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Players Club: Fun and Games Movies for Less

Posted on 08/02/18

Another membership option is here, pay once a year for discounts all year: The Players Club is a membership program where for 1 annual fee of $49.50 (billed annually not monthly) classic members get upgraded to a ‘player’ and added to a new sophisticated list of members who will receive year round discounts that non-players will not.  It’s not as awesome as becoming a VIP with all access, but it’s pretty damn good.  The minute you join the players club, you automatically get a minimum of 10% off every shopping cart and every movie you buy (rental or lifetime) including brand new releases; notice I said “minimum of 10% off”.

Deposit More, Save More: You still make deposits to your bank, but Players get more for those deposited funds, so making higher deposits actually benefits you more. Because we are now digital and have built such a great back end system I can offer all kinds of special promotions.

The Fun and Games Begin: Your Players minimum 10% is just the beginning.  The fun part begins when I start sending Special Players Codes that will override your default 10% for higher random discounts on any movie, all movies, special picks special events, celebrations and simply for no reason at all other than because I feel like it.  This special players code can be entered over your players number and activated during checkout. Because this is digital and so many combinations can apply this should fun.

Do the Math, Numbers Don’t Lie (especially free movies): Even at the constant minimum 10% discount, joining The Players Club will pay for itself in no time.  That equates to just a few rentals and/or lifetime buys. Then add to it any additional discounts, promotions or special players club discounts and signing up for the annual $49.50 could pay for itself in the first month.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I wanted to have some fun and offer a free movie for a limited period of time with the purchase of the new Players Club Membership. Players check your email for special codes.

Player or VIP what should it Be? You have more options now.  If you are an all or nothing guy like me, going directly to a VIP upgrade is for you.  A monthly recurring all access, all movies, all categories no limits membership; pretty much as good as you can get.  But if you like to take things a little slower and want something between “all and Nothing” The Players Club annual membership gets you discounts on all movies (except VIP ONLY Categories) all year. but if you want something in between “all and nothing”, The Players club is for you and the best part is you can upgrade to VIP at any time and not lose your $49.50, so in the end a player can save on their first month of VIP membership should they want to become a VIP!

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