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After Hurricane Sandy we had no idea if Christmas Wish would come off this year; at the time we start to organize the current years wish, we were sitting by candle light with no power and no Internet access for nearly 2 weeks. Hotels and airlines were a cluster fuck and to add to the mayhem we were (...Read More)
Another release in this wildly popular Cock Sucker Academy series and another lesson from The Boss as I break Jason in who wants to be considered for the most coveted speed dial lists there is.. a Cock Sucker On Call (COC) for The Muscle Mafia.
This time I had help from Keith, an expert cock sucker (...Read More)
A Beer and A Blow Job!This one is from The Vault! Once again Matt's body is outstanding and the same could be said about his cock performance.
I don't know what was more hard, ripped and vascular his body or his dick; an appreciation made obvious by the look in this cock suckers eyes as he stared u (...Read More)