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Save Me Boss!!

Posted on 05/23/19

Save!  Personal and Private Offers from Carlo!

Can you believe this is the world we now live in?  We here are doing well, but taking precautions.  We are all hunkering down during this Coronavirus outbreak.  It's time to release some stress and offer something special to our members.  I am offering unlimited deals on everything! Email me directly I want to hear how you are doing and what you are doing to keep busy and entertained at home.  (Hopefully watching our movies) and if you are email me, I will respond with a special offer for you, just tell me what movies you like and what I can do to make life a little easier and more enjoyable during these times!  Please all be smart, be safe, and be strong.

New movies are getting ready for release this week, at the end of March and througout April.  Discounts will apply to these new releases as well!

Discount: Unlimited just email me!

Special Offer: One Everything
Expiration: Until Coronavirous (Covid-19) is over!
Includes or Excludes: All Moives, rentals and lifetime (including all new releases)

Code: Will be sent as a response to your email to me, a personal and private offer from the Boss.

How to:

1: Sign up or Login
2: Add funds if you need to
3: Add movies to your cart (Classic members)
4: Check out and enter the code above during checkout, and it’s done.


  • These savings are in addition to Boss Bucks / Bonus Cash added to your bank for certain deposit amounts.
  • Please Note Expire Date.
  • Add Movies to your watchlist, I will also be targeting specific watch-lists for members at Random.
  • If you have something you would like to save on, Im open to negotiate, just ask.
  • You will always come back to this page to see what offers there are, or when to expect any if there aren't any.

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