Scene 3 From #54 Brad Feeding Ethan, Travis Watches -

Approx Run Time: 26 Minutes

The Buddy System

Watch List: 22


Feeding Ethan While Travis Watches; a Meal Made for Two: This scene was most recently shot and shows how far Brad has come since his solo scene and his first worship meeting. Ethan is the college jock I wrote about on The Blog and he was hungry for a load from Brad. The one thing he asked is if he could bring his buddy Travis along to watch him and help him worship and service Brad.

The guys hung out for a bit, Ethan introduced himself and wasted no time undressing Brad and putting his hands all over his body. Ethan called Brad an American Gladiator; the theme as it was in the previous scenes and with most who meet Brad continued when both Ethan and Travis where amazed by Brad’s presence, height, foot size and of coarse his cock size.

Travis joined in once Brad’s pants were off, grabbing Brad’s 9x7 and feeding it to Ethan.  From that point on Brad enjoyed a cock worship session by 2 athletic dudes in awe of him and his body and in disbelief of actually being able to get with a Muscle Mafia Crew member.  Ethan was a champ as he slurped on Brad’s monster cock choking several times.  Brad would laugh and say, "You want it, choke on it"!  This was a meal made for 2 as you will see when Brad’s massive boner was being jerked off by Travis while Ethan did all he could to deep throat it.  Travis’s one had on Brad’s dick, and the other hand with Brad’s hand on the back of Ethan’s head shoving it down on Brad’s cock.

Then Brad flipped Ethan onto the sofa where he took complete control and face fucked Ethan as Travis watched and cheered him on. I had to stop filming a few times so Ethan could take a breath and make sure he was not choking.  Brad could have cared less, he just wanted what he wanted and got off on the fact Ethan was choking on is cock while his buddy watched.

Then, when Brad was ready to feed Ethan he kneeled over Ethan’s face, and let Travis help jerk him off into Ethan’s mouth.  Brad busted another massive nut into Ethan’s face, mouth and onto his begging tongue.  What a load it was as you will see, Ethan thanks Brad for the load, gets up and spits out chunks of healthy muscle cum onto the coffe table for you to see.  What ever cum did not end up in his mouth and on his lips was still dripping from his mask and face.


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Hot video! But if I had to chance to blow any of these guys, I would've sucked harder and had chocked on it the way Brad asked to. Wouldn't have wasted a drop of his cum either but so hot Ethan had his friend join.