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Through a series of unique circumstances The Muscle Mafia was formed in 2001. It has been an amazing journey, I could write a book; but we are just getting started. The men of The Muscle Mafia became known as “The Crew” and I, Carlo, the creator of all this became known as “The God Father” or “The Boss". The ring leader and the instigator of most of what you see.

This is pure muscle worship and alpha-male domination; straight muscle jocks, athletes and bodybuilders who are worshipped. These secret and discreet muscle worship situations are captured on film and are real, raw and unscripted. They are filmed so that our identity remains private which gives creditability to our “code of silence”, and the common sense notion that authentic straight men would never show their face. This is the niche and the brand I exclusively created.

Our films are professionally filmed, edited and offered as HD quality video-on-demand with rental and lifetime viewing options. Our product and the way we manage business is professional, yet we still remain a group of gym buddies doing this on the "DL". The only difference is now we have become a sub-culture of society. Many who have reviewed and written about us on blogs, message boards and magazines will argue The Muscle Mafia, and our websites are an Internet sensation, a phenomenon of pop culture; their words not mine. Men like us and those who admire men like us exist in every corner of the world and every demographic. That is why our face has no value here, we could be anyone, anywhere at anytime and we are! Since our inception in 2001 we have become a community one in which many like us can relate. Now because of our existence, these men don’t feel so alone in a world where few have the ability to enjoy life and embrace their own sexuality. Here, behind the very guarded “gates” of musclematt.com The Muscle Mafia provides a safe, close knit and supportive place where men like us can tap into their alter ego and explore fantasies and thoughts they otherwise have suppressed and kept to themselves.

If you are finding us for the first time you have a lot of catching up to do, read our blog, check out our sites, browse the movies see what all the talk is about. Then like everyone else who has found us, stick with us as we continue to do what we do best.

This is our photo wall, a collection of photographs that take you through the journey then and now.  We have come a long way, the adventures, photos and films are endless and we haven't even gotten started. Click a thumbnail, view the photo and read it caption.  Get to know us if you don't already, and if you do some of these might bring back memories or remind you of guys and films you wanted to see but didn't get a chance to.

Clips, trailers and teasers...short video footage of everything from promos, to music video, to movie trailers, behind the scenes, intros and interviews.  Some of these are "public" for anyone to view, others are for active members only.  

Over the years there are certain terms, words and key phrases that I have come up with and have used in our films and in my writings that have seemed to catch on.   I have had followers send me screen grabs and copies of ads or social posts that quote us, or even mention us specifically.  Apparently it has become a way for straight and bi guys to use certain terms to feel each other out or to diplomatically advertise what they are into or looking for and to find others who share in concept I promote here. That is very cool, and that means The Muscle Mafia and what it stands for and promotes is catching on, we are truly a community growing!

Check them out:

Boss: Me, the founder, instigator and brain child behind The Muscle Maifa.  The godfather, ultimiate alpha-male with the guts, brains, and braun to match the body.

Blessed:  This can be used in several ways, as it pertains to crew it is those features, either born with or created on their own in a gym that set them apart from the norm.  It can also pertain to a cock sucker who is privledged or "Blessed" to have one of our cocks or loads in their mouth.

Blessing: A cum shot to the face or mouth from one or more of the muscle mafia crew.

Blessed Event: This is either a recorded film, a LIVE Cam or a private invite only event where things happen.  The event time and place are usually planned, sometimes spontaneous and random, but what happens at or during a Blessed Event is not planned and what does happen stays there.

Boss Cam: My grab and go set up and it's in HD! I keep it ready to go and when I am inspired, boned up, horned up or feeling like I want some worship and service I grab it and go! I usually feel that way after a workout when testosterone levels are the highest. It allows you to ride shot gun with me and who ever I drag along for informal, spur of the moment scenes captured in full HD film; some in HD-Night Vision; as "shit that happens" when it happens and where ever it happens! 

BOSS CAM LIVE!  Same concept, same idea as The Boss Cam, but its LIVE!!

Boss Chicken: That is a very healthy camera ready meal, my own recipe of chicken that I have made for the crew here at the crew condo, before or after shoots or events.  It became known as "Bos Chicken"

Boss Bong: Much like a beer bong for frat brothers that like a cold beer, this is for specific cock suckers and maybe even some crew who perfer a mouthful of warm, testosterone full, vitamin enriched muscle piss.

Cock Sucker on Call or "CoC":  Not much different than a 24 hour road crew, these are guys who worship and service muscle and are either asked by me or request to be put on our cock sucker call list.  That is local guys, specifically had chosen by me, The Boss to be our go to cock sucker.  This could be for film, LIVE Cam, special or Blessed Events.  Their numbers are stored and dialed up when needed as needed anytime.  A CoC is not just limited to sucking our dicks, they could be used for anything we feel like.

Code of silence:  This is the thing that bonds us all!  It is sacred, a cardinal rule, bascially you keep your mouth shut.  What happens here stays here, it is the foundation on which we stand.  That extends it self to copyright, intellectual property, LIVE Cams, films, Blessed Events anything that happens among the crew, in front of the cameras, or under that organization of The Muscle Mafia; this include you, members and your privacy.  It is ALL held to this standard of absolute and total discretion!

Crew: The rare breed worthy of working closely with The Boss, jocks, bodybuilders, athletes, lean ripped muscle of all shapes and sizes, all backgrounds, all personalities who lead other wise normal lives as straight men but who have an alter ego and need an outlet for it. These men could be bi-sexual or what we call "Stray".  They get the code of silence and live by it; they want to be on the inside of The Muscle Mafia, film with us, cam with us and cash in on what they were specifically "Blessed" with.

Crew Cam: This is a Cam and Cam profile specifically for a certain crew member, not all crew members will have a Crew Cam.  These are offered by me, The Boss to select Crew who I think warrant their own Cam, YES Matt for sure!

Crew Condo:  Essentially Muscle Mafia headquarters, our hang out, and the place it all goes down!

Feeding: That is when a crew member busts a healthy muscle load in the mouth of a cock sucker and he swallows.

Mattini or musclematt-martini: Sometimes just called a Muscle Martini, this has been with us since our inception, in one of the classics Matt busted one of his massive power cum shots into a Martini glass and fed it to a cock sucker; it became known as a musclematt martini, when another crew member did it it became a muscle martini, all and any are asked for by name and its a drink served only here.

Muscle Fund: Our kitty, a fund that accepts contributions toward anything and everything needed for The Crew, Shoots, The Crew Condo, events, it is a slush fund ear marked to grow our presence.

Wake-Up Call: Much like a CoC, but it can be a call to action from me in the middle of the night.  We have been known to get a cock sucker out of bed, take the cameras and demand service.  Now with  BOSS CAM LIVE, I might be making a few wake up calls to get a CoC to come over and go live on cam to service me, or any other crew member.  Now with the LIVE Cam it may even be gym buddies who are not officially crew but who will make cameos on Cam!

Stray: This pertains to the rare breed and sexual alter ego of straight jocks and muscle guys who are straight, have no intentions of any real relationship with a guy but who don't mind banging a dude out or getting a blow job.  This guy is not gay, but not totally straight he is "Stray".  A play on both words straight and gay, and means he might "Stray" if the situation is right, the offer is right, or just wants to get his rocks off.