LIVE Cam Network Launched!!

For Immediate Release August 17, 2015: Another era of The Muscle Mafia has begun, and our family of websites welcomes it’s newest addition today, the official public release of, (PRD) an upscale live cam and social network. 

From Conception to Birth: I can’t begin to express the labor of love and dedication that went into this project, it truly was like child birth or the closest I will ever come to child birth.  Conception was August of 2014, 1 year ago, and every since it was long meetings, long phone conversations and many reworked blue prints of PRD, and then the waiting period as we assembled all the right team players to make it happen. Then the labor of putting it all together, testing it, changing it, changing it again and testing it again.  I was involved in every last aspect right down to the color and graphics of the site and none of us, including myself, could have ever imagined the time, effort and the money it would take to have me approve something I thought was good enough. I did ny research and spent time on other very popular live webcam networks and I thought HELL NO!  Not for us, so a completely custom, from the ground up, development project was the way to go, and I went there! PRD is a BEAST!

The Magic: 4 magicians of web development spanning from California to New York, and across the Atlantic to the UK along with myself worked endlessly, often times late night and weekends to bring the best we could to the first version of PRD (PRD-V1).   As a result all production, new releases and all other projects, as some of you know, were put on hold from May 2015 to now.  #104 Anthony Slams Jared was our last new release, and a damn good one, but it’s time to catch up, and catch up we will.

Promises, Promises: For those of you, many of you in fact, who have followed us since our beginning in 2001, you will remember as the site where we had our online streaming theaters; this was back in the days when was only selling DVDs.  We have changed, we have progressed, we have evolved!   When the new and our streaming theaters was reloaded and relaunched in 2012 and 2013, privatereddoor was closed; but under 1 condition, with the promise that when the time was right I would bring back again as a live cam network, I kept that promise.

Risking it All!  Here is where I get to speak candidly, I read something once that said, “Sometimes you have to risk it all for a dream only you can see”.  Well I have taken a big financial risk and have bet the entire future of The Muscle Mafia and all we have become to do what I thought was the next step and a natural progression in the growth of the organization.  I have confidence in what I have created, and I realize that like anything that is new, it will take some time and some learning on the part of both member’s and models but once everybody moves in, makes it home, plays with all the bells and whistles and learns how to play the game, it will be a blast!  We put the site live August 1, 2015 for a soft launch to only a few select members to run our live “dress rehearsal” tests, after a few bumps and tweaks we were having a damn good time. I can say with confidence I think we are off to a good solid start in developing the live entertainment venue I envisioned; let’s hope you all feel the same way.

Who will be There: All current crew members, “model’s” have been given the opportunity to have a live cam of their own there, some are already there. We also welcome any guy who qualifies, anywhere in the world to join PRD and have a cam of their own as part of the PRD franchise.  All models will go through an application process and will be either chosen, or not chosen as one of the Men of PRD.  So if there is a guy you know, or you think should be there, tell him and have him ask for me personally on the application.  

Face Policy: Regarding face and our code of silence, each model has been given the option to put in place his own “Face Policy”, I have left it up to all who join to do so with the peace of mind that if they want to protect their identity they can, and if they want to offer to select generous and loyal followers, they can do that too.  That is one area I will not have any say in, it is a personal choice.

What to do Now!  Head over to, check it out and log in if you are here you are already there!  All of your username and passwords that you use to log into will be the same you use to log into  Once there, first thing go to your profile, choose an avatar and fill out a couple of questions to build your profile.  Then load your Cam Bank and you will be ready for scheduled events and spontaneous  Private 1-on-1 sessions where you can see us, hear us and talk back to us.  That is right,  a private 1-1 session is a premium cam mode, where you don’t have to type to chat to us, you just dial the internet phone provided and you are talking to us, and seeing us live.  That, with open group shows, spy cams etc. as you will learn.

Enjoy, have fun and thank you for all your emails and tweets asking about when the cam network will be up, most of all thanks for your patience and for sticking with us.  Let’s hope this turns out to be what I think it can be.