Announcing Spencer

Matt introduces you to our newest crew member Spencer.  Matt and Spencer have done some live cams and movies and Spence can take a pounding!

What’s up everyone, it’s Matt.

I want to take the opportunity to introduce you all to our newest crew member, Spencer.

Spencer was looking at the site for a while before he got up the nerve to contact Carlo. when he did Carlo was just moving into The Crew Condo, so timing wasn't the best, but Carlo and Spence kept in touch often throughout most of the summer. Spence would send Carlo updates on body progress and they spoke about diet and workouts just about once a week. True to form, Carlo molded this guy in no time and he fit in perfectly!

This guy is not only a trip, but a trooper.

I happened to be there in September when Spencer had his first shoot. We started talking and hit it off almost immediately! He was psyched and ready to show Carlo and all of you that he has what it takes. Turns out he was put to the test with an outdoor shoot in 50 degree weather at the beach. He was beaten by cold, wind and sand, but never missed a beat! 

He and Carlo came back to the condo to take a few shots and video here, he and I got a chance to hang out a little more while he warmed up.  The chemistry between us was so good Carlo had to get it on film. We ended up shooting that night, and well… let’s just say that boy earned his place on the crew.

With that we say welcome to our new crew member from down south! Carlo posted his audition photos on Twitter and his is already building a fan base.  I have even brought him in on a couple of LIVE cams with me which looks like a regular Matt and Spencer show could be something Carlo might add to the scheduling of Blessed Events.  Carlo thinks we have great chemestry and mesh well and he is usually spot on about these things.  

You will be seeing a lot more of Spencer; he and I will definitely be getting together for all of you once the new cam network is up and running very soon.