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82 Switch Released and The Behind The Scenes Back Story

Posted on 05/30/13

The Making of Switch.... It was a long day and although The Crew makes it look easy, there is a lot that went into this all day and all night "Blessed Event". The first time The Muscle Mafia Mansion was ever seen, mentioned or filmed, it was a special event and I thought it was the perfect back drop.  See the 10 year Anniversary music video and write up page. We did still photos, promo video, had an anniversary cake with candles, ate, got rained on, Filmed #82 Switch and found out that lube and a hardwood floor, don't mix well.

Preparing for The Blessed Event.. It was a full house that day, the day of our 10th Anniversary shoot.  I had landscapers putting finishing touches on the grounds for me, pool dude making sure the pool and hot tub were ready for the guys, housekeepers making up the guest rooms and bathrooms for the crew.  Keith was there to make sure everything was taken care of so all in had to do was worry about the shoot.  Food was be prepared for the meals I had planned for my guys throughout the shoot. Chez, the chosen cock sucker for the night, and the guy I pounded out in #75, Boss Pounds Chez, came around noon to help with the lighting and some production assistance. Matt, Brad and Kyle showed up around 1 pm, bags packed, bodies pumped and balls locked and loaded feed Chez later.  By 3 that afternoon, I asked the grounds crew and the cleaning ladies to leave.  They know I am a photographer and film maker but they had no idea what this was about or what this was for so NO ONE but The Muscle Mafia or anyone directly related to us needed to be there.  After the last of them left, the gates were closed, no one was getting on the property.  My biggest worry was someone just happening to stop by… it has happened my friends, people walking in on a shoot, stories yet to be told. in the new blog directory called “The Inner Circle”. (see also the blog post A Decade of The Muscle Mafia)

 We started shooting about 4 in the afternoon  We finished shooting about 12 midnight, then shot #82

We Went Passed Midnight..85 degrees and humid, we started the shoot out by the pool at around 4 in the afternoon a perfect time, the natural light was good, it was cooling down, or at least it was suppose to be.  We shot until about 8pm, took a break to eat a feast Keith helped prepare and then back to do night shots!  We wrapped up the night shoot around 12 midnight and hadn’t even gotten to filming Switch yet!  We were delayed over an hour when a summer rain storm blew through long enough for us to have to stop, pull in the lights and anything electrical etc we had out side, and then set it all back up again after the rain blew over.   Good thing it past, the shoot was a success but we still needed to film the actual movie!

Caged Animals...The guys were getting restless, it’s not easy staying motivated and keeping your body on point for that long, but they did incredible, and put up with my perfectionism; which was why they were chosen for this shoot in the first place.  I have created monsters in these guys yes, but I have also created Pros, guys I can count on and guys who love The Muscle Mafia and what it stands for as much as you or I do. However, they also knew once I called “wrap” there were 2 things waiting for them: 1st- A cock sucker ready to be served up and fed 3 cocks, 6 balls, and 3 loads and after that a dining room waiting to serve them up another Muscle Mafia Crew meal made for kings, and they were eager and ready to attack both!

 #82 Switch!, Matt, Brad and Kyle Tag Team Pound Chez  #82 Switch!, Matt, Brad and Kyle Tag Team Pound Chez

Everyone was in a mood that night, emotions were mixed, we were excited about the 10 year thing, the guys were worn out from a long day in the heat, and each of them held off sex for a few days so they were all set for the late night use and abuse of Chez.  So, I was dealing with all my worries as “The Boss” and getting this scene on film, and dealing with 3 very hungry and very horny Alpha Males!  So I told them all to hit the showers, clean up and wait at the top of the stairs in their towels ready to go.  While they were doing that, I was shooting my intro in the Foyer with Keith while Chez, our cock sucker on call was up in another bedroom waiting for me to turn the guys loose.  From that point, their moods, their aggression and their animalistic need to bust a nut was Chez’s fucking problem. 

Keep in mind this was Kyle’s first time with The Crew, he had been shooting with me almost 2 months when he joined us for this.  He filmed #76 Kyle Worshipped and seduced and then had this scene.  This was shot in August, the stellar performance he gave in #79 Christmas Wish 2012, Kyle Tears Jason up was shot in December, many months after I had a chance to coach him a little more.  He did awesome in this film, especially being with my 2 top guys who have boat loads of fans and followers, he was the new guy but if I didn’t tell you that you wouldn’t know.  The guys welcomed Kyle, he was more than excited to be there for this and all this pent up, rev’d up, excitement and sexual aggression was taken out by all 3 on Chez’s throat and ass.  Chez took it like a champ, but not until after he had to stop a few times to catch his breath and get a water break. You see one of those times in the trailer and a few others in the actual film.

The Crew on Ice...The funny thing, to give you a little more back story on this shoot, was that the guest bedroom we were using to shoot Switch, had solid hardwood floors.  Both Matt and Brad dropped the lube at one point early on, and with this super concentrated high end cock grease all you need is a few drops on a high-gloss polyurethane floor, then track it around with the big feet of 3 crew members and what you have is a fucking ice skating ring!

I wore my shoes during filming, I almost broke my ass twice slipping on it and then randomly throughout the shoot, Matt, Kyle, Brad and even Chez took a slip slide across the floor.  Notice a few things… There are 2 queen size sleigh beds in that room, notice that during one scene when Chez is on his knees sucking the crew off, The Crew especially Brad was leaned up against the foot board of one of the beds.  Hot cock sucking position yes, but strategic because his big size 14 feet and 270 pounds are not very graceful when walking on ice.  That is also the reason I eventually moved them to the bed, because while standing there you would slowly see their feet sliding out from under them.  They even had to hold each other up at one point.  This was a bloopers real of all bloopers, crew slipping, me slipping, Brad and Matt dropping the lube.  We had a blast though.

But again, if I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t have known or maybe you would have, rarely do you guys miss anything.  But, to finish the “Crew on Ice” story, notice at the end when they leave the room that there feet are squeaking like basket ball sneakers on a gym floor.

Fast forward the next day, what a fucking bitch getting that off the floor.  This was a day that from start to finish had all kinds of side stories and side issues going on, things I may not ever have told until I developed “The Inner Circle”, a restricted area for Active members, (those with $10.00 or more in their Mafia Bank).  Brad stayed up with me to help straighten things up down in the kitchen and around the pool until around 5 am.  There is more to that story too… yeah, the Inner Circle.

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lennox 02/05/14
Wow! This must be a great movie. 3 hot muscle hunks penetrating and having fun , flexing his muscles and exercicing his cocks. I wish I where in this film!
diknUtu 09/01/13
My My, i cant wait to see this Switch dvd. Brad just makes me melt in all kinds of ways. I just signed up but know this; Im in for the long haul! U guys are GREAT!
PushIt23 06/04/13
Wow. This is the type of movie Ive been wanting from this site for a long time. Amazing. The teaser alone got me hot. Chez is one lucky boy.
pecslave 05/31/13
what a way to launch the refurbished site with 82! amazing! non-stop cock sucking of of 3 alpha muscle gods getting serviced unbelievable release MUST RECOMMEND! get it for your lifetime playlist because you will never get tired of it! chez is very lucky enough to service the muscle crew and he was even luckier to taste their muscled protein riched milk! TRUELY AMAZING VIDEO!