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Changes, Updates, Shoots, Live Cam, and Hitting 100!

Posted on 09/29/14

New Cover Shoot/ New Cock Sucker:  Just wrapped a shoot with Matt who was looking awesome as always!  This was specifically for the planning of the new cover of  Also had a great shoot with Anthony who is sporting 15 pounds of new muscle and looking awesome!  Both Matt and Anthony have also shot new films with our latest cock sucker on call Jared.  You can see some shots on our tumblr and twitter

Raising the Bar on Security: First in an effort to keep our content exclusive we are always working on site security to ward off the weasels who try to undermine our hard work and our code of silence. The first phase has now been implemented.   Thanks to The Army, we have caught some thieves and attempted thieves and are dealing with them; HARSHLY!  We have a new strict piracy policy in place it is now in action and is working!  That policy will be made public by mid October once we have other phases in place.   Nothing will be changing for anyone but those that have attempted to rip us off; we are all over you!  

New Minimum Balances & Deposits:  By October 1, 2014 we are raising the minimum mafia bank balance from $10.00 to $20.00 in order to be considered an active member and have access to restricted areas.  At our launch of the new site in May of 2013 we made that minimum balance $10.00 and found that some large depositors wanted something a bit more restrictive.  We agreed, and we appreciate those that respect the exclusivity of our guys and our content so we have taken action on your suggestions to raise the minimum remaining balance required to have access to restricted content, images and trailers for $10.00 to $20.00.  

Also, since an overwhelming majority our movie sales seem to be in select categories, best sellers and most watched at $22.00 for a 24 hour rental we have made some welcomed changes.  Per your request we have made adjustments to the Muscle Mafia Bank Deposit options and eliminated the $20.00 deposit option and will be keeping the $35.00 option.  Other options and other amounts offering Boss Bucks will eventually be added.

#99 and #100 are almost ready for release, I was holding out for the first phase of the new security to be in place, and it is so, look for #99 in the coming week and #100 a celebratory bench mark film shortly after.  

Boss Cam Live Network:  This is something we have teased and tested since last year using our Skype “themusclemafia”.  There are those that have regular standing appointments to talk to me, get advice, discuss topics and sometimes some other things with guest appearances by Matt, Brad, and now Anthony for special events, “Blessed Events” Even cock suckers have appeared with select crew members thats always fun.   Although time slots are limited Matt and I are both available for private cams, Anthony has time available too and some times the crew will appear together in other “Blessed Events.”   The content of which will remain exclusive to those who have bought the cams.

We have been working on a custom made Boss Cam Live set-up that will be through our sites where we can do one on one, and group events to offer tickets and have unlimited members watching.  Will be scheduling and testing out a list of broadcast ideas, photos shoots, even a voyeur in the Crew Condo.  There will be more about the scheduling and show ideas as we go live.  For now we are keeping it fairly basic as we dive into this new thing.  If you are interested in Boss Cam Live now through SKYPE or in the very near future when our network is up email me for details and to book time; keep in mind time is limited.

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