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Movies For Years, New Releases Through 2022!

Posted on 09/18/19


Eventful Summer: This summer we released the brand new mobile immediately after that back to back new releases #184 BroJob#185, LA Jack Fucked by another Gym Buddy (You Produce) and #186 Ben Milks His Prostate and on August 14, we released #187, Ron Used and ReUsed, it’s another hit!   

Films For Years: Since the release of #187 we took a break and attempted to enjoy 2 weeks off at the end of the summer,  but shit always happens here, new guys joined the crew and the shows went on!  It seems everything exploded here the last weeks of August through Labor Day.  So my time off wasn’t exactly time off from the camera or the films.  In the last 3 plus weeks 11 (eleven) new films were completed for future release, almost half of those for various reasons will be VIP ONLY. Those 11 films added to what we already had planned for release, plus lost and forgotten films (The Vault) and more You Produce submissions brings our new film release schedule through mid 2022, now add to that what ever we film after you read this and that takes us into 2023; looks like you are stuck with us.   

The Vault, Lost and Forgotten Films: Things happen fast here, sometimes we go weeks without filming and I can catch up on everything else, focus on releases, then all of a sudden someone gets crazy, a new guy appears or someone (mostly me) comes up with another idea and we can film 3 a week for a month and get 4 new You Produce submissions.  These films get saved, backed up and ready for release, and then the cycle starts all over again, or a film gets bumped to the front, releases get shuffled around, sometimes films get lost and sometimes forgotten but eventually always found.  Eventually one of us or even one of you, say “Hey remember when…” or “What ever happened to…” and then I dig it up.  I find some little gem that sat in a folder on a back-up drive and finally gets its day as a new release.  

The photos included here are just a few screen grabs and behind the scene captures of what’s ahead, I couldn’t post it all but those are some of the highlights.  You will meet:

and a couple others I am sure I left out, along with anyone I am bringing on now.

Of course you will see more of Ron, Big Brad, Matt, me (Carlo) and all of the above in countless combinations, pushing limits, experimenting, tag teams, group scenes, one on one, solos and more of me mind fucking the new guys, breath control, domination, muscle worship, mutual muscle worship, gym buddy sex, feet, armpits, you name it you will get it.  

So join, make deposits, upgrade to VIP for all access and VIP ONLY films, let’s wrap up 2019 with new releases, move into 2020 and the next couple years.  Sound like a plan?

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insanelas 09/18/19
Musclematt keeps getting better for some obvious reasons! That is because boss keeps doing amazing things! With boss’ dedication this site will never disappoint!
xracer 09/18/19
Boss you are amazing! Photos look incredible can't wait to see all the new releases and everything you have planned. Thanks for the post! Keep up the OUTSTANDING work! The best on the net.