The Army

In a Word, “Digital Hit Men”  Copyright enforcers!
****WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE! ***REWARD!: Join The Army! Bring me the head (all information and links) to any loser posting unauthorized Muscle Mafia movies or clips!! Any information given to me that leads to their capture and the removal of their stolen content I will, Carlo will REWARD you with Boss Bucks in your account! ***WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!***REWARD!

Community Watch Group: The Muscle Mafia Army or The Army is an unofficial group of loyal followers (Soldiers) who take our exclusivity and our code of silence very seriously. The Muscle Mafia and had evolved into a community, a fellowship of people who have similar interests and beliefs in common. Through our movies and my philosophy on sexuality many men worldwide have found a place where they can be comfortable about who they are. The Army has formed on its own, they are a community watch group who during their daily Internet browsing alert us to any thieves, dishonest practices, or unauthorized use of our photos and movies. Their function is to be the eyes and ears of me and my crew on the Internet.  They are in places we can’t always be who alert me through email of any unauthorized use of our copyrighted exclusive content. Some actually spend time searching and alerting me, others may just stumble upon an unauthorized post and some (god bless them) have even joined some of these piracy message boards groups, and blogs with the sole purpose of sniffing these RATS and WEASELS out and exposing them to me. Once they do, then I deal with them and it ain't pretty.

Having said that, The Army also exposed good people too. They also alert us to sites, blogs, or groups where we are being positively mentioned or promoted and also alert us to places where we should have a presence to post clips and trailers and join good people doing good things for guys like us and sites like ours.

Essential to Our Existence: The Army has become an important, almost crucial element to the code of silence we live by and the peace of mind our crew trusts. Knowing that any posts of stolen or copied content will be wiped out and the weasels found makes the crew less inhibited about what they will do on film for you! In addition to technology The Army is an important almost crucial element to keeping us making more movies and keeping those movies protected. 98% of the followers that buy here respect me and what I have built and the message I send. But unfortunately there are always a few assholes who ruin things for everybody. (Read my most recent blog post)

With your help and the use of “Digital DNA” (fancy terms for the fingerprints every Internet and computer user leaves) we are catching some dishonest people who are putting a strain on the adult on-line movie business.  Especially exclusive movies like ours.  (Read this March, 2011 blog post About Catching Rats!).

How do you join? 

1-The minute you alert us to any legitimate copyright violation that leads to its removal you have officially joined The Army.

2- The second you confront a weasel or a thief who is posting unauthorized or stolen / copied movies and let us know about it, you have joined The Army.

3- The second you have given us a heads up to any quality sites, blogs, boards or groups you think we should have a presence or contribute clips and trailers or full movies to, you have joined The Army.

4-Basically anything that helps eliminate anything getting in the way of our growth or helps expand our growth you have joined The Army and helping our sub-culture, our community. .

How do I do it?

1-Just email me Carlo from here anywhere on the site, put “Found a Weasel” in the subject line.

2-Include any information you can give me and include links to the page where you found it and the name and email address of who posted it if you have it or can find it.