Preparing For Christmas Wish 2014!!

Working on our Bad-Ass Christmas Tree! It’s that time of year again!  It feels like only a few weeks ago that we were battling that massive blizzard during #92 last years Christmas Wish 2013.  This year we have The Crew Condo and thanks to some muscle fund donations that are still coming in (and we need it) we are decking the halls here and will be shooting Christmas Wish 2014 right here at the condo!

We are almost set on what will take place but that can change right up until the very last minutes before we begin shooting.  What is for sure is that it will be shot at The Condo.  When discussion about Christmas Wish came up as far back as August Anthony eagerly volunteered to be my “go to” guy for anything about the decorating.  Christmas is his favorite time of year and loves to go nuts on a christmas tree.  When I told him what I wanted and the size of the tree to accommodate the high ceilings here Anthony was watering at the mouth! But let’s not forget, had it not been for Anthony last year and his immense help that shoot may not have turned out as successful.

So, today he and I went on the hunt for The Muscle Mafia Christmas tree, no less than 8.5 feet tall and of course had to be thick, muscular and in proportion.  We bounced from several street side christmas tree stops and found nothing worthy of being called The Muscle Mafia Christmas tree; and then we found it.  A handsome masculine and tall 9.5 monster, pumped up, and it was calling our name; the best on the lot. I paid the man, he cut it, wrapped it and we dragged it home.

As I write this for you Anthony is with the tree right now painfully stringing on the lights close to 3000 at last count; he has the patience for that I sadly don’t Im working on the releases of #101!  Anthony has a plan for how he wants to dress this bad boy up, our first Christmas at The Crew Condo.  Here are some photos as he begins his creative process. Look for more photos as he makes progress, and photos of the finished product!  Stay in touch for new releases about to drop and of coarse the announcement of what took place, and the offical release of Christmas Wish 2014!