Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program: The Muscle Mafia ( is now working with affiliates!  After 12 years and endless requests to accept affiliates we have now launched our own exclusive and comprehensive affiliate program built by the same magicians who have helped me create everything else you see here. You have asked and here is the answer.  But like the rest of our successful associations, affiliates will be limited, and need to apply for affiliate status , once reviewed they will be personally selected and approved by me, Carlo. This a perfect way to make ongoing cash flow from our exclusive content with your own traffic and network.

NOT The Status Quo: Since late 2001, this underground organization,  has become the authority on muscle worship with a very strong loyal following; we have developed into a community.  Our crew and our content are exclusive, our technology custom and has been developed with that exclusivity in mind.  Nothing you see here is from a box, or typical and when it comes to adult content and this particular niche many have resented us for disrupting “the status quo”.  For that reason The Muscle Mafia is a very guarded brand and I am very cautious about who we affiliate with. Doing something right takes time and money.  I believe the cheap gets expensive fast; yes I could have done this cheaper.  I’m that guy that spends money, makes money, to spend more and make more; a guy anyone who is serious about succeeding would want to “affiliate” with.

Who Should Apply? Qualified websites, blogs, social groups, and other high traffic venues that think our site would be a fit with theirs.  You should also apply if you have a network or a web presence that you think would be a successful affiliation with The Muscle Mafia and what we stand for.  That is the beauty of my personal involvement, I am open to any and all ideas that will lead to success, and a healthy ongoing business relationship for both of us. Sometimes the biggest sites are not always the best, sometimes a shared passion, common beliefs and common goals will yield the best results.  

More: If any of this strikes you as something you or your organization would like to be part of read more about it and apply.