#101 Anthony's Baptism Released!

Released today, was #101 Anthony's Baptism, The Night Boss Claimed Anthony.  This on the heels of the wildly successful release of #100 Piss and Vodka.  With in hours of the #101 release lifetime purchases and rentals starting coming in, so did the comments and so did private emails with comments and questions about with requests for Boss Cam Live with Boss and Anthony.   Very excited about these releases and excited that while all this is happening we are preparing for Christmas Wish 2014.  


It seems that alot of attention is being given to the "make out" scene. It happened, it was real, I left it in and it is a first for me and that has gotten some of you all worked up!  That is pretty funny!  Yeah, well I don't edit these much what happens happens but with this film alot happened in a short period of time and it was all over the place all over the room so I just wanted to take all the footage and piece it together to tell the whole true story and it was obvious by how things unfolded and Anthony's reaction.

Please leave comments about these new releases and any other movies that inspire some sort of emotion or a response.  We love reading them, and so do other movie buyers.  I also have fun responding to some.  

Also see the trailer below and on the actual movie page itself along with other screen grabs and a full description.