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New Release: DVD #75 Carlo Pounds Chez

Posted on 10/02/12

 A Night With The Boss, A Night To Remember: Another Boss Cam drops at and it’s a big one!  DVD #75, Carlo Pounds Chez, A Night with the Boss is ready for purchase on DVD and online!  Check it out, read the description, see the photos and watch the trailer.

Another great story of how “shit happens” here and how things come full circle.  This was shot a couple of months ago and was slated for the #75 release.  Then I was going through the download reports and saw that among several movies online, #69 Carlo Uses and Abuses Christopher after a Workout blazed its way to becoming one of the MOST WATCHED movies so far since we launched the theaters in 2007!  There are several close behind but that one rises to the top and is in good company with a few from Matt, Brad and others of myself.

The ironic part is that in #75 Chez, the cock sucker is a friend of Christopher’s.  While looking for some good muscle worship films he found us, liked us and was flipping through our movies to recognize Christopher!  Chez got on email or text not sure which and asked to be put in touch with me, he wanted some of what Christopher got.

If you remember from a previous blog post regarding cock suckers on call, I posted photos of Christopher that he sent in for consideration in a movie with The Boss.  In those photos he wrote on his body and his ass in permanent magic marker that he wanted me to fuck him.  A lot happened in #69 which is why it became a big seller, but fucking him didn’t; “Sorry Chris, but ya did good though! “

Now comes Chez over a year after #69 who wants to pay his respects and show his admiration and worship to me but of course he knows its filmed.   You know it’s funny I get mail all the time from assholes who want to film and ask, “Can I do a rehearsal on your cock first boss?  No Filming yet?”  Ya OK you wait there and if I don’t show up start without me.. what a joke!

Not Chez, this is why that night, a long night finished up with his legs pinned behind his ears and big fat boss boner going balls deep into his ass as he moaned, screamed and yes squeaked while thanking me for using him.

What really got me was the opening scene in the gym sauna where he licked sweat dripping from my body, then he took a mouthful of Boss piss all after he had a little anxiety (as you will see) about going on camera.  I defused that quickly, he relaxed and gave me a great worship session,  it was the right time and the right situation, the perfect storm to let him be the first cock sucker in 10 years I pounded out.

Side Note: And I can say it now because it will be a release somewhere at or soon after #81, Brad as a result of our ongoing history and definite crazy chemistry was the first guy I had ever fucked, ever...period.  The cenes with me and Brad have been teased in trailers and music promos that some of you caught and have been asking about. I will talk more about all that when those movies are released; they will be more Game Changers.  Brad always said he can dish it out and he can take it, and he does from me in future releases about to drop soon, until then see what gave Brad that idea in scenes like #64 Men on a Mission and #71 Game Changer Brad Blows Carlo; in the meantime watch me pound out Chez in #75.  Definitely a night to remember!

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