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Cum Control From a Distance (Boss Style): You have seen his profile and read that he is submitting video for the new You Produce but in a phone conversation with Chicago Ben he mentioned that me cum controlling him would be hot.  He said if fans can donate enough to The Muscle Fund on his profile p (...Read More)
Side Money for some, fun for others, more films and something social moderated by The Boss for everyone. Creating Monsters Long Distance: You can now produce, have movies on and take full advantage of our code of silence.  All you have to do from anywhere in the world is video someth (...Read More)
Today I released to the VIP Only You Produce, home selfie cell phone video of Brandon; #166 Brandon’s Girlfriend Lends a Hand.  This is the essence of the You Produce category and why it can be so incredibly fun and erotic. But this film has particular significance because as I stated in his prof (...Read More)