VIP Launch: Boss Video Personal Message, VIP Explained

Launch Video (Personal Message): Watch the 10 minute video associated with this entry (bottom of page).  A very honest conversation from me to you about all these changes, sleepless nights and why I was inspired by a Boeing 747.  (Done in Video Blog style). God knows what I will say or who I will invite in on a video message. It is me and some of the crew, metaphorically unmasked.

My Decision:  I believe this is a community, like any other club, I am rolling the dice and doing what I never thought I would, and swore for years I never would do and that is give an all access pass for members to run wild through our movie categories.  I changed my mind because, some fun was coming out of doing this, there was less and less interaction with you, less and less involvement from you, less muscle fund donations.  You still bought movies, couldn’t wait for new releases and came over to support us at but, there was something missing.  So, by opening it all up I give special people (VIPs) who think of us as special, and think enough of us to agree to a monthly billing cycle something very special.  I opened the doors as a start to a very exclusive, intimate “club”.  This could be a great thing for The Muscle Mafia or financial suicide.  But, I have faith that you all see the value and want to see us not only remain but grow more and more, add more and more guys, more shows, more movies.  They say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Well we aren’t broken and I don’t see this as a fix, I see this as an expansion and an improvement… yet another evolution.  

More Fun! I have always said when the fun comes out of this business, then so do I!  I think having an all access setup gives me more creative freedom to have fun and add in fun clips and movies that have never been seen.  For instance behind the scenes, or blooper footage, or video that I otherwise would not feel is something I would sell, but rather something I just think you would enjoy seeing.  Sometimes the things that happen before or after a film are just as interesting as the film itself.  My creativity and the motivation to film more fun video for a more exclusive and personal feel is exciting and its worthy of my VIPs. I am hoping, all access, more involvement, more interaction brings more fun, more creativity and inspires you all to comment and make suggestions of your own;  so I roll the dice!  It’s been since 2001, lets kick it up!

Why VIP,? It’s EPIC! The new VIP membership option is now available.  I did a complete audit of average monthly deposits and most of you are depositing more that $99.00 a month, or an average of more that $99 a month; some of you way more, some $99 a day and week.  So the $99 a month subscription is where we will start and where you will stay if you remain a charter member. I set it up to give you a good deal and even save you.  Not to mention, with the VIP membership you have full access to everything on the site, all movies, all movie categories, and things you may have been wanting to see but were making choices of what to see when; now, as a VIP you only have 1 choice.. EVERYTHING!  

At the time of this announcement there are 112 movies available, and more than 2 years of new releases set to drop or in the making, planned or that are another one of my brilliant ideas. Let’s do the math, With a VIP Membership at $99.00 a month, 112 and counting movies to watch, that is less than $1 a movie.  If we take it further, the more movies I add, the cheaper each movie gets for our VIP members.  For more details on membership, see membership information.

Classic Members: This is what you have been all along and can remain that way if you choose not to upgrade.  Nothing has changed for you, its the same setup, nothing was taken away, nothing is different, you won’t see any differences other that the new releases just added.

Why VIP Now? It's Even More EPIC! I have unlimited plans for VIP benefits, the $99.00 per month subscription is what I am starting with.  However, if you upgrade now today, or before June 1, 2016 you will be what we call a “charter member” and for life you will remain at $99.00 a month no matter what.

Hate recurring memberships? You should know by now we’re Different!  As a rule in general when you deal with other sites that have no vested interest in you I can understand your hesitation; but you are dealing with us, more over me! We have been here since 2001, most of our current members have been with us since day 1, now with our new live cams and private 1-1 we have gotten to meet with and talk to some of you whose emails and names we have been seeing for years and years come up as loyal movie buyers; and we are still meeting more as time goes on. This is not just a website, not just a place to buy movies, this is a community, a club, an underground social club that has grown to be something quite impressive.  My point is, our members, Classic or VIP, are NOT just a number or subscription number, you are people, friends and some who we have really had interaction with, even talk on the phone or interact on twitter or through email, you are family.  I have no traps set, or motives.  It’s simple, if you ever want to cancel, you can; and its immediate, none of that 30 day notice bullshit.  You cancel today, you revert back to a classic member today, all done. You can still buy movies as they come out and have your choice of rental or lifetime and will still own your playlist you built before you were a VIP.

Losing Special pricing, Don't Do it!:  If you are given a special circumstance or are a charter member then cancel for whatever reason, you may do so, but if you choose to come back at a later date you will loose charter member status and any Super VIP benefits.  You can upgrade again but at the current subscription price at the time of your second upgrade.  (See membership info)

SUPER VIP (S-VIP): This is an elevated VIP member status that is an invite from me only.  There is no way to upgrade to super VIP unless I invite you, those benefits are confidential.  I am only offering a limited number of S-VIP.  For instance if you have been an avid movie buyer (we have many), or you have been really active in commenting to my blog posts, or leaving movie reviews, maybe really kicking up our twitter or most of all have been a muscle fund supporter and help fund us, these are some criteria for receiving an invitation to be a S-VIP.  If you feel you should be or want to know more ask me I have mailing lists, members, buyers and supporters dating as far back as 2001, this will NOT be a mass email, this will be a select group, some I will email personally with an invitation so be patient.  Otherwise, help me out, contact me and I will deal with you on a 1 by 1 basis..come on who else does that in this business!

So comment, review, like, retweet, get involved refer friends to us, refer models and guys to us, make this something we all work toward building and keeping around for a long time.