VIP or Classic?

You now have a choice of how you would like to participate in  As of March 22, 2016 we are introducing our new VIP membership, is no a hybrid and it gives you more choices, more options and a seamless easy way to move among the two.  Both Classic and VIP has its benefits, VIP is designed to give the ulitmate in member experience but some may prefer what you have been doing all along, the classic pay as you go.  For a more informed decision, see membership info.

For now, this news articla pertains to Classic Members only, VIP Subscribers get it all for all access, 1 price monthly billing.  You can upgrade at anytime from either the sign up page or the "Upgrade" banner in the top navigation.  When you do, you can cancel at anytime and revert back to a classic membership, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain and I am sure you will see staying on as a VIP Member is the best way to go!

So this latest version of comes with a lot of new things, you read about the Cam Network and The Crew Condo, now let me tell you about some features that will buy you more movies and more time with less money.  Here they are:(again this is for Classic Members only, VIP Members have all access)

Multiple Movie Discounts…. The way you save money by buying multiple movies during the same shopping session has changed!  It has gotten better.  Previously we did offer discounts and pre-packaged movie bundles and box sets, and offered a flat % discount on anyone who buys 3 or more movies in the same shopping session, we have done away with those and have rolled out something much better.  

Now you can make your own custom bundles and save more if you buy more. 

  • Buy 3-6 movies (lifetime or rental) during the same shopping session and save 5% 
  • Buy 7-10 movies (lifetime or rental) during the same shopping session and save 10%
  • Buy 11 or more movies (lifetime or rental) during the same shopping session and save 15%

Some of you might be thinking, if you rent 6 or more movies, its impossible to watch all of them in a 24 or 48 hour expiration period. False, not with this new version of, now the rental clock has changed..

The Clock Doesn’t Tick… Now you can take advantage of the discounts and buy any or all of the movies you have on your wish list and they will remain “Waiting” in your play list indefinitely until you personally activate the movies.  This is true for rentals only of coarse and is true whether you buy 1 movie or 11 movies, the rental clock won’t start ticking until you activate it.  Once you do that status will change from “Waiting” to “Now Playing”  and your rental time has begun.  With this new feature you can buy 12 movies, and watch 1 per month and not loose a second of rental time.  The same goes for those that are waiting mobile approval, while approval is usually fast, you won’t loose second of your rental time while waiting for mobile access. 

Even More!  If you “Add Funds” and choose one of the deposits that offers Boss Bucks, and then buy a couple movies in the same shopping session for the % discount you can actually get movies for free or 50% off.  It is just a numbers game, and you wont loose movie viewing time.

These are just some new great ways to save money and gain more time, 2 things we all need more of, money and time, now you got it!