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Since Kyle's Blog post and the updates to about 2 weeks ago comments to the blog and emails can't wait to see Kyle in action! Lots of questions about what he was going to do and who was he going to do it with. 

Here is your answer, #76 Kyle Worshipped and Seduced, His First Time! (...Read More)
Its never too late to realize or at least admit you like to suck and service hot young muscle jocks, and its never too late to discover that urge has a name, Muscle Worship!  So it was his stroke of good fortune that while searching for information on this life style and fetish he found us, The Mus (...Read More)
Its not often, but every once in a while someone comes along that gets my attention. Kyle was that person this summer. In fact I decided to give him the cover, and rightfully so of the Fall 2012 edition of
I had been talking to and looking at photos of several guys some you will even (...Read More)
 A Night With The Boss, A Night To Remember: Another Boss Cam drops at and it’s a big one!  DVD #75, Carlo Pounds Chez, A Night with the Boss is ready for purchase on DVD and online!  Check it out, read the description, see the photos and watch the trailer.
Another great story (...Read More)