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Creating Kyle, New Crew Member Being Groomed to Join The Dream Team!

Posted on 10/03/12

Its not often, but every once in a while someone comes along that gets my attention. Kyle was that person this summer. In fact I decided to give him the cover, and rightfully so of the Fall 2012 edition of

I had been talking to and looking at photos of several guys some you will eventually see, others… well “nahh!” But Kyle came with a little extra push as a recommendation from a long time follower of The Muscle Maifa, we will call him “A” to preserve his privacy.  “A” emailed me early in the summer and attached a home grown photo of Kyle saying he was friends with this guy who he has been telling he should contact me to join the crew and “A” asked me if he and I could speak.  We did, and I told “A’ if this guy wanted to join us he had to deal with me and to call, Kyle did.

We spoke a few times before we actually met, during one conversation he told me he has been reading, watching and following the site for about 5 months before he actually let “A” make this connection. Kyle expressed, and sincerely I will add, his desires to not only join The Muscle Mafia Crew but he was hoping he can make his way to being a featured guy.  I appreciated his ambition but told him there were hundreds of others who would like to be a featured guy.  Some never even made it in front of my camera’s, others have and you have seen them, or will see them but are not “Featured Guy Material”

It’s not enough to have a great body when it comes to being a featured guy; these guys like Matt, Brad and Adam are the closest to me, and who are my “go to” guys whenever film ideas come up.  They are also guys who I see enough potential in to take the time to mentor, mold and create into one of my top sellers. (Read blog post Lessons in Muscle Worship, Creating Brad). These are guys who deserve top billing, headliners who develop a large strong fan following and receive regular requests and muscle fund donations.  But most of all, a feature guy must possess good character, a good work ethic, he must have what it takes to “gel” well with the rest of the crew and have something interesting to offer with the potential to make ongoing films for the long haul. 

Movie buyers and site followers need to like them enough to want to see them on a regular basis, so you never know.  But most of all they need to earn the trust and respect of me, The Boss. Matt as you know is my all-star and has been with me since we started, in fact he was the first Crew Member and Adam has been with me since 2006 Brad 2009.  Says a lot for them and a lot for how I run things here to make sure they keep making money!


Kyle and I met for dinner and drinks at one of my usual hangouts that always provides me with a secluded table and privacy. We spoke candidly for a while, and it was during that dinner I agreed to give him a test shoot.  What he didn’t know then, that he knows now or at least should is that no one gets dinner and drinks with me unless I have a gut feeling he has great potential.

Few rise to the level of a featured Crew Member, Brad in 2009 was the last to make it that far and rightfully so.  That says a lot for him, and not much for those who have tried after Brad, until Kyle.
Kyle’s body speaks for itself, he is “BLESSED” as you see in his photos and you will see in his films.   

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