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#100 a Milestone

Posted on 11/27/14

We hit the 3 digits with #100 Piss and Vodka Complete Mayhem and rolled out version 22.5 of, our first major renovation since our complete overhaul in May 2013. Both the new site and #100 were released Thanksgiving eve and it proved to be worth the wait for you and a good move for the site.

I knew you all love The Boss Bong, but as always I could not predict what actually happened in this film but I knew when we wrapped the filming of Piss and Vodka that it had to be the one that marked this milestone; my instinct was correct. It was the perfect kick off for hitting the 3 digits, releasing another improved and announcing, Spencer as new crew, The Crew Condo, and the development of BOSS CAM LIVE, The Crew Cams and our Live Cam Network.  So, needless to say there is some shit happening here and to say I have been busy is the understatement of the year!

I can say it was a success!  Just in the first few days and during a holiday no less comments, emails and sales of #100 just kept coming in.  So were some contributions to The Muscle Fund and requests for cams.  I know its gotten me all pumped up and excited for more!

I think the best comment came from John himself, the cock sucker in this film that came all the way from New England to get used and abused by The Muscle Mafia.  He also gave a very great interview prior to filming 100 that I think you will all like to hear and might find funny.  Clips and snips of that will be added to the description page for #100. John is a great sport and a guy with an interesting sense of humor, although things got a little crazy, we had a blast shooting this film and I certainly had a blast editing it.  Several times during editing I just busted out laughing and if one of the other guys were here I had to call them in to take a look at the scene.  

Knowing what I have planned, along with any help The Muscle Fund can bring in to make those plans happen faster, I think 2015 and years to follow will be good ones for The Muscle Mafia and those that follow us. 

Please leave your general comments from the “Tell Us” link in the main top menu and on the actual movie page of any you view that inspire a reaction from you!  You can also leave comments for this or any blog post if there is something you would like to say.

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