is changing. Again, sites like mine plant a seed in guys heads and over time it inspires behavior.  We all need variety and we need it in our sex lives as well, people, couples gay and straight are getting it.  So, if a guy stumbles onto something on the Internet that gets his attention, he watches, especially if he is alone. Boners don’t lie.  If something inspires a hard on, a guy takes notice and although he may not act on it right away, it eats away at his curiosity; the seed has been planted.  We have all been there, so horny and raged up that you pace the floors with a painful raging boner that even jerking off just won't fix.  I think it is an innate, primal survival instinct to need to satisfy that and I think, in fact I know, guys are now finding more and more options on how to release that tension.  Educated guys comfortable with who they are and their sexuality are experimenting. Judgement is loosing up, guys discussing it with their girlfriends, wives and friends has become normal and freeing.  Again, I see it here, more and more girls are following us and more and more girlfriends of guys that film here or have filmed here are turned on by it or at least “Ok” with it.  But that is a very careful decision.  I still believe somethings should remain private and sacred among “Bros”; trust and loyalty is everything. Besides the secret is what makes it so hot to do!

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insanelas 07/03/19
Love your insights! The movies are great but it’s good to know the stories behind them! The movies are so real because boss knows exactly what’s going on! 184 is great! Looking forward to more brojobs! :)