Uploading and Submitting!

Some Info From Me...

I am looking for interesting guys of all fitness levels to produce interesting video for our unique niche of muscle worship categories and appreciative movie viewers.

These are some of the dudes that have already been approved, set up with their unique YP# and are ready to make money.

Example Audition Videos:

What’s good...

  • Gym selfies, locker room, bathroom and shower clips
  • Tops, bottoms, versatile, experimental
  • Sucking or being sucked
  • Muscle worship
  • Straight, gay, bi or curious
  • Solo, couples
  • New ideas and concepts
  • You can remain anonymous

You get the idea for now? So have fun with it, but first I gotta see you, so start with an audition video addressing me or at least a couple of good photos to get started. I will contact you and we can talk about the rest.

It’s difficult to lay it all out here but the possibilities and earning potential is endless for the right people but those are discussion after you are reviewed and approved at which time you will be given your unique YP# for the start of your profile here and for future submissions.All discussions are private, I deal with all submissions on a very personal 1 to 1 basis, and of course all discussions and communications are strictly confidential and are only with me (Carlo). I am involved every step of the way and will remain involve.

For more, you might want to read this blog post. If you have any specific questions before or after you submit, just ask me.

The Muscle Mafia and our crew has inspired men like us to sell their own movies, some right from their smart phones and their own private videos. We have always featured the movies “We Produce” but we can now feature the movies “You Produce” from anywhere in the world. Earn money, become Crew too, and enjoy the benefits of our strict code of silence. Here’s how…

Some Info From You...

If you would like to work with me, and be featured on musclematt.com all you need to do is start by submitting audition photos/videos along with some information about yourself and I’ll check you out. If you need assistance with filing this out, see “Helpful Hints” below.

For use only by approved applications:

Enter your YP# to submit additional photos or videos

** Note: You will not need this until after you are reviewed and approved, at which time I will give you your YP#

Introduce Yourself Here First:

* Indicates a required field

All submissions are reviewed within 24 hours or sooner, if accepted I will contact you with your personal YP# which is the start of your profile here.

Helpful Hints from Carlo:

1: YP#

Getting a YP# from me is phase 2 after your first submission. This is my way of organizing anything you send me. Your unique YP# is like an application number that is only assigned once I check you out and if I think you should be part of musclematt.com ; so it’s a good thing if you get one! From there it’s me and you negotiating, communicating and collaborating on building your profile and your content bank. Your YP# is how you will be known here until your profile is built and your preferred “Display name” or nick-name is decided.

2: Your Contact information

The trust begins now, I will need your contact information because if I like you, or like what you can offer, I am going to contact you immediately. Please make sure your email is valid and entered correctly! If you don’t hear from me, follow up with me.

3: Photos and Video Clips

Submit photos and a short video clip or clips. If you don’t have a video clip or aren’t sure what to submit, just start with photos, this is an audition so I gotta see ya! Of course face is not required (chin down).

Video Clip ideas: Address me or muscle matt fans directly, tell me anything you like, keep it short and to the point 2 minutes and under but make it enticing and interesting. Show yourself, go as far as you like, but keep in mind these audition clips may be used as your introduction video to site members. Yes other videos can be submitted after submission for this purpose if you would like another crack at it.

Note: Every word, photo and video is first reviewed by me. Nothing goes public before I edit any video, if too much of your face appears, don’t sweat it, I will crop. This is part of our code of silence. Your job is to be you and provide sellable content, my job is to protect you and help you look as good as you should.

4: Your Story

(This remains private) it’s your message to me, tell me a little about yourself, your stats, where you are from and anything that will make you stand out in writing; so sell yourself. Be real, be open, be honest. You will also have an opportunity in follow up discussion to tell me more.

After Submission: Once you submit I will be notified and I will check you out. You automatically be given a unique “YP” number which will be the start of your “Content Bank” and potentially your profile here. Everything after this point will be a negotiation and collaboration between you and me.

Any questions before submission, just ask me. You might also find this blog post about You Produce helpful as well.