Live! From The Crew Condo

Here is my believe, I think if you tell the universe something it will happen.  But you can’t just say it, you have to believe it, feel it in your heart and know it.  I believe the universe is a jeanie’s lantern if you rub it the right way your wishes will come true.  This also works the opposite way,  If your thoughts are negative and you truly believe the negative, that too will come true. I have multiple examples of this, both in my personal life and my Muscle Mafia life.  I remember telling Matt around the time of Movie #11 The First Blessing, “Stick with me, before you know it we will be releasing movie #100” and we are.  I believed it, I meant it and I never make a promise I can’t keep to anyone including myself.

So let me take you back a couple of years when we were shooting The Beach House Series, we would go for breakfast at a cool little place by the beach. On the way we would pass a beautiful all glass building over looking the ocean.  The building were  high security luxury condos.  They were pretty much sold pre-construction. During one of our many breakfast trips I was with Matt and Adam, showed them the building and said, “Give me time The Muscle Mafia will have a place there! “...True story!! 

June 3, 2014 I was handed the keys to what is now The Crew Condo!  

Perfect starter place for The Muscle Mafia, 2000 square feet, 3 bathrooms, gourmet kitchen, incredible views, great amenities and a jacuzzi in the master bathroom.  Walk out of the lobby and just about fall face first on the sand.   Among many things, it was the attention they pay to security and the exclusivity of the building. Its all underground, with a back entrance like pulling into the bat cave, The door goes up, and then closes right behind your car.  Security cameras and 24 hour security; perfect for The Boss and his Crew!

The Calls..As I was making calls to have cable and utilities installed, I was also making calls to my tech wizards to start the next phase of our Live Crew Cams.  We now have a place to do what it is I have wanted to do; Live Events and one on one talks with me, The Boss and select crew members. 

The Muscle Fund Steps Up! After the phone calls with the techs, I reached out to a special short list of Muscle Fund Contributors who privately knew I was looking for a “hub” or a new home base for The Muscle Mafia. They promised me and the guys that if we found the place they would help kick start our move so we can get the place livable and workable.  They stepped up, funds were sent for everything from silverware to towels, sheets, even band aides, no amount was too small and still isn’t.  A very special long time follower made me an offer, he would pay for the dining set of my choice, if through the camera he could see some of the crew having a meal at the table he bought; done! 

During my first walk through here, the realtor told me that the sunsets were something to behold, they are!  There is a wall of glass sliding doors that lets in all the light during sunset, the sun is just about sitting on the balcony.  The room glows Orange, and all shades of a rainbow ; each day different each sunset unique!  A great back drop for shooting some of the guys, and we did.  (see photos below)  The funniest part of all this is that other residents of the building have no idea what sunset in The Crew Condo means; it means things can happen!

By mid July The Crew Condo was in operation and being used for photo shoots and live cams through our Skype account “The Muscle Mafia”.  This is temporary until our cam network is suitable to go live, which should be by January 2015 if not sooner.  See clips and behind the scenes photos of some of the live cams.

Lots Left, Help Make Something Happen... 

I am opening The Muscle Fund as a current project to include what is still needed for The Crew Condo.  Now anyone can buy us anything we need.  We can never have a enough towels, food or booze.  Sheets, comforters, pillows. But The Master bedroom is  pretty much empty, aside from a great mattress bought by another supporter, there is nothing else in that room.  So if anyone is interested in talking to me about what is needed, email me.  It’s been a blast decorating this place and getting it all together to this point and involving you all.  It is exciting for us, and exciting for you because you get to see it come together, and even if you bought a fork or a wine glass you will see it in use on film, live cam or photos.  Nothing is too small, but we definitely need some larger items.  Even lighting so our HD live cam can look as good as it should from your end.

Christmas At Crew Condo… Yes it is Christmas Wish time and I’m hoping to shoot Christmas Wish 2014 right here at The Crew Condo so since we have nothing but great ideas I am looking to muscle fund contributions and any followers who want to help with holiday decorations (Christmas Tree, lights, Ornaments) and other current projects that need funding.